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Lights are glazing, full of a glow.
Shining upon the cold winters snow.
Leaving a mark, in the floor cold as ice.
I'm hoping this winter, it will be nice.
Seeing this world with a shiny new haze.
Looking at it through the new world's gaze.
I see the beauty and all of the light, maybe it won't keep me up tonight.
I feel empowered today <3
nightdew Dec 2018
when i gaze into your eyes,
i feel myself drowning a little,
a little more than i should.

when your presence is near,
my heart flutters in your madness,
i feel your effects.


when you speak my name,
i feel my body freeze and my mind,
replaying your sweet melody on


when you're not near,
i begin to crave your more than ever.
perhaps it's the after effect.
or the withdrawal of you.


but when you whisper it so softly,
the fact that you love someone,
someone else, i can't help it.
i can't help my miserable feelings.

A Harris Aug 2018
The glow follows the horizon between sleep and the morning light.
Here we also see the starry night.
What ponders in the minds of those looking off in the distance?
There is an air of togetherness that weaves its way through.
Shall they make a wish with me too?
Mark Upright May 2018
"Stop your navel gazing, get out your notebook, there’s a world exploding out there"

Tom Wolfe
Alan S Bailey Aug 2018
This is the other side of sanity!
I think to myself,
a riddle in the middle of chastity, vanity?
what is it that I have to say?
Is this not another day or is it a play?
Vaguely we are tossed into this
post hence I have seen the other side-
this day with you...this day that never came.
I will not be able to tell the difference of pleasure
or pain.

I am still lost dreaming on to the memory,
you stood there in the middle of high school square
doe-eyes intent, hidden behind you're intense
endless hidden truth, your boyish youth.

A dream of gazing into those eyes some day,
I never wanted to say goodbye or go away,
this world carried me to the "other side" and it was
"too late," I was unable to "succeed." Who am I
to seek this "other side?" In the sky?
What we never do? Call this "side" what you will,
but in the end I would have gladly battled madly
through hell for a chance to share your world with you.

Oh, here I go again, blithering sadness, sad poem!
Look to the skies when you're alone, then maybe
on the clearest of nights when this whole world
they've built of stone is gone you will finally find out
how beautiful you are so.
Even if I never got to see you understand this or
spend another day with(out) are all
I can't get off my mind no matter how hard I try
I will continue to see you can't forget you
Even in my wildest
Tom May 2018
On an open plain
Gazing beyond
A mirage of light

Distant from those
Who hold me under
Grasping for breath
In an ocean of hurt

For I am alone
In this voyage
But for the thoughts
That cloud my view

Upon clear skies
An opening
Distant from those
Who hold me under

Walk as I must
Kicking up the dust
Between my tired feet
And the heavy ground

The path is long
But that I know
Step by step
The seeds will sow
April Jean May 2018
11:11. Gazing at the night sky, with nothing on my mind, except the thought of you and I.
Crickets chirping, sky clear. Why do I wish you were here?
Your deep eyes, your warm smile. God. Your laugh, it could stop the world for a while.
Hour by hour, time ticks away. Slowly the night, turns to day.
Dusk will arrive, and my head will still spin.
To love, or to not? That I ponder, as the crickets chirp, and my heart just can't win.
11:11, still I wish, your gaze, your eyes, even your kiss.
Falling for you, wasn't exactly the plan.
Please, I hope, your heart is where I land.
sky filled with diamonds, wishing on shooting stars.
It is now 11:12, the time of moving on...
Love with all your heart people. Wish upon stars. Dream as big as you can. Love is never the plan...
Abigail Hobbs Apr 2018
Tears that make the sea cower,
Gazes with hazy eyes that
make the clouds worry,
Pain that pierces the night sky.
But the wind will carry you to new things.
lins Feb 2018
do you remember
that night months ago
cold breeze of September
the moon a bright glow

we drove away from the light
to stare at the skies
the stars becoming so bright
and reflecting in your eyes

we laid there for some time
in the bed of my truck
talking of our past crime
in your arms getting stuck

as the night dragged on
the chilly air blew
both stifling a yawn
closer we grew

talking or not
I laid facing you
our legs wrapped in a knot
I had an amazing view

I had never felt so at ease
being so close to someone
giving your arm a gentle squeeze
my fear came undone

I remember this night
as when I met my best friend
and it felt really right
for us to platonically blend

as friends we remain
this night meaning not a thing
but a link in the chain
to which our friendship can cling
Even though I just wrote this, its what I was thinking a couple days after this night. Now I'm very aware that this was not a just friends thing.
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