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Merlie T Feb 2021
upon a Pear tree
awaiting scraps
and nibbles and fibbles,
thrown by a man
who stands
in the green, green grass
Celestial Dec 2020
To you I applaud.
Your eyes will always say more,
Than that you covey with,
Words and gestures recalled.

Thank you for your sypmathy,
And what you can afford with empathy.
What I can't explain,
You hold and wait.

For my words and what comes,
From them.
I'm sorry to fill your plate.
But you say it's ok.

It is not yet full,
And you could never have enough,
Of me!? You forgive my confusion,
You believe in my pull.

I'll still say what a fool.
Don't you see this pool?
I don't see where I'm standing,
Yet you're here with me.

The water is nice,
And I'm so good at,
Pretending to breathe.
Now we've rolled the dice.

Save yourself,
You are what is important.
Fate is not with me and,
I am not boyant.

After my admiration,
Please float away.
To show my weight,
Can't hold you and my obsession.

To sink rather than swim.
I can give you the excuse,
Of currents and lack of strength.
That goes to no length.

Your eyes tell me those,
Are my lies.
So why? When we try,
Do my feet stick.

The tears add to the pool,
And I move in everyway.
The ground swallows my ankles,
Making soft shackles.

I'm so good you believe too,
That I can breathe.
Thank you for listening to my plea.
I watch your eyes,

As they let go.
You now float and the grip,
It weakens then slips.
I'll say goodbye and standby.

I can breathe I say.
It was the best anyone could do.
You can't float, you don't want to.
It's better here, hidden, keep them safe.
My letter to those who have all left.
Carl Miller Sep 2020
Why do You appear to me?
In the reflection of a beautiful shell standing speechless
Looking at Me that way
On the sand where I thought our futures remained faultless
I don't want You to look at Me any more  
My face is deformed and You don't care for Me any more

Look away while You can
And gaze at Your reflection
The burnt ends of My anger toward myself
And the negativity of a life void of affection

Are making those ends fray and split
Like a stalk in a breeze
Calm and collected
Helpless and at ease

If nothing at all
then something, somewhere
Deepti S P May 2020
When I look into the sky,
Amidst the dark clouds,
Amongst a bed of stars,
There appears before me,
A star which shines the brightest, drawing my attention.
No other star could outshine,
The sparkling beauty of my star.
I could hear, my guiding star, whispering to me:
"Oh my child, I am by your side, night and day,
Holding your hands, in every walk of your life,
So, enjoy your life to the fullest;
I am always there for you,
I am always there for you".
Its really a pleasure feeling when you look at the sky.You feel like you are connected to another world.You get completely lost in the beauty of the stars in the sky.Some stars shine more brightly than others.I always had the feeling that the brightest star is whispering something to me whenever I look into the sky.
annh Apr 2020
Surely, this life is but an aberration. For have I not been oblivious to the heraldry of the firmament for far longer than I have craved to acquaint myself with its mystery; of the moon and stars to know their secrets.

Gazing in awe at the doorway to infinity whence I have so recently arrived, it seems unimaginable that I should recollect nothing of the stepping through, the horror vacui of my incarnation, the shuffling forward in the queue.

My existence a blink of an eye; my non-existence the remainder of time.
Is it any wonder - glorying at the night sky - that I am confused as to whether I am on the inside looking out...or the outside looking in?

‘For the first forty days a child is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys, winding paths, a hundred small lessons and then the past is erased.’
- Michael Ondaatje, Handwriting
Troy Apr 2020
You walk around
Like nothing is wrong
Hiding behind a chiselled mask
With crystal gems as eyes

Going through the motions
Like no one notices
But what you don't realize
There is me

I see the way your soul is damaged
I see the pain you wish to hide
So much pain it boils over
Threatening to burst from your mask

Though you are good at hiding
Though you are good at mending the cracks
I can see right through it
I just wish it would pass

But the more I see
The more pain you endure
I think it's time for me
To come out of hiding

No longer can I watch
As you writhe in agony
I can't let you do this alone
And I am here to help

Although you may think
That I am not able to see
We shared the same pain
So it's clear to me

The pain of self loathing
Of heartache
Of the fear of being alone
Of never finding the one who cares

Yet every time I see your face
I can't help but put on a smile
Because no matter what you say
No matter what you do

To me you are perfect
With all your flaws
All your worries
All your weaknesses

My heart became yours
So many years ago
But now it begs to return
Back to where it belongs

It urns to be by your side
To help you through
All the bad times
And to smile with you during the good

I hope this message
Can get through to you
Cause even if it doesn't
I swear to you

I will not rest
Until I see your face
Beaming so bright
With an authentic smile
N Mar 2020
The reason why I look away when
I notice his blue eyes gazing at me

Is that I am afraid if I stared into
them for too long I will drown

Now that he is gone,
I long to drown
Inspired by Dane DeHaan’s eyes in **** Your Darlings.
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
My silent little dear
snoozes in his cradle
beyond the noises
I can no longer hear.

The quiet drip of
rain and sink,
the swoosh of
inside air circulating,
the vibrations of life
I can hear only with
mental captions on,
are the inaudible sway,
that separates you from me.

Can you hear my smile
with closed eyes,
will you love the
silence or the noise?

Will you delight in
birdsongs or  
in fluttering wings?

Will you laugh at
the music of the spheres
or delight in quiet
thoughts and contemplation?

Child of my April dreams
and September haunts
who breathes in the
whitewash walls of my soul,
what you choose to see or hear,
at first walk, I will protect  
under the signing of my hands.

*This is a poem about my looking back at my baby self, before I contracted Scarlet Fever and became  near deaf, wondering what I would choose if I had the option to hear or be deaf.
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