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Lamp Apr 11
The cap emerged from the leaf strewn path
Doffing duff and dew
The Gnome blinked his eyes as he stood cap to cap
He knew just what to do.

Its cap was as red as the one on his head
With speckles as white as the snow
Some say it’s toxic, will leave you dead
But that’s not what the Gnomes know.

The Gnome knows it’s good, be it cooked or raw
That it makes a most potent brew
The Gnome got on his knees as he started to saw,
Thinking of mushroom stew.
Sofia Aug 2019
The warm cookies I now liked cold.
The little gnome still kept me warm.
But still, hugs make me feel at home.
ALesiach Jul 2019
Would you like to go to a land,
where the stories never end?
It rests on a golden bank of sand,
down where the river bends.

The sky turns suddenly pale,
while passing through the mysterious veil.
But what a magical, wonderful sight,
to see the fairies in flight.

To see the elves dancing two by two,
in the early morning dew.
To hear the sweet music from the leprechaun's lyre,
as the laughter trills through the air.

Skipping over a babbling brook,
down where the trees do sing.
The dragons give a dubious look,
to see the mermaids enchant the Unseelie King.

And while frolicking in the meadows,
watch as the gnomes gather rose petals.
But be ready to pay the toll,
if you pass over the Bridge of Trolls.

Night is nearly on the land,
time to greet the Sandman.
I hope you have had a happy day,
and do not forget to come back this way.

ALesiach © 10/01/2014
Trevor Welch Oct 2018
With wondering eyes and a thundering heart
The boy took his seat, infuriated with the steady
Pace of his mother, waiting on bated breath to start
His adventure. Nevertheless she drags, and ready
To burst the boy sits, and waits patiently.

“My father?” he teeters and yells with delight
“My father!
Tell me his story, leave no detail untouched,
With the glow of your voice might I see his face,
with bated breath might I  know such
A man as he was, and be one twice over!”

With her flourish and grace a thread soon formed
And wound through air and ear, a tale spun with love
And seasoned with pride, a whisper to show the roar
Of his existence, the land of mere legend he lay far above.

“He was field-tiller,
He was the huntsman amongst the mushrooms,
The strong amongst the stout.
May the point in is cap never sag
And the bend of his knees never wobble.”

“Though sag his cap did, and with each step a quiver
Showed true, fire burned in each cheek and coursed
Through each vein, the burn of his love sent shivers
Through those lucky enough to have tapped such a source
Of vitality.”

“He was many things my son, that father of yours,
And many more will you be too, but remember
To humble your heart and keep your soul kindled,
For greatness awaits the boy who sleeps in a thimble.”
EP Robles Sep 2018
I mouthed the morning,
and dew and petal!

I ate the soil but not
the bee but even thorn!

I saw the gnome  
inside a root of tree!

I kissed his conical hat
and kissed his feet!

This I did all before
but never within my sleep!

:: 08-26-2014 ::
nature, imagination, dreams, reality, love
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Heavenly beings.

Eternal in Heaven.
The day is warm, but the air is cool,
As I sit here watching an angel, who is sat upon a toadstool.
She plays the harp and whispers a song
And all around, children and their families are sat listening in silence.
They are loved; each and every one.

She is beauty in this place of peace;
Her blonde hair gently blows in the breeze.
Blue butterflies hover all around her.
The sun is shining on us all as she plays her harp
And softly she sings her words into the air.

Tiny gnomes march past and the children glance up and smile,
At the unicorn that accompanies the gnomes, as they walk on by.
They are heading off to see God and the angels inside;
While we sit here on the outside, in the morning light.

I decide to go with them and leave the music behind;
I have a job to do, so I must do it, but I can do it in my own time.
You see, I am a poet and this allows me to be free,
Of those things which hold other people trapped;
Those things like obligations and duty.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
droppin off of the face of the earth
so ******* and ******* betta make a wide birth
im destroyin cities
grabbin *******
causin ****** choas
my brains gone n busted
give me your babies and keys
or dont ill just ****** rob these
houses and homes and GARDEN GNOMES
im tellin ya it obviously aint me!
im as psychologically stable as can be!
ya see my doctor says i should lays in bed
pretend for all the world to be dead
he said eat fat foods and shoot up them noobs
no eating your greens
no ******* sweet dreams
and make sure from the sun you hide
just remember ya lil **** dont ******* go outside
well now ive been
so here comes sin
put away your fragile psychi
caus this ******* gotta psych-plee
i was born for one reason
to commit massive human treason
to be the human A explosion
giving way to the long awaited erosion
of you
ya stinky piece a poo
Vexren4000 Oct 2017
Lollygagging in the garden,
Whistling a mischevious tune,
Holding small shovels and picks,
For mining and digging,
Their tunnels and homes,
weaving through the garden of grandmother,
Staying forever out of sight.

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