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Raghu Menon Oct 2019
It was dry
Hot and humid
Dusty and nasty

It rained
Cool and wet
Soothing and cozy.
ALesiach Jul 2019
breathing hot air in
watching the whirling fan above me
hating the humidity

ALesiach © 7/27/2016
Forty-five down the parkway.
Windows down,
76 degrees,
And the smell of rain.
Wet earth,
Flowing through the windows
And down my throat,
Through my lungs,
Into my bloodstream and
Blanketing itself around my brain.
Nostalgia is my drug of choice.
Beauty doesn’t come
In forms of days like these
Too often.
Donna Jul 2018
I drank some water
Then I looked at the dry grass
and thought..we need rain
Inspired today whilst driving home from work with Dean , patches of grass now turn brown through lack of rain x
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
We with warped minds
frolicked under those lights,
hanging loyally
like cold, sparkling jewels
in the humid night.
"These nights are sacred,"
I would say,
and the ripe summer air
would roar through every vein
in our
bea Jul 2017
it's three pm on a thursday. don't tell me you have anything planned other than to sit on the back porch killing flies and picking the skin off your fingers. i know it's humid and full of lime outside but sometimes it's good to have sour lungs, you know? breathe it in. come outside.

an old old lady sat beside me at the bus stop. she was making a huge black and red and green and yellow blanket & told me it was for dreams. i didn't know what she meant so i nodded and offered to pay her bus fare. she was gone before i could look up and it made me think of cyclopes and orange peels

i'll live in the ocean one day!
for now, we're in glitter and rot, covered in murals and expensive tea none of us could afford. but one day i'll be a seagull too & i won't have to worry about the ground shaking anymore
i never made a birthday wish n im kinda regretting it
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2017
it's terribly humid
and this cigarette
is terribly harmful
this life is horrid
it's terribly horrid.

and i terribly die
each time
you kiss my forrid.

-- Eleanor
Donna Jun 2017
I just splattered a
gnat it was dinosaur size
It would have ate me!!
Is it me or r gnats getting bigger each year I just splattered one I don't feel guilty..nope..never!!
Donna Jun 2017
The tv is off
The sun is still crazy hot
My face..a puddle !!
*** it's just to humid I actually want it to rain so it cools down here in England ... yeap I'm having a moan x
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