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James Study Apr 2020
You struggle with right and wrong
I watch and worry so
With prayers I helped along
Now time for me to go
Who will pray when I am gone
ALesiach Jul 2019
Rocking on the front porch
Watching the stars in heaven play
Rocking back and forth
Sipping from my lemonade
Melting all my cares away

ALesiach © 08/05/2017
James Study Jan 2019
It's lost forever the cowboy sunset
for now the towers to catch the winds
the beauty of the desert desolate
lost to miles of glass that never ends
I close my eyes to see my cowboy friends
What a place, oh what a place
a place so strange to rest one's face.
Three people parked for the night instead of cars.
No ordinary family should sleep in such a space.

This was normal in our case.
This is what we did.
We'd sojourn from here to there.
Sometimes at a nightly rate,
sometimes with men who bore not my father's face.

I remember one smokey spot
where drunk men found women to chase.
There were rows of open green and sticks and smooth round stones.
Crashing and clinking and cheersing
while whiskey went down at a freakish pace.

A steady stream of Shirley Temple and a roll of quarters could keep me busy for hours.
As long as I didn't sit on the stools
or get too tired you had all the time you could waste.

I had to sleep eventually
so you let me sleep while you went and watched the horses race.
I woke in a teary terror in a silent and empty place.
I dialed my dad, hid under the covers

and grabbed a kitchen knife just in case.
That was the end of our run mommy our time together was done.
You fell ill shortly after all this and  you died in a feverish haste, in a feverish haste.
James Study Jul 2018
I never was good
to say I love you
to someone I should
only thought they knew
love them I do
I see I was wrong
so now what to do
for all are now gone
when I see anew
say I love you
ms reluctance Apr 2018
Crumble today, fall apart.
Permit yourself this luxury, sweet.
Cry till all anguish drains from your heart.
Breathe – deeply – in, out, and repeat.
Take a break, it’s not the same as conceding defeat.
NaPoWriMo Day 13
Poetry form: English Quintain
ms reluctance Apr 2018
those insidious little things.
They ******, make you squirm,
sneak in unawares,
make nebulous all that is firm.

those traitorous little things.
They lift you up, make you float
then change without a warning
and sink the **** boat.

those warm little darlings.
With you through harmony or strife,
your companions, they let you
revel in the drama called life.
ms reluctance Apr 2014
It is remarkably difficult to find
that moment in the middle of a day
when nothing is on your mind,
all the chaos just fades away,
and somehow you know that you will be okay.
NaPoWriMo Day #17
Poetry form: Quintain

— The End —