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Fredy Sanchez Mar 2020
This is a story now long forgotten
Of how cruel the world can be,
Situated in a world that was so rotten,
Where men were as evil as they could be.
There was this man you see,
Tied to his wife but never had he felt so free.
Living happily,
He was young and newlywed,
Content he laid on his bed,
Keeping worries and problems at bay,
For his days were never gray.
Because his wife was next to him,
Everything was perfect or so it seemed.
But envy, old as the snake itself,
It corrupts the brain and poisons the heart,
And in this story plays a big part.
For the man's brother who we'll call John,
Had envy tattooed to the bone.
He hated his mother, his brother even himself,
And thats how our story begins.
The man of our story whose name I forgot,
Was really a doctor from a small town,
 on a sad night he was called down.
A strange woman was standing outside his front door.
He thought he had seen this lady before,
But he couldn't place where,
The doctor good and fair
- ma'am, what seems to be The problem at hand?
She fibbed through her teeth like only the liars can:
-I'm sorry good doctor for bothering you at night,
Is just drunk as he was my husband got into a fight.
Without another word the doctor readied his horse,
And to the pub he set course.
Little did he know
That night he was to be delivered a fatal blow.
For in the shadows John was waiting,
He saw his brother's image on the distance fading.
He paid the woman without care
A life for a miniscule fare
And with malice in his eyes he made his move.
He forced the back door,
Walking carefully almost not touching the floor.
Slithering through the furniture,
Looking for his prey with no sign of ineptitude.
He stood next to her room.
Inside ignorant was she of her impending doom.
Her brown long hair danced with the wind.
While outside waiting was the fiend.
Through the cracked door he stole more than a glance
Staring dumbfounded, as if in a trance
Jacqueline was her god given name
Her spirit, like her locks, too wild to tame
She walked to the window to see the night sky.
She morosely watched the heavy clouds glide.
And in an instant he moved to her side.
He forcefully grabbed her head,
Threw her violently against the bed.
And what he proceeded to do we shall not tell.
Because you can imagine it well.
In vain she struggled against his chockeful grip.
She yelled, screamed and kicked.
But he wouldn't let go until he was done.
And like the wind her sanity was gone.
So wishing death would come like never before,
Bereft of any hope she laid on the floor
Bleeding out forlorn tears.
When faced directly in front of her fears.
Who knew one person all this havoc could wreak
He ominously crouched so she could hear him speak,

You filthy *****!
I'll walk out that door
And never again will you see my brother or me,
I know this is the way is supposed to be.
For is your fault I committed this act,
You tempted me, that's but a fact.
As he said this he lit up a match and threw it calmly on the bed,
The fire spread.
And the sky wept.
The doctor was soaking wet,
Furious for being lied to he cursed under his breath.
And headed on home,
Where he knew he was to be welcomed.
By his beautiful wife,
The one he swore he'd be with for life.
But the image he saw shocked him to the core.
Because where his house stood before,
Hell was unleashed with no restraint,
Only the wicked were here no saints.
The culprit was there standing still.
Of the fire he couldn't get his fill.
Laughing was he.
His eyes jumping with glee.
Then his gaze fell upon his brother's shocked look.
The doctor's pain, his anger overtook
The towering inferno served as the only light.
As He stood speechless watching her dress burning in the night.
While The fire behind them painted a fenereal scene
John's real intentions were yet to be seen

And After wishing he could turn back the clock
He woke up from his initial shock
Now The Doctor's lone thought was avenging his late wife
Unconsciously hellBent on ending his brother's life.
He carelessly launched a blind attack
Which John masterfully parried and countered back
And was bout to deliver the last blow,
When he said. I just want you to know.
It was you, who she was calling,
When to hell her soul was falling
He flashed once again that sinister grin
And was bout to commit yet another sin.
When be it for nature, luck or a higher being.
From the skies lighting came down and struck the fiend.
He fell next to the doctor who was struck too.
And a black crow next to them flew.
To serve as a witness to their farewells.
Serenated in the distance by the city bells..

John said nothing as he entered Hell...
And our doctor had so little time yet so much to tell...
Even a second without his Jacqueline
Was an eternity too long
He would gladly face his reckoning if he could only right this wrong
This was my best attempt at honoring the great Allan Poe
ALesiach Jul 2019
They say love blooms in the springtime
and love is always true,
but our love was just a moment in time
your life was fleeting, my love adieu

ALesiach © 02/03/2019
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
Under the soft white glare of the moon
I watched you saunter out of my door, my life to soon
The memories of you linger like your cologne
That helps mask the feeling of you being gone, me alone
I roam the house hearing your laughter
I miss our playful banter

If only you would have stayed with me that night
But only the moon seen that tragic sight
The black marks on the road is all that gives a testimony
The stars where the only witness to the ceremony
Of the Grim Reaper's touch
As your spirit he clutched
He escorted you away from the pain
Your car had skidded and flipped in the rain
My life will never again be the same

In you I had finally found
My bliss
I found my missing passion in you kiss
I found my joy for life in your arms
You chased away my demons with your charms
Your laughter repaired my broken heart
Your love making was a piece of art
Your comforting words in the middle of my despair
They where what I inhale
They where my air
Your heart was what made my blood circulate
How, oh how could this be our fate

Why did you have to go out that night
Why didn't I go with you, because this isn't right
I can't live without my missing parts
You had my heart
You where my soul
Why did you have to go

Why did you leave without me
Surly the fates could forsee
I would crumble, shatter, splinter into bits
For now all alone in our bed I sit

The tears all ran dry
I sit here and contemplate why
Feeling so **** numb inside
Wishing I too would just die
How sweet it would be to let out life's last sigh

I'll be just like that annoying magpie
I will stalk you, till you let my spirit fly
Grim Reaper let me clarify
I'm slitting my wrist and you know why

You know what that implies
My spirit you won't be able to deny
Let me kiss,my now empty life goodby
So I can once again be with my guy
In the plain beyond, in the sweet by-and-by
Lorraine Cinco Jun 2015
I knew I have to cut this strings to save myself.
But I never realized I was already drowned.
He left me in depths of my love and despair.
He removed the air in space and dugged me down to the pit of sorrow.
I saw him down here, his arms that could save me held another.
I cried so much for the first time.
I cant decipher this was this great love? was this loss love? was this love at all?
Tell me, if he ever love me even once because there were never days I wasnt inlove with him.

— The End —