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Mark Wanless Sep 14
it is not me
it is the computer

i do what it tells me to
i am puppet to the master

old reality lost
we created

we control it's true
mistakes are made

not by sentient circuits
dumb humans
Mark Wanless Apr 16
choose or be a life
puppet on a string is you
unless you say not
Spadille Feb 17
With your hands, You glady cover their mouths
Muffling the cries of sorrow
While you are gagged and silent

With your blinded eyes
You fight for the wrong you thought was right
While others die for the truth

With covered ears, You can not hear the pleas of the poor
You are nothing more than a mindless puppet
While others have precious principles
Fools are those who are ignorant
Jay M Dec 2020
Cracked and torn
Fuse with a little glue
Paint on a little green and blue
Give it a better view

Strings of new
Invisible fiber
Pulled up
Move without care
Move without dare
Dance of the puppet

Pirouette in the dark
Where the stars disappear
Dip low
Give it a swing
Right back up with a ring
Of a distant ear

Without cause or fear
There is nothing here
Upon this great stage
Besides a delicate doll
Dress it up and pull the strings
Letting ghosts and things
Haunt and torment
Oh the lament

Far below
Ice and stone
Chained beneath the surface
Oh how it ever does flow
Far above
Restricting movement
In the frigid waters

What is unseen
Left unspoken
Is hence unknown
Lost to the abyss
Of all that falls away

- Jay M
December 14th, 2020
Nikita Nov 2020
Knotted in my throat,
My breathe lifts me up.

My toes curl inwards,
A laugh escapes my mouth.

There’s something about the air,
Something that moves me around.

Like a puppet on a string,
I sway carelessly to the sound.

Letting this feeling carry me,
Weight falls from my shoulders.

No pressure.
No judgement.
Just free.
Though you once had control of me with a twitch of your hand,
I’ve now cut the strings that tied your hand to my heart
Kai Lily Oct 2020
A puppet on a string.
Every movement
Every word
A mimic
A rehearsal
Every breath is controlled

It wants to see the world
It wants to be free
But all the puppet can do
Is hang off its string

It wants to make friends
It wants to be happy
But it meets the string’s ends
And life’s quite ******  
It can see
But it cannot reach
It can hear
But cannot speak

If only it were free
Then it would speak
It if were free
It could reach

But the hands that hold it
Are its own
And it can’t decide
When to let go…..
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