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ALesiach Jul 2019
Awakened by the kiss of dawn
the softness of her morning light
gently nudges the night away

The dew drops twinkle on the lawn
a bird sings sweetly his delight,
his trilling, courteous and gay

The garden flowers seem to spring
amidst the green they gently sway
floral fragrance floats on the breeze

The bayou softly murmuring
wavering shadows still at play,
lost in the depths of cypress trees

A squirrel scampers to the ground
and across the yard he rushes
buries acorns without a sound

In the distance a baying hound
eager to hunt in the bushes
until fox or raccoon is found

A horse gallops over a hill
enjoying freedom and the sun,
he stops, grazing in grassy fields

I follow nature and be still
watching as the day has begun
and early morning beauty yields

ALesiach © 07/29/2019
christina smith Apr 2019
Here come the hound dogs

Sniffing out their prey

Don’t you have something better to do

My emotions is not for play!

I don’t got time for this ****, not today!

I shoot bullets from my mouth

And watch the blood splatter on your face

I’m not for games today

I will warn you with grace

But keep antagonizing me

And I’ll bring war into your space

You bettah start praying for gods grace

Because I shoot bullets from my mouth

Into your heart

And watch the blood splatter on your face
Lorelei Gill Sep 2018
Snarls and growls
Not to far behind
Hunting for sins and easy prey
The lingering odor from something that smells so putrid and fowl
It has been wired to **** and hunt to tear flesh, for that is how it is designed
Designed not to be loyal but betray

Skin as dark and the depths of hell
As slick and think as suffocating oil  
No one can ever tell
For they boil
It’s such an unknown material
Similar to that of a gargoyle

Deep red eyes
That much similar to an open wound gushing gory blood
Created and build from those in a past life that told lies
Takes revenge and makes your slow feet trek through thick murky mud

Claws as sharp as razors
Reach for your soul for the taking
They are dominant beasts and brutal slayers
Creating a sickening making

Hunting and slaying into the dark everlasting night
No one is safe from the hounds to haul
Itching and ready to take a sdevils front door
Inspiring an uncertain fright
Praying to the devils maker to be safe from the maul
Wanting to be how life was before
They had to say goodbye
I was in a Halloween type mood. It might be bad but..owell.
Tanay Sep 2018
As the moon shines
And the stars decorate the sky,
A lonely owl hymns
While the bats fly.
Lightning bugs scatter around
Like will-o'-the-wisps at night,
Without any sound
Oh, what a delight!
The neighbour's hound is on guard
She will not allow anyone to pass,
No one is allowed in her yard
At this hour, only a fool will walk on her grass.
Her howl pierces the air
Bringing an end to the silence,
She announces she won't share
She will not tolerate any form of violence.
Across the street, few floors above
Two players are taking their turns,
In the famous game of push and shove
While a tiny candle burns.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
As usual, I will not explain this poem. I think it is evident by now that I won't explain any of my poems to you. I want you to perceive it the way you want to. Happy reading!
the neighbour's fox terrier
has taken to chasing me
a couple of days ago
I was walking to the car-shed
and when he sighted me
pursuit was firmly in his head
my walking gait
to a very fast run
so he'd not bite me
on the leg
before I go outside
I take a three sixty look around
and see if the coast is clear
of the tracking hound
Dani Dec 2017
Divided by
Yet they prevail
They are friends
They are bound
They are unstoppable!
They are and will always be

No that’s not what happens
The hope that their friendship will strengthen they accept that they can never have each other in their lives as if this was the inevitable conclusion that no being could control
I look down at my

Is that my inevitable end
That the ones I hold dear
We too
Crumble from what we are divided by
Will my friendships be hollowed down to difference as theirs was?
I have mixed feelings about this Disney movie. I could never watch this to the end as a kid as the end would upset me so. I had a huge fear that the friendships I had would inevitably break from difference. This movie wasn’t great for me
The scent-hungry hound
Unthinkably finds what's lost
That's meant to be found
Below the mountains I shall live,
where the intoxicated souls of hounds are within.
As they forget their values,
I remain staring at the lights.
Not able to move.
Viseract May 2016
Desire to run in the dark
And do so as I please
With ****** on the mind
And an urge to appease

Beneath a full moon
Sharp set of tongue and teeth
Four paws and sixteen claws
Released from their natural sheath

Howl my lustful song
Arched back and raised head
****** dripping fangs and red eyes
Maybe you should stay in bed...
A tale to tell children, to keep them in bed.... just kidding
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