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ALesiach Jul 24
red roses shimmer
kissed with dewdrop tiaras
drying in the morning sun

ALesiach © 05/22/2016
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The rose's hope is a dewdrop
that entices and destroys
The Spider Jan 2016
Misty eyes like dewdrops on the grass;
Wide as the moon and bright as the sun.
Smile like the brightest star on the darkest night
and face like a cherub child.
Her mother liked her alcohol.
It was her replacement of her baby with misty eyes
like dewdrops on the grass;
Except it was always more than a drop.
It was more like pouring rain.
Chastised for being too happy
but convinced she was loved all the same
Mother said,
"Dewdrop, I'm sorry; Won't happen again."
But it always happened and promise after
promise was broken.
The child with the misty
eyes like dewdrops and the moon
got swept away by the rain
to start mending those wounds.
I love my step mom and I hate what her mother did to her.
Kataleya Aug 2014
One of these days,
like the dewdrop on a sunny day,
like the shimmer in the moonlight ray,
like our love that has been fading away,
I'll be gone,

— The End —