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teardrops on my sleeve
begging to see you again
you've forgotten me
Jenna 7d
Rain is just another reminder
of how many tears I have shed
and how less lonely I am
in this gray world
pistachio Feb 14
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     land so
    barren with
     a dreary lonely
    life, seeking rain to
    end this strife. I am living
              in  nothingness. But there is        
     an oasis in my tear duct, fertile
      spot, an emotion still left in me
    keeping me alive, bringing back
     my will. I now know the point,
    the reason why they arrive,
    them tears in my life.
A shape poem. :) Don't know if it's good. Have a good read. :D
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
fall asleep
fall in love
fall like leaves
fall like teardrops

Bartholomew Aug 2018
Have you ever seen the shape of a heart?
It's the shape of all my fears
Why is it when a heart breaks in half it's the shape of a tear
But I'm lying cuz when it breaks there's so many pieces
Crazy when a heart breaks it never breaks even
Have you ever seen a smile that fills you up with joy?
The same smile that's the bane of your agony, it creates a void
Something missing or something long gone
In search of that something new
Your heart beats to the wrong song
For the person you thought you knew
In the beginning it’s beautiful but somewhere along the line people change
In the end you realize it wishing everything could be the same
But at the end you’re left with broken dreams broken hearts and broken pieces
It's crazy when a heart breaks because it never breaks even

Don’t tell me you love me- Big Sean
Amber Aug 2018
rolling down
my face
saying its the last time
that i would cry
but no
every time it gets me
though the least i’d cry
it hits me
the tears still drip by
it hurts me
i think i would give up
cause no one
to stay by my side
it hurts:)
your teardrops
create ripples
to my heart
and the waves
drowned my soul
i gasp for air so hard when you cry
Shewrites Jul 2018
Nobody knows me
But only I
Trying to smile
Saying Im fine
But when left alone
I started to cry
No one can realize
How sad i am
Acting so happy
But the truth is im not

I sat at a corner
Bow my face and wait
Till someone will come
Lay his hands
Gaze at me and
Save me from the dark
When will be the time that
Ill stop to cry
Escape from this darkness
And start to fly

Is there still remaining time
To end this sorrow
Cos Im tired of trying
Sick of crying and
Now my heart is breaking

Made this poem when I was 17 yrs old.
Poetic T Mar 2018
They shone in the obscurity
                      of every sunset.
Eyes absorbed  every teardrop
        that welled in there vacant
                           tombstone eyes.

But they were more than
       within the stages of radiant demise.
They collected the bounty of those that
      versed from the sacred paths of hues.

There were those that had feel between
          optic blades and the indistinct gleams
that were contentious wounds that were
                                       underhanded shades.

                 The tinges, neither pure of light.
And those that feel in the eclipse of darkness.
        But it was a secret conclave of those
                 who were fractured between both.

But within the collective of shade
                                            and illumination.
Where those that versed the combination
as a sacrilege to the foundations
                                   of eternities motion.

Everyone but a few colluded to  constant versions,
             qualified  hues had to change,
                             or the universe would grow stagnant.
And so began the feud between the shades
         of perpetual opacity.

As the evanescence shimmers
                     where all where falling
                     like dead stars
cleaving within the benighted landscape.
We all glared like life was burying its self.

But they walked between us,
           shimmers of what was wanted.
           And the reputations of our reflections.
Everything must evolve, even the reflections
that fall between the cracks of life's obscurities.
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