terribly trashed, torn
and tossed
the people's belongings
litter the

recovery after tempest
where to
everything in the shape
of twisted

rebuilding the job
so enormously
who'll help them
mend the tattered
where's humanity's
homes and lively-hoods
crushed like a

an aftermath
fierce driving winds
and rains did
the Atlantic's forces
fury unleashed as if
in much

teardrops falling
falling so
teardrops falling
over forlorn

Cné Sep 12

Contemplate a teardrop,
and this is what I see.
A drop of moisture
from an irritation?
Some agree.

What is a teardrop made of,
just some water from a gland?
But brush it off and contemplate
the moisture on your hand.

It's also made of sorrow
or from pain that you may feel
A treasure of emotion
on your cheek
that might congeal

"Tears of happiness" are made
of joy or great suprise
That fall like rain in summer
from a pair of smiling eyes.

They course down cheeks in rivers
or collect on lashes there.
They form in silent puddles
when emotions are laid bare.

Tears are gems as precious
as a diamond that is mined
So do not take them lightly
if their origins you can't find.

They're made of things like music
that can make the heart take wing
Or how the soul can elevate
to hear an angel sing.

Just thinking
Jobira Aug 4

don't hold it back
or fight nor
hide it inside. but
let your tears rain
let it flood on your cheeks
for those heavy rainfalls
dropping from your eyes,
would cleanse your pains
and your sins.
it's given that, in a matter of time,
the rain will end,
so smile once it's done,
because, your tears and pains
will also surely and slowly
be gone, replaced by
new memories you will cherish
in later times without regret.

Don't look back
As doubts may prevail
Hungering to drown,
In those dreadful pain
Rise above, the odds
To brightly shine
Let the rays reach, your darkest pit
Straightening up those crooked lines
Life is beautiful, so live it through
The cherished memories,
Will surely light up,
Your lonely crew....

This is our collaboration between Seema and I.

Seema, it's a pleasure collaborating with someone I admire as a fello poetry writer.
Thank you very much.
Jobira Jun 18

I told her countless times,
I am sorry.

I said I am sorry
By shedding million tears
Like thunder rains so
I can heal her pains,
I said I am sorry for
All I have done to her
Until no tears left anymore;
I never knew love hurts
That much when it's not there.

I said I am sorry when
I looked into her sparkling eyes
that shone sun rays
The eyes that break me down
Like melting ice,
Like a vanilla ice cream on a cone,
Each time she gazed at mine.

Those euphoric eyes are,
Now lit no light into my soul,
Those beautiful eyes
only lit fierce flames.

I said I am sorry
To her rouged heart
A heart at one time that beat
The same as mine when
We were making passion love
Under the moonlight, yet now
Wants nothing to do with me
Like we are enemies on the battlefield
For her anger is like a sword,
Which is ready to cut me
from the inside out
into pieces.

Maybe a million tear drops
Won't heal a wounded heart,
I still said I am sorry.

Moments passed in silence as
We both stood frozen like
Arctic ice.

Then she looked
into my saddened dry eyes
and said, “I am sorry
It just never meant to be, for
It wasn't our fate
To be together
For you came way too late-
For we both now have our own family.”

But I never told her
I am still waiting for her.

She wiped my tears away
With one last kiss
And walked away forever
Without looking back
Like we never together.

I got my closures
After a million tear drops.

Now she released me
from her spells,
I can go have my own family.

Never ever miss a chance to dive into life when you got the chance and can.

Some chances never come by, forever.
Richard Grahn Jun 10

Only made nothing!
Only that or this.
Only for a moment but,
Only for a kiss.

Beware conceived of something.
Beware of that or this.
Beware of giant thoughts in there.
Beware of mindless bliss.

Content took just a moment.
Content with that or this.
Content to breach the levy.
Content in the abyss.

Always stops at nothing.
Always that or this.
Always finding something.
Always gets the gist.

Amazed comes on in waves.
Amazed of that or this.
Amazed rained down in teardrops.
Amazed was not remiss.

Aware was very clear to see.
Aware of that or this.
Aware took all the rainbow seeds
And vanished in the mist.

Amazed, she kissed the Only.
Only touched Beware.
Content reached out for Always.
Amazed became Aware.

Ksm Mar 14

If i showed you my teardrops,
Would you follow their track
From me eyes down my cheeks.
Would you hold my face gently,
As you dry both my eyes,
And whisper the words,
" You are to precious to cry"

Ryan Hoysan Sep 2016

When people ask what's wrong
I'm just going to tell them it's a long story
Because I really really don't want to tell people the whole story
Because that story
Now comes to an end...

It's over. Exactly what I feared would happen did and I have no way to recover. Fuck...
Pedro Simon Jun 2016

I have come to know,

These teardrop bottles I've collected
Lying along with my books on these dusty shelves,
Will sit there and constantly remind me
That they've come to drown away the sadness
I have always had in my eyes

And like the rain to the earth,
They've come to mend the cracks in my heart
That had gone dry
When you were still my sun
Who brightened my days;

And, without me even noticing,
Had slowly burned my heart;
With the fake warmth of your love
All the pain each bottle now holds,
Somehow saved me from turning to ashes

One bottle for every night I've cried,
A drop of tear for every beat my heart skipped;
Bottles which kept not only tears and pain,
But the sounds of my voice at night
Whenever I cried your name

These teardrop bottles still call your name...

© Daniel Grey
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