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Nadia Sep 2019
If you are willing to brave
the drunken wasps, the thorns,
and sneaky little spiders,
you can find
dark, juicy blackberries
In the most unlikely places

NCL August 2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
One golden August day
Walking along the narrow lane

With ice cream pail in hand
Over the lush woodsy land

Looking for brambles of blackberries
Thirsting for their sweet juice in my belly

And nature's kindness does bestow
Along the lane unhindered they grow

Blackberries hang swollen on their vines
The first one a sweet addictive wine

Soon forgotten are the thorns
Each berry its own delectable reward

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
Phoebe H Feb 2018
When I think of you
I taste blackberries
The kind you pick as a kid
And put in a wicker basket
Crimson juice dripping
Onto the clover below
Kenzie Magdalene Aug 2017
Dark and twisted fantasies swirling in the back of our minds like a lost kite,
We are all programmed to desire the bitter taste of chaos,
to fall in love with the rush of sin.
Our whole world and existence is molded by the act of sin, we would be nothing, we wouldn't be who we are without it.
We have the freedom and the curse of following our hearts,
we have the freedom of acting upon the things we know aren't right in that moment.
You have the freedom to question what actually is right.
This is what it truly means to feel alive.
The heart wants what the heart wants
and your brain is just smashed blackberries in between your fist and you don't care about the stains as it drips on your carpet.
You know what you're doing is "wrong" but you do it anyway because it feels so ******* good, even better than drugs and love itself.
You're lost in the moment, time doesn't exist.
You rip the wings off a butterfly and place them on your skin, infatuated by it's glittering beauty and how it feels against your moving chest.
You can observe the pattern more clearly and notice what you couldn't see while you were too busy ripping apart the fragile wings for your own amusement.
You realize what you have done and you scream until your glass lungs shatter and your tears become stones in your hands,
You get on your hands and knee's and scrub the carpet raw trying to get the stain out but it only smears and fades.
You place the stones on top of the stain
and hope that nobody will notice,
that they won't say a word,
that they'll keep on walking by without a glance.
Eventually, someone will lift the stones
and will see the mistake that you have been trying so desperately to hide.
cait Apr 2017
dripping in your love
i find myself licking each finger
and savoring the sweetness.

your approval tastes like chamomile,
blackberries, and melted icecream.
the taste of you is even sweeter.

to be here
drenched in your affection
is the most saccharine dream
i could ever hope to imagine.

Extremely enjoyed picking up forest strawberries

among quiet zephyrs.

Imagined     by     Impeccable Space~Poetic Love
Kindest                      Memory
Maja Sabljak Jun 2015
Somewhere, in the sleeping corners of the Universe
You eat my heart, raw
Removing the sticky traces from the lips
With your teeth
And catching stray drops of juice with your tongue.
With red fingers you touch my eyes
You crush them
Like blackberries and absorb them inside of you.
You bite my thighs,
Sprinkling them with cinnamon and melt in your throat.
You swallow me
Gradually, with seeds
Wiping your fingers on my cheeks.
Do you know that?

You have no ******* idea.
Just *******.
Ariel Baptista Jun 2014
Bike basket full of blackberries

As I ride back

Bleeding fingers

Scraped wrists

Dark juice in the corners of my lips

It was beautiful how they clung to one another

How the protected each other

How they shared.their.thorns.

Was it wicked of me to have picked them?

Or should I have picked more?

Dark tears in the corners of my eyes

Torn thighs

Broken nails

As I ride back

Bike basket full of blackberries
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