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Pope Noir 11h
I saw a unicorn in Nirvana, dripped in all colors of the rainbow. It had me seeing different shapes and colors like I'm in a kaleidoscope dream. It gave me hope. I promised to give my days and the treasures of my mind. The bit of magic that lives within my soul.
About a muse of mine. She once made me feel eternal
Berenice Apr 12
There is no easy Poly feeling
This is not fun for those who stay tonight alone
The heart is aching
Despite of understanding 
The Gratitude I felt is  gone

For those who leave tonight
This may be blissful swinging
An implementing fantasies of youth
Two unicorns are merged into freestyle whirling
Not asking much just making love
dana hughes Mar 24
tracking hooves
hands gripping persephone's fruit
white dress trailing

she's shining
angelic, surreal, her light smothering the dark
nature's peace untouched as she steps through

a ghost of what once was

green melts to grey

her light fades.
they say unicorns are guardian spirits of nature
Toxic yeti Mar 23
In the ice age
The people
Chase mammoths
But the chase
And **** unicorns
For their magic
As that winter is
Trust to me is a unicorn
Beautiful, shining, picturesque.
One spiraling, glimmering horn
Unattainable, fictitious, distant.

Much like a unicorn
Trust was for pure maidens,
Not for the weary and worn,
Not for cowards or liars.

I couldn’t trust myself
Unpredictable, unclean.
The unicorn on my shelf
Told me I was unworthy.

The mist in my mind, my eyes
Tore me apart each night.
“I’m fine” is all lies.
Unicorns don’t like liars.

But I kept the lie going.
Until I couldn’t.
Until my tears began showing.
Rearing their **** heads.

My tears were alright
That unicorn inched closer.
Swearing it just might
...Let me hold it.

Trust to me is like a unicorn.
Skittish, fragile, fake.
One spiraling, glimmering horn.
And you scared it away.

And now my tears
Write letters to my loneliness.
Having confirmed my fears
I no longer yern for my unicorn.
rgz Jan 23
Contentment is a fleeting thing
Descendant of the peace but then
Oversensing will begin
Commencement of the mortal sin
Empty out the medicine
Then resentment will set in
Ten steps towards the loony bin
Guess I'll never make it since
Contentment is a fleeting thing
What a coincidence
Arianna Jan 2
And the lion shall
Lie down with the unicorn,
Led as one by Love.
A short tribute to one of my favorite works of art, not only for the beauty and craftsmanship of the tapestries, but for the labyrinth of imagery and symbolism contained in each piece. :-)
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
unicorn and all the soil ran
I turned and all the views and
all opinions and all appeals and executions

turned the whole ground under my feet

and how to walk now
how now to chase everyone from everywhere

unicorn unicorn
fast almighty eternal infinite
continuous unicorn

Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bled glitter,
but what do you except,
when I’m the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store,

like a city of broken dreams,
post natural disaster,
when every silenced person,
finally gets everything they ever asked for,

and or,
everything they ever thought they wanted,
and I think She might be The Devil,
but then again maybe She’s a Godsend,

because she feels like a blessing,
especially when she’s *******,
and she’s not a priest and I’m not on my knees,
but still to her all my sins I’m confessing,

it’s all lessons,

so what did I learn,
when I saw her spill herself all over me,
and I was left with nothing once the sun rose,
except the mess in my bed she left behind for me to clean,

I guess that’s what you get when you cut the wrist of a Vampire Unicorn,
and She bleeds glitter,
but what did you except,
when you’re the Black Sheep of the litter,

not a runt though,
no stunts bro,
just real life right now,
just a blatant looting with more in store…

∆ LaLux ∆
I look for those who deserve my attention,
it makes me want to give them my affection.
When I talk to them it is my intention,
to help with there ascension,
to happiness and the prevention,
of sadness and cause its remission.

It's not out of pretension,
or a sense of condescension,
but because it causes me jubilation,
to better those who deserve my concentration.

My happiness and love are just an extension,
that spreads from my heart like it's from another dimension,
and when you deserve it all I'll do is mention,
all the wonderful things about you and remind you those bad thoughts are just an invention,
of your mind and I'll help you get rid of that fixation,
on the negative and cause all your positives an inflation.

All of this is done because I'm a unicorn that gets rid of all the tension,
in your life and increase the duration,
of what makes you great and cause the negation,
of the bad parts inside yourself in relation,
to how you might lie to yourself since the bad is an abomination.
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