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Mel Gadd Mar 2021
my trust in you
fell faster
than leaves off a tree
you hypocrite
you *******
I cannot believe you
you've done it again
you've taken my trust
and gave it a spin
and now its broken
because of you
telling me this
but then doing that
when will this cycle end?
i just wish I could depend on you
the way your child
should be able to
I loved you...

I loved you
And you hurt me

I trusted you
and you lied

You fixed me
just to break me

And now
I’m broken inside

I loved you

I loved you

I love you
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
I need a little more time
To give you little more time
To let you reside by my stars.
Yu broke the star's and I need time
Mei Aug 2020
To trust someone
is something frail
you give others.

They break it with ease,
You're left alone to fix.
Urooba Aug 2020
When the trust is broken,
And the words are just spoken:
You never give your ears on them;
It never gains the grip which's already loosen.

The words become the unknown,
It never reaches your heart again:
The thing no one can understand;
The words are just not a word-

It belongs to the epic story,
Which has the connection in past glory!
But people just smashed the bygone memory; Making their present to forget the trust's worry.

Composed by Urooba Fatima.
This poem comes off the suffering of broken trust.
TyeniWrites Jun 2020
She doesn't keep to herself
She has trusted alot of people in the past
And so many of them switched up
So stop knocking
Her walls are up
All her doors are locked
She's not letting anyone in
Hennessy 5260 Jun 2020
A word we carelessly throw around,
Casually to people we like and some we don't
An emotion so rare these days.

In a world so corrupt,
Families fueled by greed,
Betrayal fueled by lust,
Frenemies frolicking with lovers

We have accepted our fate,
We trust too little,
Love less,
Fake more.

So forgive me if I do not say the words back,
I am a child of this world,
I've learnt all too well,
My love is but nothing to be treasured.

Or perhaps I too have been corrupted
I know not what love is
So remind me
Of my innocence once lost.
Jayne E Feb 2020
you told me you loved me
you told me "you are mine"
you told me you'd love me forever
you told me "you belong to me"
you told me I was your alpha & your omega
you told me "you are why I was born a man, to love you"
you told me you were going to marry me
you told me "I can never love another now"
you told me you'd never let me leave you
you told me "I'll put you in a box in the ground, before I'll let you go"
you told me you'd never hurt me
you told me "I'm going to **** you"
you told me you loved me.

love is not ownership
love is not obsession
love is not violence
love is not suppression
love is not breaking bones
love is not silence
love is not feeling alone

you saw me like you see
one of your treasured
first editions
a thing to show off
to brag about
to your mates
a thing to pick up
and put down
to keep locked up
to covet
a thing you own.

I loved you
when you were
my loving lost boy of the morning
I loved you
when at loves first bloom
you were sweet
I loved you
when you made me feel safe
I loved you
before the strong arms
that held me close
broke my bones
and broke my heart
broke my faith
and tore it all apart.

Bad dreams carry bad memories into the now...
ALesiach Jul 2019
Broken trust,
is that how it starts,
when falling apart?

Now, we stand at the crossroads,
jealousy rumbles like the cold, black wind.
Who was the first to sin?

My pain, always your pleasure,
when things were rough,
I could never suffer enough.

The bitter tragedy,
your struggle with guilt.
My wall, you built.

ALesiach © 1/31/2017
Cc Jun 2019
This is my safe place away from you
These are my feelings i’d never let you see
I will not lie to you darling
You know me better than that
But I will hide these thoughts far away from you
in my own little castle I’ll build out of deceit and misplaced trust.
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