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Mar 14 · 39
Fortnight of Fire
The Fortnight of Fire
has finally come again

Finding me supine,
gazing up the smoke
wrapping the vegetation of dusk

The old barges are ready to depart,
carrying the tar of our previous year wishes
I hope the spar won't collapse...
May the wind be propitious

Now the currants in the garret
are ripen enough
Can't you hear their rattle
amidst the dead of night?

Now its time for all the lidless eyes
to sprout again
For the Fortnight of Fire
has already begun...
Feb 21 · 47
Quarters like fire drops
which kiss this dry land

Within the wheel of time,
a black pebble has fastened

But where is the river
upon which our passions float?

All whirlpools lead you into that seaweed
that's been sprouted merely for you
Feb 18 · 38
Psalm 50

Their voice rapped the portals
and from the dim smoke
a white pigeon sprung
and followed the trail downwards

The crests of the churches,
sharp shelters for the wounded
that come from above
and from below

Are the firmaments raining fire?
For my eyes have filled with tears of black
and my soul's purified

Is this your delivering message?
For lakes, mountains,
beasts and humans are waiting,
and we shall always do


Will the Theatre of Pain
be utterly empty one day?

We are actors that do not dare
to read the elder lines
Nomads amidst the sandstorm
in our sinful minds

Shall I drink my animal's blood?
For my people's thirsty for salvation
in this deserted land
and I only saw once a roaming scrap
from your royal garments

Faith is hanging from a thread
And only in the night-praying hours
the poetry's lines true shine

Do not be the actor
that turns his back
on the crowd's clapping


Everything is appointed
the prophets have spoken

Will, you always love
those who betray?
Spreading words of hope
to the humble with burned faces

The needy have already
flooded the empty rivers
and Pharaoh's wrath is not well locked

I know not how many
are living up there
but I do know how many
are building the realm of Hades

The flame shall kneel before you
and oceans will be divided into two
Once the ominous words
are heard inside your Temple again
This poem is influenced by the sacred music of Father Serafim and his chants from Georgia. I cite the link below
Feb 10 · 101
Cursed for tearing apart the last pages
before the tolling of the bell

Another poet's raven has made a nest
deep inside the woods of the dead

Why are you afraid of dying
when you do not live either?

I have hidden my soul's sparkle
inside a statue's neckless in the Necropolis

I'm crossing the borders of your mind
wearing a coat made of storm-clouds

Lord of darkness
please be my guide
Feb 10 · 44
My monastery is nothing
but crimson dusk
poured inside the veins
of this grove

Love to drink the liquid
from the evening's injection

My body's organs to be dried
with purple blood
Feb 9 · 70
In my literature
you are everything
I choose you to be

In my life
you are everything
you choose to be
More of quote instead of a poem, I know...
Feb 2 · 130
The web
I see the stealth Web
that covers us,
hiding us from the eclipse

I know I'm not the only one here
We are all part of its crisscross framework

The Web is our blind mother,
it bred us sensibly...

We drunk to the last drip
that it could give
and now the breastfeeding
seems to be over

Feb 2 · 156
Dear setting Sun
Dear setting Sun
before you vanish
from today's glance
Would you mind
absorbing me and
my city utterly?
Never to be found
in the history's skin
Grab us from our
mind's eye and
lead us to unseen

Whether you go
into evil's virtues
or good's desolation
We shall eagerly follow

Hide us inside Ra's chariot
to be part of his perpetual task
To see with our very eyes
Seth's wrath failing once more

We are eagerly following you
Jan 30 · 35
Only when the sand
would have reached
the bottom of the glass
and you'll be free from
your earthly bounds
Only then
you may be given the choice
to become what always knew you are

Jan 21 · 134
Full Moon
The two dragons are dancing in a circle tonight
Launching ruby and sapphire flames throughout the frozen sky
Stars and clouds as humble servants
conveying you the whispers that we dare to say beneath your shining shrine
Unceasing is the beauty of the one that wears the rainbow for attire
Spirit of the Sea and heir to the throne of night
The Penultimate lyric is true, I did see a rainbow wrapping the full moon tonight, perhaps because it was raining vaguely all day
Jan 8 · 129
Missing Passion
Leave the dooryard open
for it may return one day

Dressed as an old man
who seeks shelter
for the nighttime

Accept the lavender and
scarlet blossoms that
he offers you

For it may your
missing passion
Jan 8 · 31
Α black orb inside
the observer's mouth

The skyscrapers
are ready to devour
the silver clouds
A procession of pink lilies
upon a blackened road with
white dots on its surface
For what do they protest?
Dusk and twilight approaching
Everyone is holding a
black candle in its hands
The trees turned down
their blank stare and
lapsed into silence
Someone's playing Chopin's
funeral march on a piano
covered with ivy
It is a requiem mass about
the death of pure beauty
Jan 3 · 72
There is a lack of coherence
in this universe, a pebble
said to me once

How can I be incorporated
to this forest which the
everlasting ages brought me to?
I'm merely a pebble...

The uniformity somehow
cracks beneath the wheel of Time
A new stimulus shall always appear
for the carriage to continue its course

None shall ever stop
the scheme between
God and Time
Dec 2018 · 78
Nikos Kyriazis Dec 2018
Even the valorous hands
of the lofty Mountains
which bear the sword
of justice cannot
endure its weight

Even the unending
and fathomless
dragon-shaped body
of the River shall
dry out some shiny
or gloomy day

The arts and crafts
and science's wonders
are making a procession
towards oblivion
and nothingness
Dec 2018 · 147
Being teached by objects
Nikos Kyriazis Dec 2018
The sheathing of this bulb
has broken, filled with scratches
Although it still shines bright

Hub of its joy: serving me

It has seen all of my doodles
but gave away nothing

My infant poems often think
that its light is their mother

My sweat, my tears, my nightmares
are its insignia, its tatoo

It imputes its capability
of breathing to me
but I am the apprentice here
influenced by wabi-sabi philosophy
Dec 2018 · 54
The Scroll
Nikos Kyriazis Dec 2018
I touch you
and through you
I experiencing
the reflections
of all Gods

I step out into the void
and amidst the sandstorm
I call out the names
of all i read on your skin

And now
there is no way back
My fate is bounded
to the elderly tokens
that rule these worlds

The ages have stamped
with blood and that was inevitably
From the annihiliation
a flower always sprouts
The sought gates of the Purgatory
will always be inside
our innermost **** for power

Many talked about the aftermath
Who will accumulate the souls?
Who will take over the segragation
between the ''corrupted''
and the ''virtuous''?

Sentries sent by Warlords of yore
often call in to see if i still endure
And i grin at them and
share with my fellow ghosts
the bitterness of truth
Nov 2018 · 115
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Glorious clouds
You, who reign
in the vast plains
of the sky
You, who hide us
from the outside glance
You are God's eternal
brush for his canvas
His mood and sentiments
are dipicted upon
your ***** body
Nov 2018 · 126
Let me go to her again
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
weave your spell
Harken groans that
dwell beneath

Smell the fragrance
of her tomb
I left there a
bloom of dew

Light me please a
path to dead
Hollow are the
years herein

Since she left a
wail for tune
Seals do chant the
lament's rhymes

Foggy days are
now live in
Gulfs and shores the
phantom's lair

Groves are emptied
fays have gone
Nature strolls in
grief alone

weave your spell
Let me go to
her again
Nov 2018 · 146
Forever you said
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
The umbra of the firnament
to see through your eyes
and the wind from your skin
to ****** me

Raindrops quiver me
like from the veil
you used to wear

Forever you said
will float into the river
of life and death

Why did you
went astray?
There where
i cannot follow

I order the fates
your blood through
my vains to flow
once more

To fade together
into Eternity's
last moment
A poem that i inspired of a Peter Gundry's song
Nov 2018 · 135
The life of a bubble
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
I'm wandering...
If you knew the duration
will you have still
chosen to be born?

You last little more
than a dream's delight
Little more than
the unbroken silence

But in the very end
you always opt for
the gallant deed

Will you please
give a lesson
to humanity?
Will U?
Nov 2018 · 980
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
May Death befall
upon thee
and be slaughtered
by the blade of thy pen

The aftermath
of the poet's resurrection
will be an allusion
to those who never
believed in art

The Tempest
shalt come early
and by wolf's jaws
the artist
shalt rescue the light
A poem to all of us, the artists
Nov 2018 · 88
Blue Mountains
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Deep inside the wrinkles
of the Blue Mountains
Cold air sits upon
the primitives' throne

Inky echoes stroll the alleys
No living essence have ever
trespassed these halls

Sun's breathe becomes pale
as it touches the gloomy
foothills and crests  

Merely sprites wearing
mantles made of mist
dwell this mountainous region

Even rain seldom visits
to pierce the ghastly silence

Amidst the fog
forgotten tokens may hide
In riddles of old and
astral vague light
Nov 2018 · 269
Pathetic warrior...
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Pathetic warrior...
Down to the meadow
of the valley you went

To fulfil the dire task
of thy nation and
cut the scarlet heads
of those foul lilies

You stand alone
provoking the mighty wind
into a single combact

Viewers of that requiem
are merely the mountains
and the streams
Who's the enemy of our nation?
Who's your enemy?
Why having an enemy at all?
Oct 2018 · 108
Second glow
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
To enroll
for a new past
you cannot

The river
to flow opposite
none did it

Mere a future
scarcely arises

By perchance
the merciful
second glow?
Oct 2018 · 113
The plea
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Then gazed the sky and he whispered
Foggy shades in a lavender void

Gloomy glimpse on a cumulus sigh
I'll grief with you my old father

And by dusk's last glow i shalt follow
Lo your son neath your stature he stands

Thou who rules in the heavens great court
A plea to you by your earthling

Your stairway i most desire now
Let me come in the ***** i borned

Days on earth are the true flames of ****
The inferno's tales you've narrated

The eternal night of my lineage
Now i regret what i've done then my God

Overdue are these words and through shame
For evermore i will serve you

And nevermore the foul serpent
Touch my hand and revive me once more
Oct 2018 · 169
My mug of tea
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
What are you drinking sir?
Oh, inside this wooden mug
several things exist

Stalks from the flowers of rainbow
and some molten clouds of autumn

Petals from the maize shrubbery yonder
and some drops from youth's lunacy of course

All you need
for the upcoming winter
Oct 2018 · 242
Colourful tomb
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
What if rocks and dust
befell upon thee
Covering thy existence
with muddy grey and brown
I see that colourful flowers
keep you warm company
Never to be touched
by the bleak hands of death

Everlasting guardians
these lilies are
Armor and weapons
are merely their colour
lily flower tomb mere death colourful
Oct 2018 · 222
Life has gone
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Drops are falling
Clocks are weeping
Hours are dying
Please let me go

Turn the pages
Hide your paces
Mourn our ages
Drifting alone

A nightingale's crooning
shall hear nevermore
A life has gone
nightingale clock hour drift life
Oct 2018 · 254
Blue cat's dream
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
A blue cat is quivering
inside a recumbent statue's eye
Its wintry eyeball
a bleak shelter to her
She ponders to be grabbed
by a cypresse that soars around
But she dares not
to attempt the leap
You see...
the statue is fastened
to a bony finger
And the height at the firnament
is tremendous
So she remains dormant,
snared to the will of time

Some pewter birds flying above
Celebrating their capability to fly
Oct 2018 · 73
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
I should pierce
my tongue
with candles

Hope they'll
taste like cheese
An example of surealistic writing
Oct 2018 · 102
The drape of past
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Scented by amorous
reflections of the past

I do not dare
to go closer

Often i repent
about keeping it still

A bearer of dreary hues
that imprisons the now
and drains its mirth

The sojourn of that drape
is coming to an end.....

There will be a time
that we'll stand above and laugh
for the molten strands of the past
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Roaming into a scarlet galaxy
Neptunus whales flying above
The elder fates their riders are
Approaching near an eerie gleam
Enormous stalactites shimmering azure
Its core lies into my unconscious ocean
Colored universal textiles mingled
Rays connecting the pillars
A way for the planets to touch each other
Transcendental energies our pavillion
Your sigh resonates into the other side
Oct 2018 · 287
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
The one that ventures
to look outside the window-pane
Is the one that kisses
the fear on its brow

The wars of oblivion
make love in the
battlefield of reality
Upon its ashen reeds

What i see and feel
is a sweet sentiment
of loss all along
the street
I think we all have some sort of such experience
Oct 2018 · 274
Night Chase
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Touch my hand
None shall see it
I promise

None but the
Silver moon
An allied to us

It will light up
The trail
It will guide
Our paces

And what about
The darkness that
Surrounding us
My love?

I'm scared...

Skeleton boughs
Creeping all around
My hollow body

Distant howls
Mislead me from you
I feel lost

I'm scared...

Touch my hand
And nightmare's web
Will fade away
I promise

But they shall
See us!
They'll see us
My love

None but the
Silver moon
I promise
Oct 2018 · 120
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
And where you walk
and now you lay
None shall ever know

For her you lost
returned to yore
Where your kins awoke

And back you never
came i see
Wistful cry of Elfinesse

They say in south
you stroll alone
Playing magic musics still

A call to her
your sister sweet to
Dance again upon your flute
In Tolkien's book Beren and Luthien , Dairon was Luthien's brother, who got lost in the woods in his try to find his sister Luthien as she had left to search for Beren. So here is a poem i wrote for her brother
Oct 2018 · 96
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
My perseverance to see the sun
To pluck its amber beams
A preternatural joy
A profound priviledge

Knowledge is a torrid reward
Easily you're burned
A talisman of great force
Shards of foresight

As you tread into her realm
Dead prejudices
An illuminated mind
A spirit that will last

The inner tranquility?
Its settlement lies high
An impenetrable quest
Life's gem
Oct 2018 · 157
Epic Padum in Eb minor
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
To the summit we go amidst the wild night's storm
An avalanche is summoned where the elder stars grew
Visions of hope amongst the mighty hailstorm
I barely recall now a morning's peaceful dew

An avalanche is summoned where the elder stars grew
Our perilous journey to the dragon's gold nest
I barely recall now a morning's peaceful dew
Valorous are the ones who dared to sail northwest

Our perilous journey to the dragon's gold nest
The Gods have abandoned us, no sign of omen
Valorous are the ones who dared to sail northwest
We're determined to get back the jewels were stolen

The Gods have abandoned us, no sign of omen
With fearless hearts we reach the portals of chaos
We're determined to get back the jewels were stolen
That beast will be slayed by our axes blind pathos

With fearless hearts we reach the portals of chaos
Soon we're going to meet the thief and his firestorm
That beast will be slayed by our axes blind pathos
To the summit we go amidst the wild night's storm
The padum is a lyrical form which started in Malaysia and established in Europe by Hugo. It consists of four verses with crisscross rhyme, the second and the fourth lyric of each verse are become the first and the third of the following. The number of verses is undefined, although the fourth lyric of the last verse owes to be the same with the first lyric of the initial verse
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Close your eyes
Harken the words throughout

An illusion as a miracle
A miracle as a gift

Save the crowded void
Parting groans within the silence
Oct 2018 · 970
Verdant Winter
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Suddenly, the silence prevails
and approaches me with a verdant orb
in it's hands

The cold wind is passing by
gesturing my reverie

Sometimes harshly
like frozen needles piercing
your ***** body

Sometimes softly
like sun beams clasping
your ***** soul

Around me blooms
of every hue and for every mood
Each one narrates it's own tale

My shadow revolves around
a cold emerald
I am that colour now
It escorts me to the carriage
of the winter I was longing for

— The End —