serpentinium Sep 25

“quo vadis, domine?”

i. you’re saint peter on a cross,
hung upside-down, staring at the
bright blue and if your arms
weren’t pinned to rotting wood
you’d reach out—

(petrus, dear petrus, why
hast thou forsaken me?)

there’s iron in your grip,
fingers curled in supplication
as you, the fisherman from Bethsaida,
bears only his own sins

the pain fades for a moment
under the sunlight and  
you’d smile if your lips didn’t bleed
at the harsh stretch of skin

they poke your side with a spear,
but only red pours out and the
barren ground below you will receive
no nourishment

you are no god, no holy deity
walking to and fro amongst mortals

(O’ you of little faith, why did you doubt?)

martyr, martyr they’ll chime with each
bell toll, thousands of years from now—
long after your body has perished in
the valley between Sodom and Gomorrah

you are simon peter, the betrayer, the liar, the
you are oh so human, and the world will
never forgive you for it
bedrock, they’ll call you, and mean it

you’ll be hailed a saint and people will kiss
your bronze image, dust oil against leaden
feet and imagine that your gaze is not fixed
solemnly to the earth

(now, nothing but a false idol to some,
draped in velvet and handed a crown—
the rooster crows, and so god too will
denounce your existence)

peter's one of my favorite disciples so here have a poem about him

Eventually you forget how to escape
To open the door at the back of your mind
And walk on though it
Into the new
And that is why we should value our innocence
And our children in such a way as we do

I was speaking of imagination...
Fire Jul 12

Sorry babe I lost my shadow
Just like Peter Pan
I may be a little bit hollow
But I can fly
I can show you why
A hollow shell
Find me captain hooks hell
Mr Smee
Find me please
I'm hiding here in pixie hollow
Finding peace without the sorrow
The mermaids tried to drown me
Peter Pan tried to save me
But you can't save a sinking ship
The Jolly Roger on a dip
The Indians fighting them
Never land comes to end
Wendy has grown up
John went off to college
Michael is a drug addict
And Peter is a saddist.
Say goodbye to neverland
As Captain Hook gets his wish
And Peter dies,
Drowned like a fish.

Rachel Ace Jun 19

Where is Peter Rabbit?

There was a patisserie I loved,
everything was shaded with pastel colors.

Awnings carved in gold,
flourishes coming up because it's my favorite garden.
He used to be in that garden, but not anymore.

You had three sweet sisters,
We drink raspberry-flavored tea,
the air was soft and graceful.
We wore dresses with thin lace at the edges,
matching hats with the dresses.
Transparent colors, like our hearts.
We perfumed with violets and art.

Flopsy was kind and generous,
Mopsy was attentive and virtuous,
Cottontail was imaginative and talented,
I was a mix of all.

One day Peter Rabbit came through the door,
touched and disheveled for breaking the code
in the garden.
We look at each other like a second and now I live in that second.
The times you showed up at the door and we never said a word,
that game I liked to ►

Then you disappeared because You wanted to evolve.
I stood there without knowing anything about Peter Rabbit.
Little reality was lost, Peter.
(You wanted that?)

Now we are the greyhound and March hare, playing the one who runs the most.

Why did Peter Rabbit leave?

-Codelandandmore // 0:36 ©

Miss Beatrix Potter little tribute.
Peter Roads Jun 14

for all these words belong to you
I only hold them for a while
until the time when you are through
for all these words belong to you
I wonder with them what you'll do
perhaps to keep them with your smile
for all these words belong to you
I only hold them for a while

My first go at a triolet
Peter Roads May 4

We are all dead
or we are all alive
We live in the grey
but there is no dividing line
Brown or pink
Black or white
Shades and shadows dividing
by what you think they think
  about why you are
  when what you are
            is living
In dying for difference
            we are lost
In thinking too much
and in not living enough

egalitarian dreamer
Nateive Son Apr 15

Andy Jackson still makes me puke,
His face upon the 20 dollar note,
And I write above his head sometimes,
"Ye Shall Be Forcibly Removed,"
Like he told the Cherokee,
In 1838,
Even after the biggest court in the nation,
"No go, Mr. Prez"
And if you read anything about my beloved tribe,
You will see references,
To their lack of interest in material wealth,
So entrenched they were,
In these eastern woodlands.

I have felt it,
I know it to be true,
I want to return to this dirt.

So I'm taking a lesson from Diogenes,
And his tiny pithos.

"In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face."
- The Almighty D

I am not the fartist:
Dallas Apr 12

My one wish,
is too meet Peter Pan.
He'd come in the night,
and take my hand,
and off we'd go to Neverland.
Without a care in the world
we'd play in the sand,
sleep under the stars,
and dance hand-in-hand.
We'd play in the woods,
fly through the sky.
Just him, the Lost Boy's, Tink and I.
We'd battle marauding pirates,
push Captain Hook off the brink.
I would be his missing link,
and he would be mine.
It'll be purely divine.
We'd live without a sense of time.
We'd fight with wooden swords,
We’d sing in celebration, and not care about the noise.
We'd never grow up,
and always rejoice.
We would explore the land,
find hidden treasure's, big and small,
hidden by the waterfalls.
We would climb mountains,
swim in lagoons.
And sail in the sea,
Peter, Tink, the Lost Boys and me.
We'll chant with the indians,
trick mermaids.
We’d live a life of oblivion.
But unlike Wendy and Jane,
Who left to presume,
a lifestyle full of gloom.
And while they live life like a masquerade,
concealing every once of their pain
Neverland is where I'll remain.
And after all these years,
I'm still waiting,
for Peter Pan.
Still dreaming,
that he'll come in the night,
and take my hand.
And we'll never leave,
until forever ends.
Me and my Peter Pan.

Liz Humphrey Feb 25

You start talking about suffering,
beaten and broken, you’ll horribly die,
then after three days you’ll rise to life,
you plainly state such crazy things,
so I take you aside to tell you, no,
you’ll be King, show your power
rule the earth,
crush oppressors into the dirt,

then like I’ve never seen, you roar,
the anger of the righteous Lord
the priests teach about, comes out
you yell, Behind me, Satan,
you won’t ruin my plans,
your mind is filled with thoughts of man,
not God,
I’m silent with shame,
confused, you’re calling me the name
of your enemy while I’m trying
to remind you what you promised me.

Continuing Lenten journey with Peter (From 2016)
Peter Roads Feb 20

For this tree loves everybody
it is bright, it is lovely, it is … short
truncated yet hopeful
all the colours of the rainbow
This tree does not care who you fuck
or what you put in to which hole
This tree has no holes, no cracked old bones
just a spectrum, a bole covered in a gentle bark
no reprimand, no judgement, an open elemental heart
It has no plateau of leaves to offer shelter
but it is here and it loves you whether
you care for the woods, for the rain or not
This tree loves everybody
Its bark is deep, it is cracked, it is flawed
and though it is aged and short, truncated
by fate and the nature of this place
it is unbowed echoing all that we hope
will come to pass, for this tree is yours
it grows all the colours of the rainbow
Let it brighten your grey sky grey day
Let it remind you that things may yet change
Let it smile for you when you can't raise
enough brightness inside to chase away
all that we've lost, all that we fight for
For this tree loves everybody
and so can we all,
                       so can we all,
                                      so can we all

I came across a rainbow painted tree stump when strolling through the city. No sign, no placement or refined purpose to it. It simply was, a simple statement of support for gay rights? Perhaps, perhaps it was just a painted tree stump... and it made me smile.
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