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A tale of fire and of ****,
And of an angel as he fell.
The wings from seraphim are cast,
The light of heaven leaves at last,
As Raziel, tore from his throne
Was banished from his heav’nly home.
But from the depths he did ascend
With God himself, he did contend.
Calliope and Melpomene,
You Muses both, I invoke thee.
Grant me the eloquence of song
To tell of Heaven’s right and wrong.
He guarded long the Errant Home,
Where every secret someday roams,
The lessons taught of right and wrong
The keys to join the ‘ternal throng.
With pillars made of marbled gold
And silver running molten cold
Flowing down secret, silent halls,
The murmur of the Errant Halls,
An angel sitting on his throne
Guarding the truths of all that’s known,
With six wings sat in majesty,
With sword of right sat silently.
But echoing from chamber walls
There came a roar and then a *****,
The Errant Halls under attack.
The darkness pouring ever in
To swallow up the light with sin
That burned in fire born in ****
Long before the Morning Star fell.
Good Raziel, with wings of light,
There fought against the dark of night
With power, priesthood, purity
Against the dark stood valiantly.
The sacred truths that none may know
Still silent lay beneath his throne.
Ricket-arm muscles stand as wreaths
For faces made of ears and teeth
And thrice dead shadows ever came,
No matter how oft they were slain.
Beings that none may comprehend,
At walls and halls they rip and rend.
While Raziel stood in a sea
Calling on strength of heaven he,
Vanquishing all that crossed with him,
Still felt his strength began to dim.
No cherubim came to his aid
As onward surged the hellish raid.
The Halls fallen, the secrets fled
When Raziel was filled with dread,
For as he watched the darkened claws
Imbibe the truths of Errant Halls
Despair did fall with every breath,
Fearing a fate far worse than death.
As sorrow sorely took its toll,
And Daemon fire pierced his soul,
There came a shadow from the fire,
A succubus of true desire.
This woman borne of fire’s breath
Placing her hands upon his neck
Did whisper words into his ear,
All of the words he’d like to hear.
That he had worked so hard and long,
In her embrace he could belong
To feelings that he’d been forbade,
New masters for him to obey.
And though he wished to fight against
Temptation and the call of sin,
Much more he wished to rest at last,
Abandon all that HE had asked.
And Raziel answered her call,
Embracing in the burning Hall
While from their bodies intertwined
Faded his light of pow’r divine.
All while in the Honest Hall,
The force of **** devoured all
The truths and secrets in its store
As Raziel became sin’s *****.
When he awoke, he had no wings,
Nor sword nor light nor crown of Kings.
Beneath the bar of Michael,
Was laid the humbled Raziel.
“Your job was grand, your mission grave
Yet unto ****, you’ve fallen prey.
Succumbing unto grief and ****,
And failing to do what you must.
Had you pursued and kept on course,
You would be part of heaven’s force.
For failure in your duty grim,
Forever torn, you’ll be from HIM.”
Falling in splendor through the sky,
While begging God to let him die,
For living in a fallen state
Forever sealed his final fate
To stand against the ones he loved,
To fight against the Prince above,
To cheat and steal and idolize
The being all the world despised.
To gates of ****, he’d fallen down
And as Raziel looked around,
He saw another, fallen, too,
The Morning in eternal doom.
A man of tall and regal blood
Bent to lift Raziel from the mud
And smiling, said “Follow me”
As turning, he began to leave.
He knew his brother at first sight,
He was the Son of Morning Light.
The breaking angel’s broken pride
Still swore to fight the Hellish tide.
“No ***** to Lucifer am I!
I will not bow to hate and lies.
You ripped me from the angel-home,
Be gone from me, let me alone”
Lucifer turned with quiet smile
“We’ve waited on you for a while
Please come with me to my abode,
And know that you at last are home”
“My home lies up above the world,
Not buried deep beside the worm.
So set me free, you vile Sin!
With God and Michael, I will win.”
“Remember they both sent you here
No need to fight, no need to fear.
I, too, shall take care of my own.
Come, come along. We’re going home.”
Down winding, gloomy, craggy path,
Satan walked on, not looking back.
And with a dozen prayers to HIM,
Down Raziel went to caverns dim.
An anguishing cacophony
Assaulted Lucifer and he.
And with another saddened smile,
“We’ll only be here for a while.”
Lemure screams poured from around,
The souls once lost, ne’er to be found
Begging God to “Unlock the Gate!
This wasn’t meant to be our fate.”
They wept and wailed and gnashed their teeth,
They cursed the Author from Beneath,
“It was his fault, it wasn’t mine!”
The Lost Ones’ only rally cry.
And Lucifer, with one more gaze
That Raziel knew to be dismay,
Said with a lonely bitterness
That “It has always been like this.
I wish I could have let them go
Yet Lord above has willed it so.”
The Morning Star remarked in pain,
As Raziel huffed in loud disdain,
“It is the sinners’ fault they’re here.
They forgot what was truly dear,
So, they must suffer, ever long
For the abundance of their wrong.”
“And that is why we, too, are here.
Come down again, my brother dear
We have much more to see herein.
Calamities that follow sin.”
The fallen angels walked along,
Passing the weeping, mortal throng.
Once more the brothers did descend
While Raziel doth condescend.
The vaults were great, the light was loud,
With fire dancing all around.
Burning bright in a fit of rage
Raziel spoke in wisdom sage
As looking on the mobs of men
With angry eyes and ****** skin,
“Forgiveness is the thing they lack
They quarrel, fight and turn their back
Upon the charity of HIM.
Unless they bow, they cannot win”
“Man’s anger is a driving force,
A form of nature’s brutal course,
Inspiring the change and growth
Of aggressor and victim both.”
“Why do you speak in riddling lies?
Return me now unto the skies.
I’ll take thy words up unto HIM
And he will spare these here of sin.
I know my Lord, and he knows me.
I know through him, in grace they’ll leave
The fallen nature that they bear
Just let me leave, for HE will care.”
But Lucifer spoke not a word,
‘twas nothing that he hadn’t heard
A thousand times by thousands more
From all the ones who came before.
With single silent shake of head,
Once more did Raziel see red.
Before he could express his wrath,
The Morning Star walked down the path.
Leaving the fisticuffs behind,
Still Raziel was in a bind.
Much further and his soul would flee,
Forever owned by Satan he
Would truly be a ***** of sin
And he would never live again.
For at the Final Judgement day,
It would be found he’d fallen prey.
So Raziel refused to walk,
Refused to dance with idle talk
With he who left the world to die,
With he who authored war and lies.
“Lucifer, you will let me be.
Through faith in HIM I’ll be set free.
Allow me now to leave this place
And someday HE may show you grace.”
“HIS grace is something I’ve forgone
And duty calls me all day long,
Presiding over ranks of woe
That for eternity will grow.”
“Nevertheless, I will withstand
Whatever yet doth lie at hand.
For eons long, I guarded light,
For eons more I’ll stand for right”
“Yet still you’ve come to wander here.
In duty grand, you lost what’s dear.
Your love of man, you long forgot
Only now, do you give them thought.”
And Raziel then held his peace
But stood his ground and did not cease
To snub his nose in angered grief.
He’d never serve in hellish fief.
And Lucifer, not turning back,
Not hesitating down the path,
No prompting words, no last remark,
He merely walked into the dark.
But when Raziel turned around,
The path they trod could not be found.
He turned again but didn’t know
Whichever way that he should go.
For Lucifer was out of sight.
Lost in the caves of gloomy night,
Raziel sat by cavern side
Watching the angry hosts collide.
And then he picked a way to go,
Deciding ‘twas better to know
If perhaps he could leave this ****.
So, looking there went Raziel,
Walking beside the cavern walls,
Ignoring dismal, tortured calls.
He searched and searched to no avail
Again, again, he ever failed
To find a path that led above
That he may return to HIS love.
But Raziel, with heavy sigh,
Knowing no escape could be nigh
Sadly resigned to be consigned
To ‘ternal punishment divine.
And as he looked for longer still,
He felt a sudden force of will
That urged him southward bound to roam
For there he’d find a way below.
And Raziel, wandering south,
And finding gaping tunnel’s mouth,
And down its maw, he did descend.
He’d go below and not contend,
With Michael or with Lucifer,
Though fear and anger would deter
That angel from his punishment,
Unto that fate, he would consent.
At bottom of the weary path,
Raziel found Satan at last.
And smiling cried, “You are late!
Come down and we will find your fate”
Raziel bowing down his head,
Suppressing ever-present dread.
The souls in the third chamber lay
In quiet, uncertain dismay,
As making promises to try
If only HE would hear their cry.
They begged that HE would show his face.
They begged for help, they begged for grace,
Help that wouldn’t come unto them
For they had lived too far from HIM.
And still they murmured quiet prayers
In hoping that someone would care.
“That, too, was you not long ago.
When you’re prepared, we’ll go below.”
Raziel paused, hesitating
Not knowing what the next would bring,
“I’ll carry on until the end
I’ll follow you as we descend.”
And down and down and down some more,
Much further than they’d walked before,
They found a building made of coal
That was filled with more sobbing souls.
The air grew thick, the dark profound
Muffling every single sound.
So much so that he could not hear
The sobbing mortals, drunk on tears.
Isolated in tiny spheres
Of sadness, grief and all the fears
That they had borne throughout the years.
Raziel then wished for to lay
Forever there, within the grave
Of laughter, light, and hope so frail.
Resolution began to fail
And Lucifer, just looking on
To see if he would overcome
The tight’ning grip of darkened thoughts
Seeing sadness where there was not
Any of it but in his mind.
All of his feelings intertwined,
And stricken by his grief again
At falling to the woes of sin,
He quietly, mourning his loss
But knowing he was heaven’s dross
Accepted that this was his home
Living where ev’ry demon roams.
He was fallen, that much is true
But there was nothing he could do
For to turn back the wheel of time,
For to return to home divine.
And Raziel, went foll’wing there
Freeing himself of his despair.
Picking his feet up from the ground,
Ignored the misery around.
And seeing that Raziel had won,
And knowing he would no more run,
The Morning Star escorted him
Into further chambers dim.
The caverns that lay deep below,
Where every fallen angel goes.
Were filled with every one of those
Brothers that Raziel had known.
Before the Battle waged in Heav'n
And weeping joy when he saw them.
His friends who held with Lucifer
In doing so, God’s wrath incurred.
“Fallen no longer, when with friends
For they can any spirit mend.
You overcame your grief and pain,
And now together we will reign
Over the **** that we are tasked
To guard and watch until the last.
This is our duty from on high,
Assigned to us from dawn of time.”
His journey into **** was done,
There is a place for everyone.
Whether on Earth or up above,
Whether embraced in HIS own love
Or down inside the caverns dim
Where happily he’d live with them
After accepting ‘ternal fate.
Abandoning all of his hate,
He was freed from his duty long
And joined the friends he so had loved.
And found there that he much preferred,
His life with Brother Lucifer.
This has been my project recently. It's around 2200 words and 350 lines. It's a work in progress but I would love feedback. (Technically in iambic tetrameter if you pronounce things in a certain way)
Graff1980 Jan 31
Dangerous dragon eyes
burn the stars
and scorch the skies
as the warrior lets
her silver blades fly,

Bronze skin
battle maiden,
******* in chainmail,
spear and shield
on her back
as she tracks
the beasts
who attacked
random villages.

Like a Valkyrie
she walked past me
with death on her breath.
All power and confidence,
she passes on to face this
monster in the darkness.

She moved like
a ballet dancer
rushing in
and striking him
in the place where
his scale skin was thin.
then rolled back
before the dragon’s attack.

Fire and fury
bare skin scorching
forcing her
to retreat
but only for
a solitary

Claws cutting,
tail swinging,
scales scraping,
scratches stinging.

The ground
with the blood of
both combatants.

One arm
a ragged mess
of jagged flesh.

One dragon eye
destroyed while
sulphur and smoke
choked the breath
from her parched throat.

Long neck charging
as she parried
in a twirling fashion
letting the dragon’s head pass.

It moved quick
but she was faster
and matched that *******
primal fury.

Short silver
sharp dagger
nested itself
slightly above the neck
as the force of the animals
cut itself
making a long sick ****
as it lunged past fast
and finally fell
in defeat.
Prabhu Iyer Jan 29
If you love your land
then say ever,
"whether I live or not
this nation should live on"

If you love your land
then say ever,
"whether I live or not
this nation should live on"

And this after my time
shall live on,
"whether I live or not
this nation should live on"

Rip my veins open and
string them in a sitar,
and play the song of the nation
plucking again and again:

this love for the land
should well-over in the eyes,
"Whether I live or not
this nation should live on;"

Let the enemy be warned,
learn not to breach limits,
this my nation is eternal:
learn this truth be told!

Let the lustre of this devotion
shine vivified,

"whether I live or not
this nation should live on"

This be my pledge o nation,
pledge, o nation, this be mine:
may I forget thee not
for a moment even,

every drop that
courses in my veins
is yours this blood, and here
I offer what is ever yours;

This is a war for honour,
pride be high,

"whether I live or not
this nation should live on

whether I live or not
this nation should live on

whether I live or not
this nation should live on"
from the latest biopic of the patriotic Queen of Jhansi in central India, who died fighting British colonial atrocities in India's fist war of independence

the exceptional original lyrics are by acclaimed poet Prasoon Joshi:

to make the poem more general, I've changed 'Bharat' or 'India' in the original to 'nation' - without losing the sense of the poem; same as for Lute instead of Sitar!
Juhlhaus Jan 25
Wellspring of blood and gold
In flame and glory ever
Doest thou faithful rise
Cast off thy vapor shrouds
Radiance of ancient godhood

By singing ice as prophesied
In the late darkness thy
Hoped triumph heralded while
Bearers chained on metalled rails
Muttered hoary protest under
Breath of polar air

But lo!
The brazen promise of thine
Image graven in beholder's eye
Rings hollow in the bitten ears
And the stung flesh
Feels thy boasted fire
Not at all

Above thee
Stands the city's goddess proud
So virile once thou smilest
Upon her white clad shoulder now
Ceres scorns thine impotence turns not
But fixes her steeled gaze
On the frozen north
Mythos of a -15˚F Chicago sunrise.
Ciel Jan 24
Descendant of proud tribesmen and daughter of mighty rulers,
I am the honored heir of warriors and wisemen.
Born and blessed with the bent of words,
I was bestowed the gift of Babel.

Survived the sight of my sanctuary
Being turned to a battlefield.
****** into war without a warning,
I danced with Death from dusk to dawn
Until I became the light and lured it away.
In the fight against life’s fatalities,
I vowed to be victorious. I swore to survive.

Sacred with a soldier’s soul
And the spirituality of saints,
I am destined to move mountains.
Unfazed and unapologetic, I am no longer afraid
Of the flames, for I have become the fire.
All the damaged petals, all the painful days,
All the broken pieces are the proclamation
That I prevailed. Pride pumps in my veins
As harmony and peace hum in my heart.
Leishgn Raj Jan 23
Proud? No. Yes you are.
Think that you are the most beautiful
So you are there as  you are.
None can replace you.
You are the night dream girl
No men are not here
Without appreciate your beauty.
Who are you? Where are you from?
When look at you no other thoughts.
You are the unwritten epic and
Undrawn image giving name and
Fame too many legend poets
You are evergreen love to lovers.
Arise, fair moon waiting to see you
To  praise your beauty.
Also waiting to get thought of you my moon.
                                                         -LEISHGN RAJ
sudden look at the moon and its thought
Simon Soane Dec 2018
In 1410 the village of Little Darling was a pretty nice place to live,
it’s houses were stout and wonderful and the people had lots to give,
the lord who owned the area was benevolent, he never ruled with an iron claw,
he spoke with softness and kindness, not knowing a cajoling roar,
he left the people to get on with their lives, unless they needed a helping hand
and then he’d be there to provide a peg up somewhere in his land.
Because of this the folk who made home here had it better then most peasants from this time,
who were condemned to a life of grinding servitude as if their living was a crime,
they were happier and joyful and free from the toil of subjugate,
each second was a pleasure and every minute spent first rate,
however there was one thing they shared with those who spent every day under the cosh;
everyone was filthy, no one liked to wash.
Only about once every 10 days would they pull bathing water from the well,
If they were especially filthy and their stink they wished to quell,
the rest of the time they didn’t care that they resembled a muddy shrub,
or their faces were still covered in last weekend’s off grub,
nor did they think it mattered if their hair was a matted mucky mess
or that compost heap didn’t smell more than their locks, it actually smelt less,
to them water was mainly a drink when their mouths were feeling parched and shoddy,
not a soothing liquid  with which to  cleanse their body.
Everyone in Little Darling didn’t mind being ***** and looking a unhygienic fright,
actually not everyone, everyone’s not quite right.
Alice always wondered why folk didn’t wash
and that’s not because she wanted everyone to be pretty, pristine and posh,
she just pondered as she daily made herself all gleam,
“why does nobody else round here care about being clean?
They all wallow around in their own filth like a burrowed germ,
more buried in soil than a busy earth worm,
I don’t get when there is plentiful water from wells not that far away
why don’t they dose themselves in the aqua good at any point in the day?
She thought, “Of course it’s their own life and if you never harm anyone else you can never do anything wrong,
but how how how can they fester in their own awful pong?”
So every day Alice would get up before she heard the going to work bell
and go and fetch some water to cleanse herself of smell,
she’d make herself all fresh and totally sans of grit and straw
and revel in the gleam she had coming out of every pore.
Everyone else in Little Darling all thought Alice was great,
a truly smashing lass who had tons of friends and mates,
yeah sometimes they’d remark to her “I don’t get your penchant for keeping yourself immaculate if I had to say
but who cares, I love you, have a fantastic day!”
And yes due to the mud in the village sometimes Alice would get herself all shiny and within a couple of hours look like she’d just crawled out of a cave,
but she didn’t mind as starting the day with a sparkle was what she did crave!
One fine day the folk of Little Darling decided to throw a big party as they adored a drink, a chat and a jive,
just have a massive night of  dancing, where they could give appreciation for being alive,
as Little Darling was a ace place they invited another village to join in the hedonism,
as they wanted folk to bask in hours through a wonderful prism!
When Alice heard news of the shindig she let out a chirping coo,
as revelling in the realm of fun was what she was really made to do!
As the week whiled to an end the day of the party came,
Alice could hardly contain herself as carousing ran through her brain,
she picked out her favourite garments feeling all of a super gathering quiver,
and then full of beans moseyed on down to the river,
she washed away with gusto and dressed all primed to go out,
“I’m on my way to get down and groove!” was her gleeful shout.
She started making her path to the good times, feeling all content,
she couldn’t wait to be immersed in the hub of blazing merriment,
as she was walking to the barn where the party was she encountered others making their journey to fun,
lit they all were by the going down sun,
someone said “hey Alice, I reckon you’ve spent an eternity scrubbing yourself for this bash”,
another said “yeah, I bet you’ve wasted hours by the river to get yourself prepared for this night on the lash!”
Alice replied and remarked, “yes I may have used my time getting myself ready and not been able to enjoy the chills and sits
but at least I don’t have hay in my hair like you ******* smelly *****!”
Everyone burst out laughing and happy all skipped to the revelry,
the slow dusk sky reflecting calm as far as the eye could see.
They jaunted into the barn with the music already in full swing,
the harp, drum, lute and trumpet players all doing their tuneful thing,
Alice grabbed a jar of foaming ale and started moving her body to the beats,
each noise in the air a consummate amazing treat!
Then from out of the corner of her eye she spotted a guy with dancing around in the air,
who'd cleaned his garb,
and washed his hair!
Alice thought "Wow! That guy doesn't look like his stench would make my opticals weepy,
in actual fact he makes my heart all leapy!"
They saw each other and felt swirls and sparks,
a knowing of what could and will be lover’s larks,
a chance they both knew could never be missed
and finalised their first look synchronicity with a longing kiss.
Everybody else stopped,
turned to look,
and knew a little bit more about
loves' rushing roars,
and couldn't help but breaking out
into a round of applause.
Alice felt a dawn,
reciprocated the smile of her fresh guy
and hand in hand they left the barn,
on their lips a glimpse of forever,
and went to find a empty stable,
where they could become all
***** together.
Chicken Dec 2018
Look here, to the East, the South, the West, the North....


Trust thy inner knowledge,
Power is placed within,
Take any which direction you choose,
For when you end, you will always begin.

And So,

Goodbye from the parts of you,
that do not know the soul,
They may choose to meddle a while,
though no longer can they control.

Your path unique, in divide dual,
an individual task,
Not one may interfere too long,
Not even those whom are masked.

So Forth,

Take some air and not hurry then,
Knowing you are on thy way,
Be eating foods just as mother Earth,
See the brake of dawn each day.

Take some water gradually, yet
steer clear of the water of fire,
firewater be the end of thee,
instrumental of setbacks, tis' dire.


Placing thy feet upon thine soil,
Souls of yours, not Nike,
Connect in self to the nature of hertz,
To calm a forlorn psyche.

When ye be ready, take flint and oil
Fuel your athanor fires,
Take the elixir sure to come, and,
be not afraid of the mires.
This is an epic by my standards. Enjoy, or not.

Firewater = High Proof Alcohol
Athanor = Furnace
8M Dec 2018
The snowy mountains of old
Rose up above the top
Teeny tiny raindrops came
Onto the ground, plip plop

Children young and old run
Ready to slip and fall
Once they saw their bruises
They would whine, scream, bawl

There was woman in a house
Known as Ellie Regard
She ran a petite flower shop
And once dated a bard

She said, "I know you're having fun
But worry about this town
Soon the rain will grow plentiful
And then we will all drown."

Not heeding her warnings
They shunned her little shop
They threw dung and wet clothes
On the ruby red rooftop

Ellie could not help but scream
And run far away
Into a dark and cold cave
Where she would stay

It came to the point when the rain
Grew a staggering whole foot
Frantically, they tried to counter it
By throwing bags of soot

Ellie felt a dark force
Whispering to her ear
She hit it in a fit of whiplash
And begged, "Please disappear!"

Shots rang out into the night
The only source of light

Ellie screamed once more and ran
And saw the flooding town
In a livid shock she said,
"I knew you all would drown!"

But she herself was swept up
Struggling for air
A wooden oar that had splintered
Took hold of her red hair

She knew that she would not live
And knew that she could not forgive
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
I carry a white noodle bowl,
carefully up to my chin.
I smile as my nose catches,
the steam so grey and thin.

I set the bowl down gently,
Because it was too hot.
and take this time to ponder,
The noodles I have got.

A small carrot captain,
rides his vessel south.
But the spoony seas are violent,
and bring him to my mouth.

Legions of green sprouts,
are armed and at the ready.
But their base was built on broth,
and therefore is unsteady.

A scallion sergeant paces,
He’s timid and afraid.
And hopelessly fell in love with,
A mushroom mermaid.

The brothy land changes,
As beef enters the scene.
And to the broccoli scouts,
this meat is only mean.

Finally the egg,
who knows he’s the best.
Will wander around the edges,
till he decides to rest.

The dinner’s duty done
I tilt the ocean east
And drain the sea of veggies
into the belly of the beast

I take the styrofoam bowl.
And poke a hole in its side.
The bowl is now found empty
All my friends have died.
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