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Jack Jun 2022
She walks into the crowd
People stumble by her beauty,
A smile that imprisons people’s hearts,
Her night thirst for blood,
Show no mercy upon the human soul,
Mask of the devil that humans fight for,
Where people seek lust of her,
as she devours the heart and soul
The tainted man remain unforgiven,
One shed of a tear,
They start a war just for her amusement,
Seduced people’s minds with beautiful lies,
where the bodies rotten out of cold,
Dragging humans down,
To the endless abyss
as their blood fills the goblets of defeat,

Nobody can define what's inside her mind,
Darkness coating her heart,
Her gaze pierce people’s true colour no one can hide,
Her fair white skin was smooth like silk,
Point of her finger,
People follow orders,
Laughing on the mindless human,
Her rage **** thousands of men,
The cloud of darkness conquered the sky,
Follow by a fierce thunderstorm that struck humans who defy,
Furious wind blow smash away anything in her path,

She gave everything for absolute power,
Pain and rage never subside,
Collect every living soul in her sight,
betrayal, despair, hatred
Immortality is her price
for beauty remain untouched
alone dark kingdom,
where she remain as empress
in timeless solitude
for unhealed wounds
remain in her heart
Matthew May 2022
He scrapes the floor boards with his bony toes
Rips the carpet with his jagged scythe
Is he Behind me or in Front of me?
Tell me
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
I cast my net
                  into the tributary

and release into you, a seasonal swim,

I give to you a mother's color,
        as you recite
        infant hymns,

                    you're a bleeder
on the days sunfire meters out its origin,
                    you're my river

free and clear from the grip

      of anchorage,

                         my river,

drifted on to wherever
                       moon wishes glister

Ajit Saigal Dec 2020
The Beauty of Love !
The Colors of Hope !
The Fragrance of Life !

Why are you so Encumbered ?
Why Wangled by Time ?
Why Fiddled with Deadly Thorns ?
Is that all for Me from Your Unpleasant Past ?

My Heart abides Undeterred
The Writhing intense for your Exotic Bloom
The Scarlet Petals Enticing and Replete
The Swarm of Love all Invading
The Painful Spike, I know is just Inevitable.

My Heart Bleads profusely
My Soul Stings soothingly
Every Melodious Duet intimidating
Every Blissful Ambience excruciating.

I hail the Aroma,
I hail the Perception,
I hail the Enchantress,
I hail the Scarlet Rose.
Dylan McFadden Sep 2020
Planted upon Mount Zion
By the Ancient of Days:
A Magnificent Tree seen – beheld –
By withering grasses’ gaze

Seasons come, go, and change;
The Tree is here to stay
Withstanding time and weathering,
Won’t bend or ever fray...

Word is carried by the Wind,
Sent forth through gentle whispers:
"The Tree of Life is here indeed,
Let ears who hear be listeners"

Prepare the heart! Prepare the way!
Find Rest down by the River…
Where running sweet…is scarlet sap...
And fruit that will deliver...

Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
Love drove My Heart,
on a Hell of a Ride.
It washed down My Ego
and also some Pride.
Last Night as I read,
Her Scarlet Letters of Love.
As Grey Clouds kept passing,
in the Skies Above.
I searched for one Letter,
which mentioned My Heart.
A Caption that Read
"Till Death does Us Apart"
I ripped that Letter
and tore every single Word.
I screamed Her Name,
but it wasn't even Heard.
Darkness grows Darker,
when shadows fall My Way.
As memories of My last Love,
simply fails to fade Away.
LC Apr 2020
my heart spills its feelings
similar to how blood flows.
my cheeks turn scarlet
as my eyes take him in.
the hue of my thoughts
is the color of love.
#escapril day 29!
ScarletRose Jul 2019
No constant may it be
How much you enlighten me.
A single sound, a breath
Separating life from death;

Divine beauty in its pure form
Unlike demons, much like them;
Scarlet, yes, it's still defined
Crimson with a touch of you.

Go! Unite the fragments.
See! The improbable dreams.
Read! My letters to you.
Just say it:
"I love you too."
Always waltzing as she walks
a scarlet queen of color
Her darling poses, win her roses
men captured by her glamour.
A little Diva
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