harlon rivers May 17

these giant trees shall reach up to kiss the sun thereafter

the lilacs' fragrance will steep the incoming spring-tide breeze

nesting songbirds won't notice the tears for the raindrops

forget-me-nots adorn a heart's truest pathway to peace

a gentle passing footprint shorn these sacred flowered meadows

dreamingly daring to imagine far beyond the wildwood sheaves

harlon rivers ... May 2017
requiEM Apr 29

I still keep your voicemails
To travel back in time.

You used to speak to me
With kindness in your words
And hope on your breath
And resistance in your goodbyes.

What I would give
To listen to your words
Intertwine with laughter
And echo down my spine.

requiEM Apr 22

If they leave
They leave
Without you in mind.

If they leave
They leave
And continue to whine.

If they leave
They leave
Feeling outshined.

If you leave
You leave
Hurt behind.

Paula Sullaj Apr 15

Emptiness is created by the idea of something missing.
But what if it is merely a  failed  realization of fullness?
I am already alive, living, crying, laughing, experiencing
Even though you are not here.

Time will be filled with the process of filtering
What all this was about.

requiEM Apr 12

Rain reminds me of you because it is reminiscent of the receptive and raw eros that engrossed my brain;
every interaction provided a drop of ransom to my heart,
which you held priso(ner-vous) hands and pituitary glands slam into the back of cabs

with such frazzled force that
they will brand their passion into passengers

who will jam their own uncontrollable acid into the same canvassed seat,

and they will rub it off on everyone they meet,

and rain will continue to fall

and I will continue to call

and every drop reminds me of you,
what you've done and what you've put me through

requiEM Apr 6

I just got exciting news!
And all I wanted to do was tell you
I wanted to burst out and yell, to
Laugh and then quiet down
Let you know about my breakthrough

Yet I know you don't reach for me anymore ..like you do the stars
When I'm not within arms reach
It's almost if I'm on mars

And you're on earth, looking up
With a telescope, magnified
Looking out in awe for a second
Then throwing me aside

requiEM Apr 2

Winter spring summer and
fallbackwards in time
I go
A pattern of leave(s)

Falling away

As if summer never touched them
And spring didn't water their roots.

Winter was just a phase
You knew that those rainy May days
Were my version of love.

It is never the right time for me
So I will always see fall
At the end of it all
I go through withdrawal
And still in the stall
As the archer-man calls
With an arrow and bow
Flaming, he throws.

Fire created
Spring desecrated
Summer repudiated
Winter reinstated
Fall and backwards, amalgamated.

requiEM Mar 28

Valencia Oranges
A yellow coated dream
Swimming in a sweatshirt
Watery-eyed and rosy cheeked
Music playing faintly
Curiosity is peaked
I imagine waking up
To humidity and cream
In my coffee, jingle my loft key
As I walk my way upstream

Sunglasses tint
All the oranges red
Valencia enters my veins
Rouged and widespread

requiEM Mar 24

Mercurial in my moods,
I switch up, off and on
Mercury rules me
Disputations nailed upon
My churches doors
Gemini explores
Sagittarius saged
and Cancer galore

You cannot buy indulgences
And use them on me
The only swaying I do
Is when the wind blows the trees
On a cool summer evening
When the Moon is nigh
And Orion looks down
From his hunt in the sky

requiEM Mar 21

Playing in my waistband
Fingers trickle down
Fascinated with the way the lace moves all around
Your fingers take a dip
They trickle down my back
Warranting a hiss from me, (my) facade starts to crack
The feeling that it leaves me--
With when you're away
Makes me feel the color yellow, bright as summers day
And oranges remind me
Of the way you smell
I catch a whiff and rewind to our game of show and tell
Red is the flight
That I'm catching later on
Reminds me that I'm leaving and makes your touch feel like a con
Green is my mind
When I think of who I'm with
Never with you, far away, you're feeling like a myth
Blue is the sound
Of your lips leaving mine
As they throw away the butterflies and taste like Country time
Indigo is heavy
Weighing down my thighs
I'm feeling dizzy and it's got me caught up and surprised
Violet is ending
Run around us singing 'darling..stand by me'

I clean the puddle up
I throw it in the trash
I hear it hit the metal, rainbow spills and feelings crash

The rainbow keeps on running
The colors start to muddle
I find them every morning in a technicolor puddle.

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