Holly M 3d

they say that we're not unique
like we think we are
and perhaps that is true
but i'm not joking when i say
that there is no one else like you-
or rather, there was no one else like you

everything about you stood out
from your smile that reached
from corner to corner of your cheek
eyes dark as night yet sparkled so bright
long hair of ebony-colored silk
and the most genuine laugh
anyone has ever heard

there is a face missing in the hall
they all think i don't notice at all
but they don't know the truth
my heart aches for you
how i regret what was
how i mourn what could have been
how i can't quite comprehend
that this is your end

your name rhymes with your age
both imprinted on my brain, a permanent tattoo-
forever seventeen and gone too soon
your future stolen from you
by what you felt you had to do

they say that everyone loves you
when you're six foot in the ground
but in your case, that's not true-
everyone loves you, period
sometimes words aren't enough
but i hope you know, wherever you are
i hope you gather up our love
and take it with you when you fly away
soaring high above us all

fly away, sweet creature
find the peace that you yearned for
on earth in the good place
find everything that you deserved
and much, much more
i wish you nothing but happiness
i'm only sorry you couldn't find it here

we all hold you near our hearts
so it's okay if you fly away
goodbye, angel-
it will be a while
before any of us see you again
but i know we will all
be together again someday
when we too meet our end

dedicated to c.a.l., who left us too soon.
trinity Sep 7

For days flooded with sun and days shining with rain
For suffocating joy and blinding pain
For hallways left empty, for rooms full of laughter
For dark raging storms and the light that comes after
For the pounding music that leaves pounding aches
For frustration and accidents and every mistake
For walls that tell stories and the stories not told
For jokes between friends that never grow old
For bright blues of the day and dark blacks of the night
For little things, big things, and in-between things alike
For those brought together and those torn apart
For stars in our eyes and love in our hearts.

a revised version of requiem for the living, which i posted sometime in july and mentioned i might redo. i think i like this version better, but the ending still isn't quite right ( it doesn't really feel like an effective ending) might have to post a further revised version soon!

three a.m.

there's a certain
type of loneliness
when the nothingness
becomes everything
and everything becomes your face

tooth and bone

i don't remember much
but i do remember
when i promised you
a temple of teeth
but my hands are swollen
and my mouth is bone dry


to whoever it may concern,
will you still love me when
i'm gone?
we both knew this was coming
but i didn't leave anything

A weird little love poem.
trinity Jul 24

For the days flooded with sun and the ones shining with rain
For the suffocating joy and the blinding pain
For hallways left empty and rooms full of laughter
For the dark raging storm and the light that comes after
For the pounding music that leaves pounding aches
For frustration and accidents and all our mistakes
For walls that tell stories and stories untold
For jokes between friends that never grow old
For brilliant blues and for blacks of the night
For the little things and the big things and all things alike
For these concepts and happenings we’ve all seen before
Here is your requiem, that you won’t be ignored.

i really love the concept of this one, but it definitely has room for improvement - might post a revised version at some point
requiEM Jul 20

next in line I guess
I know I tried my best
But the radio silence
Rose above the rest

requiEM Jul 20

Men like to lay their heads on my thighs and pray
They like to hear the rhythm of my heart throughout the day
My body feels like a cloud, pulling them away

From reality, they stare at me, as if I am a piece
Of art in a museum, but it's one they cannot lease

It is owned by the gallery and sometimes you can ask
If you can borrow all of it to complete your little task

And sometimes, if you're lucky, you will get to touch
All of the marble curves it has, it's thighs, it's lips, and such

Josh Jul 13

The bells ring out, their sonorous toll
To speed, upon its way, your soul
Your life, too short, yet full of plenty
Dear are you, in our memory
Always working, striving for more
With a humour, we did adore
You, do not, deserve this strife
And yet, look back upon your life
Much laughter, now, too, tears
I, and others, for your life, smile
Now, for your death, we cry
And yet, I fancy you would not
Wish tears, so I'll smile
And fondly, as the years pass
Think on our shared while
My great uncle, your mischievous smile
Your youthful abandon
I will miss you dearly
Now that you are gone
Here, for you, a requiem
To soothe your startled soul
Lift you up, to higher things
Not a six by twelve foot hole
Alas, it is goodbye now
In peace, great uncle, test
The once light eyes, are glassy now
The heart, still, in your breast
And now I can form no more words
Go, be at peace, out of this world
Rest in peace, and not mischief
To you, great uncle, farewell.

A piece for my great uncle. Who died yesterday. Rest in peace. You will be missed.
rivers May 17

these giant trees shall reach up to kiss the sun thereafter

the lilacs' fragrance will steep the incoming spring-tide breeze

nesting songbirds won't notice the tears for the raindrops

forget-me-nots adorn a heart's truest pathway to peace

a gentle passing footprint shorn these sacred flowered meadows

dreamingly daring to imagine far beyond the wildwood sheaves

harlon rivers ... May 2017
requiEM Apr 29

I still keep your voicemails
To travel back in time.

You used to speak to me
With kindness in your words
And hope on your breath
And resistance in your goodbyes.

What I would give
To listen to your words
Intertwine with laughter
And echo down my spine.

requiEM Apr 22

If they leave
They leave
Without you in mind.

If they leave
They leave
And continue to whine.

If they leave
They leave
Feeling outshined.

If you leave
You leave
Hurt behind.

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