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Raul M Murray Jul 13
I got this adulation for cheese
Melted, grilled, or, chilled cheese
Burger and cheese
Mac and cheese
That's platter for the invitees
In the batter is egg and cheese
With a plate of cod and cheese
With a side of chips and cheese
Dish that is even eaten overseas
With top class curd goats cheese
It was a Friday night,
I was on the phone with my grandmother when I looked at the clock suddenly remembered,
it was time for the ritual.
I immediately hung up on my grandmother,
and stripped of my clothing.
The ritual required I be naked.
I then took some goat cheese out of my refrigerator,
and put it in the microwave.
I waited.
The goat cheese seemed like it took forever to melt,
but it only took a few minutes.
In those few minutes,
I just sat there,
and played with my left ******.
Finally, the timer went off,
and it was done.
I took the melted goat cheese,
and poured it onto my body.
It burned,
but I suffered through it.
I would do anything for the Goat Gods.
Once the melted goat cheese was poured onto my body,
I began to lather myself in it.
Soon, I was covered in melted goat cheese.
The smell,
was horrendous,
but in a way,
I enjoyed it.
Then, I removed the goat blood from my refrigerator,
and poured it into a ***,
which had been on the oven all day,
I began to boil the goat blood.
I took a sip of it.
"No" I said as a shook my head in disappointment.
I had been ripped off again by my goat blood dealer.
There was no flavoring in it.
It tasted like goat blood.
So I threw in some carrots,
and a dollop of horse radish.
While it was boiling,
I went to my bedroom,
to my closet,
where I found my goat mask.
A real goats head I had carved out and made into a mask.
I put it on.
When I had it on,
I felt like one with the Goat Gods.
When I returned,
the goat blood was done.
I poured it into a Tupperware container,
sealed it,
and put on my shoes.
By now,
the once hot and slimy goat cheese,
was dried,
and stuck to my body.
It was crusty,
like the crusties you get in your eyes,
just all over your body.
I walked out the front door,
across the street,
to my neighbors house.
I tried to open the front door.
They knew I was coming this time.
Last week,
they forgot.
So I left the goat blood on their front steps,
and left.
When I got home,
I immediately went to the TV,
sat down,
and turned on "Antique Roadshow".
I looked out my window,
and saw my nervous neighbor grab the goat blood,
and bring it inside.
"Soon they will join the Goat Side" I said as I repeated it to myself, "Soon they will join the Goat Side".
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Nylee May 14
it is cheese.

what unease
I feel
the beats heart sound.

my eyes heavy
eyes on screen
the streets empty
it is a beautiful movie scene.

reality so blurred
holes in my dreams
I am running away
while staying in my body
not many people see through
the words I don't mean.

the sun is setting
the birds are loud
what they chirp
I agree with them.

it is incomplete
don't they say
don't face away
it is on me
my burden to carry
and I can't do it.
Nora May 12
Soft and gooey, or
Hard and **** --
This delicacy owns my heart
one word prompt: cheese
He was a rat, she was a rat
down in one hole we did dwell
both were as pale as a witch's cat
they loved each other well.

He had a tail, she had a tail
both long and fine
each said 'yours is the finest tall
in the world, except for mine.'

He smelt the cheese, she smelt the cheese,
they both said it was good.
both remarked it would greatly add
to the taste of our daily food.

He went out, she went out,
I saw them go with pain
what happened to them i never can tell
for they never came back again.
Folorunsho Mike Iyanuoluwa
CBM Apr 24
We all like some cheese
cuz it's...cheesy
but we also say "cheese!" to the camera when we smile
it still lights our day when we even run a mile
cuz we have the smile engraved in our hearts
it burns brightly in the hearth
but we also smile when we eat cheese
cuz it makes us sneeze
I have no idea what I am talking about
but I can ensure you that I like cheese both ways
Kevin Robert Apr 6
Why is it everytime I see you I skip a heart beat and loose a breath?
No matter how much we try I know,
We won't Forget each other till Death...
Silence is all we have Now...
And I still remember the day When we Said Our Last 'Ciao'...

When I Close my Eyes, I see a picture of Us Laughing...
Was that really Us? Now I am doubting...
I look back and miss those Memories
And we both knew, we were like Mac and Cheese...

So now here we Are
Somewhere really really Far
After all that we promised each other this all seems Bizarre...
Mitch Prax Mar 4
Dear diary;
I ate a whole
wheel of cheese
for dinner tonight.
Regret nothing about this-
at least, not yet.
Liam Feb 29
I live a synthetic life.
Fabricated are my thoughts.

My feelings are plastic;
Brittle, though they are strong.

I can feel however I want to feel
And do whatever I like.
This, my friend, is the beauty
Of living a synthetic life.

It's why if I would like to speak with god,
I may do it lysergically.
And it's why I've never felt an ounce of pain,
Not even during surgery.

If I want to be the king,
I don't even need a throne.
All I need is a tiny bit of powder up my nose.
And with the pills that I may buy
With my synthetic money.
I may feel synthetic love,
Even alone;
How funny.
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