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Faraway moon,
as a young child
I could see your smile,
taste your cheese,
see your old man,
touch you with my finger.

Fascinating moon,
as a young adult
I could sense your pull,
bathe in your romantic beams,
pledge my love,
reach for the stars!

Most faithful moon,
in my waning years
as life's orbit decays,
I am in awe of your loyalty,
amazed by your true colors,
reassured by your changing tides.
Continue to reflect life's light,
as other young children
see your beautiful smile,
taste your curious cheese,
see your kind old man,
touch you with their imagination...
as other young people,
sense your magnetic pull,
luxuriate in your romantic beams,
pledge their undying love,
seek out distant horizons...

most faithful, fascinating, faraway moon
10/18/2019 - Poetry form: Free Verse - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Lace Sep 12
Falling to my knees
I'm falling
It doesn't hurt
Your gaze holds me hostage
And to you, I subdue.
Alan S Bailey Aug 17


Carl D'Souza Jul 25
I am eating
slices of delicious
Danish Havarti Cheese:
nutritious with calcium and protein;
my tongue is enjoying the taste
my stomach is enjoying the nutrition.
you remind me of mac and cheese
creamy, salty, and cheesy
just the way i like it
i always want to see you.
Jade Welch Mar 13
And then he asked "but, how do you still find your smile when such dreaded things have happened?"

"Darling, a tear wont change my past, but my smile can mould my future"
Jenny Gordon Mar 10
...LORD willing, that is.  After all, February was cancelled for other plans...


I said these stanzas are so full fr'intents
Of me, me, me that folk in sheer betrayl
Can't savour them, like ole Limburger's scale
Of cheese that's like a ***** toilet's scents;
But she was far too nice, and like friends thence,
Would contradict, to say I'm rather (frail
As aught excuse) lo, cream Havarti's bail:
"Deceptively [what?!] mild."  Is that pretense?
So we'll perhaps THIS month go check out fer
Good taste that bookshop's poe'try gig that who
Invited she'd submit her work unto?
Well, he gave her his card.  I'll go with her
To clap cuz that's what friends are for, in poor
Scuse for none liking MY work.  Fun for two.

Oh the fun of texting with friends!  I can't wait until next Sunday!
Forget the onion and all its layers
thats obvious
You are undeserving for such a cliché
So I invite a different perspective
Think of a base, flour and egg kneaded together like I need you,
so dense in identical morals
Folded with mirrored ideology of future fortuity
Dipped sensually with a sauce so thick,
Thicker than blood or water,
Blended as one to create a sea of red as deep as our hearts pumping vitality
Sprinkled softly with the most palatable, mouth watering mozzarella
Each placing full of utter affection,
Long lost stares while you sit innocent to me feasting my eyes upon your moreish persona.
The only quandry we must face is whose decision that day of toppings to showcase
Who gets the chance to tease additional flavours, delicious tasters
To open eyes to attributes unseen before,
Hopes set high to electrify taste buds
Wanting the other to crave more

Ingredients brought together for a flavoursome pizza
You are my hawaiian
As i,
Your meatfeast.

Opposing trimmings
Eachothers 1st choice
One anothers perfection to quench their dying hunger
The anaolgy I concoted best used to describe my relationship.
My partner and I have opposite interests, humour, and past times,
but we sit firmly in a body of identical morals, integrity and honour, mirroring each others.
A pizza is nothing without a strong base.
Toppings can be changed and mixed to any combination.
The base is the structure of our love, ***** and rigid.
The toppings are interchangeable extras that we diversify daily to develop and grow together.
Rowan S Jan 26
i thought about cheese fries

and almost broke down

god d*mn it

this is ridiculous
Old old old "poem". I plan to do more with this juxtaposition of how the mundane memories can be the most heartbreaking (sounded fancy there didn't I?)

I wrote this in the depths of some pretty vicious drinking and self-loathing, years ago post-breakup. Hindsight can be a cruel master, especially if things were your fault, but you don't know how to healthily move past them.
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