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NB Nov 2020
Silently, I bought a liar's dream
Deep waters for stars
Serenity for success
Believing a goal is there to be reached
A life relieved of circumstance

Cheating myself for an extra moment of sleep
I paved my roads
But they lead only to places I hate
I cheated myself for a second of memory
For the good things they said that come
To those who wait

But they took our faces
They changed our names
They've mistaken our wishes for long, nameless hours
They burned our pages
& corrupted our songs
On graves they once dug, now they lay flowers

Saying prayers to concrete heavens
But we know that angels don't live here anymore
& the limit must be the limitless sky
Of feelings that we so eagerly ignore

Since they reshaped our faces
& cloned our hearts
Then given back all that we've left to die
Mother, they've taken away our childhood
But they will never take us alive

Ashley Kaye Jun 2019
I feel as if Life
has run me dry.
Its vast Opportunity,
my Inaction,
the last oasis

Now they, dry bones
Brittle hulls of beetles
scuttle amid sameness
We starve
for color
not dripping in red.

Nothing much thrives
In these hills
Natural word poem the 3rd. June 2019
Maziar Ghaderi Apr 2019
waves are like people
no two are alike
yet they all end up doing the same thing
like the one before it
and the one after
at their own pace
they’ll wait
until the perfect time
that one that just feels right
but when it comes
the beach is different
tastes have changed
because the trends have too
Colm Jan 2019
Time stopped and stared back then
With eyes wide in disbelief
And you couldn't hear anything
Because nothing dared to drop from the trees
In the presence of such quiet uniformity
This would've happened around 08/2010

When in quiet uniformity
Nikos Kyriazis Jan 2019
There is a lack of coherence
in this universe, a pebble
said to me once

How can I be incorporated
to this forest which the
everlasting ages brought me to?
I'm merely a pebble...

The uniformity somehow
cracks beneath the wheel of Time
A new stimulus shall always appear
for the carriage to continue its course

None shall ever stop
the scheme between
God and Time
Zywa Dec 2018
Frames manage
a lot in the house

They decide about sofas
and cupboards, which

models may enter
Tables, beds, pianos
cradles and baths
Roller coasters
they refuse contemptuously

Frames choose
for everyone

what everyone should choose
because people aim for standards
frameworks for their lives
We are all equal

and doors are two meters
34 by 93 (Building regulations 2012)
L'existentialisme est un humanisme (Existentialism is a humanism, 1946, Jean Paul Sartre)
Collection “Once more”
You're treading slumber steps,
sloward on a single track.
Travelling beyond where
your eyes can see.
Just because you made the
choice it doesn't mean you're free.

With symbols of your uniformity,
as definitions of your individuality.
Selling yourself to yourself
just to sell it to others.
Living A life that suits;
as well as Oregon boots.
Gary L Dec 2016
facing the faces of the forsaken
taking in the weight of our damnation
a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
taking the hatred into a debated deflation

this place is a place of frustration
hating the way of this path we've taken
a state of vacant is the state of this nation
waiting around for our dreams to awaken

reverse uniformity

taking the hatred into a debated deflation
a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
taking in the weight of our damnation
facing the faces of the forsaken

this place is a place of frustration
hating the way of this path we've taken
a state of vacant is the state of this nation
waiting around for our dreams to awaken
i used contagion under this definition -  noun:   the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people
We’ve been herded by hook and crook,
To obey convention, and read textbook.
The uniformity is maddening,
And the subjects are baffling.

The whole wide world is grand and open;
Why cordon the mind off in a tiny token?
Rules were meant to be broken,
To usher change and issue motion.

Creativity, art, they build up cultures,
Not to be picked at by robotic vultures.
They always nitpick and they scavenge,
Intent on making things a challenge.

Passion is the cornerstone of all,
It survives when things are squall.
It’s the sun that rises within you,
Makes you things you never knew.

Question everything, for your good;
You’ll find more than you ever could.
Explore everything, be curious;
For the world out there is glorious.

Challenge everything, be skeptical;
Your brain is knowledge’s receptacle.
Think outside, and break the rules;
Don’t blindly follow, like the fools.
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