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Building stairway to the sky
With the tears inside my eye
It's like i'm nearly to die
Choking in every lie
And let the truth going to fly
Chandler Ames May 2019
.                                            Word and Truth
                                        in, of, for, with
                                   yet, you're here
                              nobody around                      
.                       difficulty, doubt
                    feel like home
              doesn't always
          meet with G-d
     the stairs to
Climbing up
Xxero Dec 2018
some say "if you linger
on the thirteenth step
you will be dragged down
to the deepest depths
you will suffer an
endless, painful death
the demons will tear
and naw at your flesh"
so never linger on the thirteenth step
or you will be dragged
to the deepest depths
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Then gazed the sky and he whispered
Foggy shades in a lavender void

Gloomy glimpse on a cumulus sigh
I'll grief with you my old father

And by dusk's last glow i shalt follow
Lo your son neath your stature he stands

Thou who rules in the heavens great court
A plea to you by your earthling

Your stairway i most desire now
Let me come in the ***** i borned

Days on earth are the true flames of hell
The inferno's tales you've narrated

The eternal night of my lineage
Now i regret what i've done then my God

Overdue are these words and through shame
For evermore i will serve you

And nevermore the foul serpent
Touch my hand and revive me once more
ShowYouLove Mar 2018
Along the stairway to Heaven
The angels play their harps of gold
They sing hymns of ceaseless praise
To the prince of peace and king of kings.
He came down from Heaven to take his place as man
To pay the cost we could not pay was always the plan.
I walk along the stairway to Heaven
It is a long and challenging climb
But I keep my eyes fixed ahead and I make some progress.
I do not walk alone for there are many here with me
The way we make it up is to help each other.
Mary made a path for us and Jesus paved the way
Joseph walks beside us lending us his strength
Jacob dreams a ladder stretching from Heaven to earth.
The cross became the bridge with which to cross
The Grand Canyon that is between us and God.
Sometimes I feel like I'm close to you
Other times I'm miles away and in the dark.
Be with me Lord and help me on the way
Lord give me strength for the journey.
At times the climb is more like a battle
Fighting just to keep my feet from falling
But when I lose hope I think I feel you calling.
The stairway to Heaven will last a lifetime
There are many gone before us to help show us
To guide and encourage and challenge.
Following their light to the source of all light.
The stairway to Heaven is not always an easy climb
But it has been well worth the struggle every single time.
Mark Parker Jul 2017
Up flew the moonlight tide
flying like a stairway to the clouds.
The light blue stars twinkled
showing the impressionistic side
of the art that is supposed to be
the playing of dice by the four forces.
The beauty of it all seems suspicious.
Never mind it all, lets swim to the clouds.
Woohoo....I wish I was at the beach.
SassyJ May 2016
Helicopter in the air
Searching for those on the run
Holding the greenness of shattered glass
A tight embrace of the natural beauty

A rock tied to mine locks
Padlocked as I creep the stairway of life
Evolution of flames and fallacies
A sly that promises no tears

Compelled to paste the puzzle together
A locomotion of pieces to a system
Never to be afraid of who we are
United uniqueness to be the ones of a kind

Are we the loyal dogs who bark by the rivers?
Waiting for the tides to wash us away
Singing as the sun reflects beautiful ways
The tales of a long ago uncovers my soul
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
Here I am all alone
Holding and dutdot
My old smart phone
Thinking and kutkot
my silly talking brain
just to reduce this fully loaded mind
avoiding to ****** this heart of mine
kung minsan wala ako sa timing............................
siguro kasi hinde perfect itong rhyming............................
i was just intending for my broad understanding............................
gold silver kills bakit ganun? di ba pwedeng happy ending.............
pundasyong walang hanggang..................
will always remain its meaning..................

promises made not to be broken
surprises planned not to be spoken
,,,now as i promise...
I G-ot  M-y S-urpise ;)
Elle Sang Nov 2015
The cold northern skies are empty
As empty as my chest
I know you’re there
Yet when I bleed you won’t hold me
If I run you won’t  stop me
Am I that selfish?
Or is it just you not caring about me?
Maybe it is both
How am I to know when you lock me out?
Nelviee Mhunang Oct 2015
Halfway down the stairs is where I sit
There isn’t any other stair quite like it
Sometimes in the bottom, sometimes at the top
So this is the spot where I always stop

My heart and mind is set every glorious day
Waiting for you to beep me, that’s why I stay
I am waiting here not with an open but with close arms
For me, at the dawn, to keep warm

Time passes by slowly
Seconds, minutes and even for hours
Making me a little bit crazy
For patience and time are at war

It’s around 4:30 in the morning
To the stairs I’m positively sitting
Stretching my legs alone and gladly waiting
Still blissful and joyful cause I got this feeling

I love the topics when we chat
Coz’ it is one of the many ways to smile in difficult time, and I feel that
Greetings, smileys and sweet sticker
Well, it made my day even better

In that stairs, you’re always worth the wait
Even if… even if waiting is forever
And I will never get tired waiting
As long as you’re there, I will never… ever

Now halfway up the stairs
Isn’t down and it isn’t up
Then you suddenly show up
And my head is filled with cheerful and sweet thoughts for me to go back
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