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annh Sep 1
Subway skip jive,
Off and on,
Up and over,
Been and gone.

Mind your wallet,
Watch your step,
Take your seat,
Turn right, lean left.

Token trav’lers,
Quick, quick, slow,
We’re underground,
And on the go.

‘I loved the abandoned subway stations, rushing past the darkened platforms, the sprawl of graffiti like old letters. Letters left by ghosts.’
- Hannah Lillith Assadi, Sonora
Sasha Raven Apr 11
Have You ever heard about the JSEcoin,
I am inviting You in Their team — to join!
It will fly, very fast, straight to The Moon,
so create an account today, or very soon ...
It is a cryptocurrency and very easy to mine,
in the nearest future, it will shine, shine, shine!
You wonder, maybe You are so confused?
I was too, doubted, but now I am amused!
And, all my words have not been spoken,
on the net, read more about the JSEcoin token!
It uses small amounts of electricity — CPU power,
JSEcoin seems to me, like a mighty tower!
Jenna Mar 10
Life may have dealt a bad hand
Don't forget you can make a stand
WhiteWolf101 Feb 20
There were shards in a pile
till you came along
and made me smile
my heart was broken
but now is a token
for bringing me back
while she
is up
the sleeves
that saki
gratifies here
and while
her attire
still cleaves
in my
heart that
mistook a
hint of
glamour whether
or not
this thirst
is all
it takes
A pocket of my heart, holds a special charm.

Token, an image, the gift,
...of you on my arm.
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Deep inside the wrinkles
of the Blue Mountains
Cold air sits upon
the primitives' throne

Inky echoes stroll the alleys
No living essence have ever
trespassed these halls

Sun's breathe becomes pale
as it touches the gloomy
foothills and crests  

Merely sprites wearing
mantles made of mist
dwell this mountainous region

Even rain seldom visits
to pierce the ghastly silence

Amidst the fog
forgotten tokens may hide
In riddles of old and
astral vague light
Karisa Brown Sep 2018
Common denominator
Portrayed witness
Lackless drive
Pure divine stationed
In this shallow heart of mine

Somewhere locked out of sight
I dive
Destiny C Jul 2018
My soul is broken.
Yet, I remember when I was bubbly amd outspoken.
The innocence of life once filled my heart,
yet the sickness of life's tragedies tore me apart.
The light that once radiated inside of me,
was battered and bruised despite every plea.
The outside pandemonium filled my ears til they bled & went numb.
All I heard from then on was a painful cacophony of cognitive dissonance in the form of an eery hum.
The only life left is inside of my vein,
as this bout of depression drives me insane.
But once I leave this earth my body will be a token -
until then my soul is broken.
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