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Wordsmith May 24
Comfort is nice but mundane bores
I must explore the wonders of sea
My thoughts take wings, zest soars
I set sail on my journey with glee

A crushing wave, a sudden slip
Yanking my board from under my feet
Hither tither I scramble for a grip
Boy this feels, anything but sweet

Not what I thought - no easy play
Things just aren't going my way
I look for reason, reason flees
Reason tells me meaning you’ll see

Tired of evil, tired of this ploy
I loosen my grip, I free control
In this moment, I now enjoy
The ebb and flow of the larger whole

A storm revisits, I know the drill
I'm tossed again in life's caprice
I align my will with divine will
And now I sail the winds with ease
Are we playing the game or is the game playing us?

We can't always control what's infront of our eyes, but we can always control whats behind it. Surrender isn't about accepting defeat, but rather to recognise when to move forward and when to step back and let go. The only way to live with flow is to discard resistance and welcome coherence.

We surrender not to give up our power, but to regain our power.
shamamama Mar 24
as one

soul &

to the
of peace
and well

and hearing
the earth
Heart coherence is when your brain waves and the waves of your heart are synchronized and moving together in an organized manner. When you're in a state of coherence, not only are your heart and mind in alignment, but your cardiovascular system, immune system, hormones, and nervous system are all working together in a harmonious and efficient manner.
Nikos Kyriazis Jan 2019
There is a lack of coherence
in this universe, a pebble
said to me once

How can I be incorporated
to this forest which the
everlasting ages brought me to?
I'm merely a pebble...

The uniformity somehow
cracks beneath the wheel of Time
A new stimulus shall always appear
for the carriage to continue its course

None shall ever stop
the scheme between
God and Time
brokenperfection Feb 2015
what a wretched feeling,
being lost in my own skin
I find ways to stretch wrong
and all the kinks move to new places
places that weren't to be discovered

drowsy eyes fighting against light
my spine straining against might
I'm going to snap myself in two

if a cat has two realities:
poison or death
can he be blamed
for acting the pessimist?
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
trippin' to sleep after the departure of the ******* puppets & scarecrows from new depth of perception.
dreaming will into existence. The day of the dinosaurs has *** and gone. We are but Tourist on this trip, So lets just watch the flowers bloom. Floating on the mist of a cold summer moon. such horrors everywhere to discuss,Lets us breath in the beauty all around us.
Jojo Apr 2014
The future is an unpredictable at best,  
Never tired of feasting on my nerves.
My untitled foe continuing my misery,
Making me feel less and less human
The only comfort coming from the trees  
Offering me a taste of their freedom.
By the view of their branches.
Tasting freedom is lonely.    
And I can't hardly handle being alone this long
Convinced I am worth only pennies.  
But the space between my ears is full of ideas.
And this is simply a window to view them
Thoughts for a penny,
As my worth degrades.

— The End —