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God made a garden just for me,
And He filled it with pink and purple peonies.
In this garden He said I'll never grow old,
I will thrive in a field of the brightest marigolds.
Where I will play and dance like a kid,
I'll be wild and free just like the native orchids.
In this garden all will be bliss and tranquil,
And my soul will rest amongst dazzling daffodils.
This garden grows above where the stars twinkle,
And is beaming with bees buzzing past periwinkles.
In this garden there will be no serpents who tease,
Only streams decorated with laughing lilies.
In this garden that I'll soon call my home,
There will be pink and white baby cleomes.  
Up in the sky beyond where eyes have seen,
There is a garden God made and it's waiting for me.
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2019
I’ve been down to this place before
Devouring my flesh like a self-cannibal
Another lap around this body
Swallowing the serpent’s tail.
It hisses just behind me,
Covering every track, I make.
When my inner eye turns to see its trail,
It will be consumed by the snake.

Is my preacher a liar?
Is it in my nature?
Am I no different than the animal?
Are my thoughts even mine at all?
I am not alone in this body,
There’s a stranger here with me.
Making every choice for me,
Dug out of my ancestry.

Muscles expand and contract,
Pulling me further in.
I feel myself dissolving,
The past is the future again.

My own ouroboros.

**** the lights,
Take my eyes.
I don’t want to see,
The serpent that’s swallowing me.

It feels like I’ve done this all before.
Swallowing my tail.

**** death before it is born again.
The end is only the beginning of that which ended. Coming back around full circle.
Dercio Lichucha Nov 2019
Gently, she lays
Coiled and cold
For the heat of play

Go away!
Lest her tongue and her sways
Stun you
Into her bind

Small, though she is
Floored were the great
Who sleep on her bed
Of grass

Jump not in the field
To trap her in tricks
Her moves
Disguise best in green

If Whisper, she does
Her tune penetrates
Her twirls
Will twist you in dance

And when you’re gripped
Sing, you will
Her song, sweet release
From her trance

Hide not in the bush
To gaze on her twist
Or mimic her embrace
On your neck

Lest, by the little
Be beguiled
Into death

But, if you grasp
Her rules of play
And stun her
With your song

As prey, she’ll floor
Onto the grass
Your flute
She cannot bind

Master your tool,
Penetrate tune,
And twist the coiled
On her bed

Smoothly, she’ll sway
To your musical shaft
Her tongue wet with lust
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Ashwin Kumar Nov 2019
How dare you?
How dare you do this to me?
I, who have put so much trust in you
And you take all that trust away
And shatter it into a million tiny pieces
Leaving me, frozen with shock
To watch helplessly
Cursing my poor luck
And praying desperately
That the day should end
So that I can at least begin afresh

How dare you?
How dare you do this to me?
How dare you think
That you shall get away with it?
You, shall pay for your actions
I shall transform myself
Into the monstrous form
Of a King Cobra
As I quietly, but swiftly
Gently, but firmly
Slither towards your pathetic form
I relish that fear in your eyes
As I raise my majestic hood
I see you cower in terror
As I hiss in a quiet, but deadly manner
I see you whimper and moan
However, as always, I am totally unmoved
Before you can say "mercy"
I strike, and strike repeatedly
Enjoying that wonderful feeling
Of my long and razor-sharp fangs
Sinking into your warm flesh
Relishing that wonderful taste
Of the warm and delicious blood
That runs through your veins
As my highly neurotoxic venom
Pierces every nerve and sinew of your body
Every artery and vein
I can sense, that Justice has been served
As your body becomes immobile
And crumbles in a heap
I hiss once more
As if to say again, "How dare you?"
This poem is dedicated to RailYatri; who failed to deliver dinner during my train journey yesterday evening.
Betty Oct 2019
In a garden

Long ago

The power of words

Began to grow
Words can twist

And they can charm

A serpent sting

Creating harm

Words have power

A Surgeons knife

To wound

And scar

And blight a life
Words will travel

Lightening fast

They jump the world

And they will last
A  word of hate

Let free to roam

Will wander very far

From home

Words can bring us beauty too

To gives us back a summers hue

Or paint the world an icy blue

In that garden long ago

The power of words

Began to grow

That serpent's coils unwound

It's true

But there must have been

A poet too
- Oct 2019
the serpent eats its tail
in my backyard
it waits patiently to
scar my back
remove the snakes,
they'll come again
the circle of life
fight back in vain
don't mind them
Kennedy Sep 2019
Through each situation,
           You’re a new person, conformist.
Body like a snake,
                The serpent himself
        See him? Contorting, twisting, fitting.
He’s the Man of the hour.
                Dripping like solid gold, are his words.
                        The “audience” stands captivated.
          Almost frozen, I’ve lost my tongue.
Unable to speak, I’m no match
          - For you.
Mon père, fils de lièvre de métal et de coq de bois,
Est né sous l 'obédience du porc d'eau,.
Ma mère, fille de lièvre d'eau et et de chien de métal,
Sous celle de la chèvre de métal.
Je naquis sous le dragon d'eau un jeudi,
Chaotique et sauvage, à quatorze heures vingt-cinq
A la longitude soixante et un virgule sept ouest,
Quatre mille et six cent quarante neuf ans après le roi Jaune
Puer aeternus, dragon noir, tout feu tout flamme
Dominante intuition et adjuvant pensée !
Compatibilité optimale : serpent et rat !
Le sang qui court dans mes veines
C'est la Rivière Noire, le fleuve Amour
Je suis frère cosmique du Dragon Jaune,
Du Dragon Perle et du Grand dragon.
Et Dragon d'Eau je conçus avec un cheval de bois
Une chèvre de terre.
Vint ensuite un serpent d'eau
Qui engendra un lièvre de feu
suivi d'un serpent de terre.
Puis ce fut le tour d'un buffle de métal
Dont j'héritai d'un buffle de feu
Suivi d'un lièvre de terre.
Ma chère et tendre est un serpent d'eau.
Et si je remonte plus **** encore
Si je me replonge dans ma généalogie zoologique et élémentaire
Mes arrière-grands-pères paternels étaient chien d'eau et serpent de feu
Mes arrière-grands-pères maternels étaient lièvre de terre et cheval de métal
Mes arrière-grands-mères paternelles étaient rat de bois et cheval de terre
Mes arrière-grands-mères maternelles étaient lièvre de terre et cheval d'eau.

Je vous épargne les arrière-arrière
Et les trois fois arrière
De cette généalogie astrologique
Mais ne trouvez-vous pas étrange
Que je sois le seul dragon d'eau de cette lignée
Et que par exemple aucun tigre d'eau ni de papier ni de rhum n'y figure ?
Leal Knowone Jun 2019
by love you were made, and by hate you are destroyed
mystery and misery in lies, trivialities of realities demise.
The purifier of your dreams is soon to be deployed
a child of serpent and men, I will rise in due time
Know your light will go as dim as the rest in due time
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