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Mark Parker Sep 25
Rocks ripple my river reflection
as amber and caramel leaves spiral
from sleeping oaks
landing atop water as lily pads
and clothing my mirror image.
I envy the resting trees,
tucked in for the winter.
The place exists somewhere, I just have to find it.
Shin Sep 12
Resting gently upon a film delicate as the spider's silk,
the rose-tinted angels offer their peaceful tune.
A poet watches in peace with men of his ilk.
Finding beauty in the light of the moon.

A frog's cry echoes to a swan song's swoon.
Still, the angel floats idly with grace,
its romantic flair lighting the lagoon.
I grow warm and a smile graces my face.

Oh sweet waterlily, fire in my eye.
I pray for your light. Let it never die.
Laokos Sep 11
you've never been
more beautiful
than when i
don't know you

all that
hidden skin
raw furnace

every drop
of light that
kisses your
is an invitation
to rise
like the
sun and shower
you in

every orbit
of your
celestial body
my flames
to lick and
as we spin
through each


so close

threaten my
with eruption
as you
pass by

tipped *******
twelve o'clock
on top
of orchid
petaled hips
perfuming my
garden of

i want to
do to you
what the
bee does
to the lily
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
I reach to my heart
When depth of despair draws near
And the weight of the world
Rests on my weary shoulders.

I reach to my heart
When the lack of compassion and apathy prevails
Because tongues of men spit words
That couldn't be further from the truth.

I reach to my heart
When the brave and wise tend to
Other's needs alongside their own,
Because their hearts are made of
Pure Gold.

I reach to my heart
When the fear of the unknown
Becomes too much to bear.
When my mind won't stop chattering.

I reach for my heart
When it all feels like too much...

But the Peace Lily bloomed
Just to weep with us too,
And suddenly all of our burdens became one.

I reach for my heart
When there is no hope in sight
Yet- deep down I know I can feel
The Healing Light.
Because Love is all I've ever truly known.
©KSS 4/2020
This poem was written in response to my feelings of grief surrounding the global pandemic. It was April, and my Peace Lily had bloomed for the first time in a few months, and I just remember feeling so comforted by the hope of new life by this bloom. I thought, what beauty to decide to bloom in the middle of a pandemic, perhaps just to bring comfort and weep with us too.
Betty Aug 11
Cool fragrant Lilly
Monet's sweet floating flower
Hides much deeper roots
We all have a hidden side
I have a pond, a tiny one
With crystal like water so little
Each day Lily blooms
And it's a beauty to see it blossom
so elegant...

As sun rises, Lily nudges out
Face to sun standing tall..
And goes stumped down
When Sun gets to set...

With disappearance of sun
My Lily drowns into water
Feeling sad , for seems gone
The one for whom she lives
Each day...and every other day..

Having adored  and wondered
Her love for sun...
My restlessness inquired her...
She just smiled and blushed..!!
With a meaning hidden ...
That I could read....
Every one's love has a reason behind..
inexpressible words !!
Lily in my pond...I have always felt
Nylee May 4
Little lily buds look at the sun
they smile and bloom
the morning begins so beautiful.

I worry about yesterday and tomorrow
keep missing out on now.

The more I see,
less I want to say
no longer want to stay.

The days get hotter and hotter
this budding cruel summer
I cannot enjoy the simple flowers
this bed has become my world.

I am tired when I sleep
fatigued awake
I need fresh oxygen to breathe
I've become living bone
all alone
Carnation-faced child
A curling wave of youth
Do tell me of sea breaking, moon fishing, star milking and dream weaving
Carpaccio's knight
Let me sink into you
Handle me thy sword and armour
You may go pick a flower
Shalott's lady
Lit me your candles
Row me to the shore
The river's barley-scented song will slumber you away and wake me nay
On Carnation, lily, lily, rose ; Young Knight in a Landscape & The Lady of Shalott
Down the hill a procession passed
Of many a merry and gay
Of every and one I ever knew
All white and combed with garlands
Of lily, dandelion, lavander, iris and thyme
Down the hill they passed in dance and music to meet the honey-scented goddess May
Above I floated, bodiless, unseen
Against the stream
My want was in stopping, observing the sight
In first line my friend laughed and chattered, as she held her sister and sweetly kissed her
I cried
She couldn't hear
But the stream pushed and pushed me
Till they were but salty tears
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