Me Dec 2017

Water Lily how did you rise above the muck?
  Are you just gifted with such impeccable luck?

  I look into the mud to find a Water lily, she blooms, and blossoms above the rest. Does she know she is beautiful, or does she see those around her; and think the same? Her shimmering white gleams over the brown unified mush. She's close to the edge all she needs is a push. Water Lily do not drown for you are the only pure flower in the town. People don't treat this Water Lily right, that is why she stays up all during the night. Her grace is nothing for she is grace. The floating blossom above the rest is the Water Lily that I hold near my chest.

uh yeah
Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017

l  ooking
i   nside
l   iking
y  ourself

This poem was inspired by Nick Virgilio - lily, out of the water, out of itself.  I met him at a speaking engagement in a private home , he died shortly thereafter.
Tiffany Munguia Nov 2017

I was happy.
I was healing.
The dark, pitch-black ashes that were once my thoughts turned into a glorious garden full of daisies and roses, full of tulips and lilies as far as the eye can see.
But you broke me.
You tore my garden to shreds.

I gave you my daisies and roses, but you gave me back the wilting petals.
I gave you my tulips and lilies, but you gave me back the dry stems.
How dare you ruin my garden?
How dare you ruin me?

K Balachandran Nov 2017

lovely,clear pond.
daydreams  lily profusion.
ripples resonate.

Kainat Rasheed Nov 2017

She is  a girl
She is lily of the valley
She is delicacy of the fields
Come close to her
She is moving gradually in the wind
There is slight noise around her  ........

Hey  !!! move slowly
Reduce your speed she will be scared
. she will be fade .

Come closer to her
Listen she is reducing her voice
Hidding something  
She is scary of us
The wind is  blowing faster
She is fighting
And she is trying so harder

Listen ...
She is not leting us to know her
The noise arises
Again wind blows
There she bents
Come closer
She will be scared
The air blows again
Its hard to bear
She stopes

Its so fragile
Her fragrance is going so far
There every secret opens
All has been revealed
Her fumes goes in everyone breaths
She died there
She was a girl

Cat Lynn Oct 2017

There she was... In the arms of my sister-in-law
Peaceful and quiet, oblivious to my flaws.
A daughter, a new born, a stranger to this world
Bright, lovely, and beautiful, even when she wiggled and curled.
I froze, I didn't dare to take a step closer to my niece
For her father was my brother, he trusted me the least
I feared him, I thought of him as a king, and I as his slave
My eyes surrender themselves to the ground, my hands folding to behave.
My ears awakened by the small bursting cry of hunger
My eyelids raised to get a quick glimpse of the little light, but every moment got harder.
I tried to ignore the small frail infant, but it's match of fire kept on trying to set flame to my charcoal heart
My brother's hawk eyes dashed to me, tightly swaddling his piece of art.
My shadow colored claws dug into my waist as my pupils refused to obey
My soul was peeling as he got up and insisted that I sat down, he knows I've been lead astray.
I shook my head, the prideful side of me afraid to hold the young one who knew no knowledge
Like a wipe, his finger in a flicker pointed to the seat again. I had a choice, to listen or jump off the edge.
My conscious gave up and was force to yield.
I saw my hands shaking, my wounds now unhealed
I sat in the gray leather chair, my sense devoured in one swallow
I raise my head, my fedora blocking the ceiling lights, my mind forced to follow
The instructions of him "Put your arms out." was his command
I did.... but like the speed of a bullet, my arms shot back, crying was in demand.
I feared him, I feared her, I feared them all. For I was a disgrace, a mockery of the them all.
For I knew I was so unworthy to receive such an opportunity after such a fall.
I shook my head, I could feel every bone trapped under my skin crack and snap with every breath I harshly inhaled.
Did I dare waste a moment like this? Do I wish to refuse this chance to hold something so pure. My selfishness had to bale.
I release my numb and limb arms out into the strange open air
I still had no desire to hold her, but what other opportunity would I have to be fair.
When She was gently set into my arms, I felt a bullet of instant regret, but then things calmed down as her reached out and touched me...
My tears ran down her light, soft, pink finger as she made a faint joyful sound of rest. My soul still didn't believe...
My eyes blinked motionlessly, starring into her darling little face.
I trembled, scared that I would be a failure once again to the young innocent trace.
But her little smile... It had... removed the tar from my beating ticker...
I embraced her closely, crying into her petal like chest that was covered in a blanket, my tears got thicker...
Within seconds, I whispered into her sensitive fragile ear
My wishes.... my dreams.... my pleas.... and my fears...

"Please...please love me... I might have been a failure to them... but please... don't make me a failure of you... help them to trust me again... help them to love me again... I am so sorry... please... I know I'm selfish... so prideful... but please... embrace me... forgive me... I swear.... I am trying...I..i"

I Love You Lily... Thanks for Everything...
For through you... The Lord has unblinded me from my bright reality...

For my dear niece who sparked a flame in me...
Shadowhollow Sep 2017

Lilies for a mother ,
Lilies for a wife ,
Lilies to placed at the end of a life

Lilies for those with wild hearts
Lilies for those who  cannot be tamed
Lilies for those who's minds are inflamed

Water lilies atop a bewitching pond
Tiger lilies used for a crown
Lilies of the valley to match a delicate gown

Lilies give me solace for the day
In a place that is awfully grey  
In a world that is darker than what is within me
To brighten my day just simply give me a lily.

i love lilies so i thought i'd write about them .
Ceyhun Mâhî Sep 2017

Stay whoever you are I plead,
Those charms, that is what I do need.
But if you have to grow for life,
Just don't forget your fragile seed.

skim the surface of the body,
still completely overwhelmed.
feel inclined to dive inside,
reside upon the brim.
lily pads meander in
the tear gland of my eye.

i had sought to feed off that
which preys into the autumns
and was myself a parasite,
a meagre knot of pond scum.

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