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acacia Aug 5
The sun glowed by the candlelight, the beacon of freedom rings by him, holy beams slither round her. Deep breaths of selfishness, he.

"How do you do that?"

Biting into pistachios, only to remind her she's a living being not like him. "How do I do what?" Whimsicality exhaled, she.

"That thing you do," He flicks a cigarette into a well that extends into absence every atom closer to the ground. "Walking so naively like you're on water lilies."

In his escape, he redefined every aspect of her beauty. He'd make it the roots of the deluded world if he could, write it down in the books, mandate everyone to take precautionary heed from her.

"Water lilies?"

In his field, he put her through everything. Leisurely snipping her threshold unlike some others. "Yeah. Like you're floating on water; very buoyant, you are. So wobbly and so wiggly."

Echoes of the girl's child-like twitters stirred sprightly through the links and chains of oxygen, water vapor, pollen, and dirt. It bounced off everything, including his soft textiles. "Wobbly and wiggly? Like a fish!"

"Yeah, except you're water, you're a lily,"

Together in unison, like a chamber: "A water lily!"

Their heads roll back like boulders, belly-aches rumble the Sphere, making the sand encompassing the ponds and cities judder and sway like tides.
Are you down?
Eloisa Jul 29
Beautiful morning
in the great company of
daisies and lilies
Christina S Jul 18
In my sacred place I spy you
How dare you flaunt like you do?
I watch you grow from seeds I've sown
Your curves superior to my own

Your *** is plain to see
Drawing the humble honeybee
in with your succulence
watching as you dance,

freely with the wind and rain
I stand by like a hideous bane
Jealous of something I'll never be
Fertile, purple, strong and free

Dare I pluck you here and now?
Keep your splendors to me somehow?
Put you in a vase and imprison thee
Flaunt your beauty only to me
I make myself sound quite unappealing but I was trying to capture the beauty of the flower.
Ashley Kaye Jun 13
when they told me:
Guard your spirit
i laughed, frilly manner
listless with decision
a water lily bobbing;
eager to cut my anchor and drift
drifting into deep

depth swallows my yellow.
Written June 2019
as the May
sun sets over our
We breathe and savor
the flowers of the lily, wishing
they rise again, after the
late solstice of gloom comes and goes:

Sweet Lily, we shall meet again.
after the floods and the thaw, I shall be reborn.
but for now, my season has passed,
and the arid droughts of summer
must test the roots I have grown
in so short and beautiful a time
Are we ever reborn? Is this the only spring for me? Or will I get to savor the ever glowing feel of youth again? It has to be. I will miss this world and its lilies too much, to visit only once
Joy May 9
Red Spider Lily flower,
Oh, Red Spider Lily flower,
With your red petals,
The color of blood,
I see you blooming,
With a stem but no sight of a leaf,
Also the poison you have,
Which reminds me of death,
I watch,
As the butterflies land on you,
And die,
Oh, Red Spider Lily flower,
You are the only flower I’m addicted to,
I loved you,
Since the first sight.
Nathalie Apr 19
Sunflowers poked their heads

Out of the winter’s snow

Which thawed under

The rays of the radiant sun

Burrows of eager rabbits

Were left vacant

As these fluffy tail adventurers

Chased greener pastures

Star studded drops of dew

Outlined lily pads

Leisurely floating

Around in tear filled ponds

Blades of green foliage

Perked up as the

New days of warmth

Lit the fields with love

halsey Apr 14
paint me into scenes of monet waters
kissed by water lily wishes
grace Apr 12
The bookshelves around the television sound like ancient mothers telling their stories through yellowed, crinkled pages of spells and the angels give guidance
through the cards while they display their faces to the room, quietly pleading and waiting for you to read them.
Hear what they have to say,
whisper through your ears and listen through your mouth, the angels are speaking dear.
Pray if you must, and the Gods have blessed the birdcage to open and release the iced ****** Mary that has slept away her winter cold.
She stands tall, with grace and without shame of her ****-ness and she looks at you.
Her mouth opens to speak, but it sounds like space.  
She’s shocked and squeezes her hand down her throat to pull the phrase out.
Her hand comes up and a lily petal lays soft in saliva.
She looks to you again, and when your eyes meet,
She chokes and gags.
Stumbles to her knees, the ****** Mary spews up lily petals now.
Your throat is burned from bile climbing up.
a faint smell of lily flowers and you blink.
You are on your knees, skin cold without cloth, and you try to shout “help, let me out!”
But the only thing that comes from your mouth is lily petal after lily petal.
A card slides in front of you, number III of Swords.
'Dear Mary, climb back to your cage and you are safe in there. No wretch may touch you with heartbreak and reject, come home Dear Mary,
It is you whom i select.'
Tori Mar 26
Hey dilly, day-lilies, sing me a song
As I walk past your bed, as I dally along
In the night, lilies, day dillies, I'll pass ere I go
And see petals tucked daintily, forming an "O"
As I pass, dilly dally, as daily I pass
Will you twist your green stems, entertain me at last?
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