moonshadow66 Jul 11

He has vibrant orange petals.

I would fight

anyone who refers to them as dull.  

His orange petals

Are the color of my curiosity

When I wonder what worlds he beholds.

The worlds I’ll never know.

His sturdy green neck

extends to kiss the sky

or to just watch the clouds go by.    

Without him, my heart would have no summer time.

I run to him.  

my lily white fingers caress his delicate petals,  

I admire his natural beauty.

I see his petals begin to unfold

He blooms at the sight of me.

His petals curl back,

creating a boasting stance

His tepals look me straight in the eye

I don’t blink, I can see right through his outside

I can peer into his soul,

I smile, I laugh

Knowing nothing in this world is under our control.


When we are near each other

The harsh, sudden summer rains

do not rip through his soft petals

I don't care how wet my hair gets

after the storm

I find myself dancing along with

His wind swayed groove

during torrential down pours

My smile grows

and grows

and grows

Because of him


beth stclair Apr 8

lily of passion,
bloom of the
dreaming pond,

blue lights,
dark golds,
in ponds of velvet
green the fire
of hidden deeps,

summer's light
wrapping the opal-like
water into flame,

blossom of cool rose,

tide of dream,
flower of the water,

love, with its
magical spell
of summer.

Our love is

tortured on

the nightly hour,

unheard and


Barely open

for confrontation

or change

we rise with the

sun and

part separate

ways with the day-

break and avoid

peeking curious


Our love is

like the Cas'blanca

Lily: dazzling,

pure and shy,

fragrant and sacred,

sea-bound and drenched

like the Mediterranean,

dizzying Jasmines.

Our love is as

tender as Moon

Flowers and

as courageous as

the moon's purloined

silver glow,

sole witness

to our paganistic


Our love is

like midnight


only opening

in the dead

of whispers

and hushed sighs,

thighs spread

like petals

of the Lily,

lips scarcely


for fear

of the ghasts

that haunt

the wretchedly



Your gentle touch

heals like a Brahma

Kamal, purple and

God-like in

the enchanting

mists of night,

blooming in the chill

and cold, fighting

for survival

without a care

but I'm helpless-

ly self-centred

and protective

and vilely sheltered

like a Pipe Cactus

lashing out

sharp needles

at the prying

eyes, trying

to expose our

suffocating secret

to the damning

of daylight.

Tiger Lily,
Glowing bright
Soft velvety petals
Swaying violently
Against the storm

Swirling winds
Entangle her soul
Struggles to be free

Its wrath subsides
And the flower stands tall
Tiger Lily
Brightest of them all

Wearing the yellowest of bonnets
The greenest of gowns
She curtsies up and down
And turns to the sun

Petals tainted wild gold
Amongst murky swamps
Tiger Lily
Shining ever so bright

Thought I'd start out with one of my oldest poems.
RL Glassman Mar 22

A Lily hurt me deeply
How could something so soft be so hard
It poked and it shamed me
With it's lilac petals and green bone
When I touched it,  felt softness
When I looked away, sensed stone
This is what the Spring gave me!
A soft looking Lily
With a penchant for scorn

wrote this today. entirely random.

march 21 2017
Genisys Dolce Feb 17

You, my love, are the fleur-de-lis.

                 The offspring of innocence

                  The embodiment of purity


                           Silk are your eyes

       For they look on with such suppleness

      The lustre of your soul is reflected through those windows


                         Fair is your heart

            For it reverberates much passion

               Much tenderness; much hope

                         It loves profound

         With the suave movements of your heartbeat

               Another tender petal falls



    A touch softer than a summer's evening breeze

    Warmer than early morning's first rays

    More comforting than a new-born's first   motherly embrace

     A touch more hauntingly beautiful than nature's grace



     Une petite fleur, merveilleuse et vraie

                      Fragrance of divinity

                          Simplistic beauty

     Constantly blooming; forever beguiling

         You, my darling, are the fleur-de-lis.

Floating green, shiny jewels
relaxing reflection in lake pools
light-heart-shaped pedestals
glistening peace on waxy leaves
listening to hope in croaks' pleas
the ancient sound of language in trees
Ah, the serenity of frog stools
and the cleansing of a soft breeze

12-17-16 (C)

I just wanted to birth a poem, and this is my new baby!

Thanks for reading! K:)
Peter Balkus Oct 2016

Lily Allen's tears
during trip to Calais
proved you can actually
find humans amongst the celeb.

Maggie Grace Sep 2016

Delicate and pure
soft and saturated
she stands before me
with a deep azure sky
beneath her eyes
and an inferno of locks
There is a presence
she holds on to tightly,
but I see beneath the rough surface
and gleam into
the kaleidoscope of her past
shaped of only the most radiant hues
I wish to smell, taste, and touch
every color she is composed of-
for she is a blooming lily

Ronald J Chapman Jun 2016

I feel so young and happy sometimes,
When I see, the beauty reflected in you each day,
And when I see you, I see the sunshine,
I love you more than words can say...

You're so beautiful! These summer days are excellent! So warm,
Your bright yellow color, it's beautiful!
Even, when your petals and life fade into shadows...
I am absolutely in awe of you!

Your Soul is vibrant; your heart is young,
And my heart is warmed by your yellow sunshine,

I could go on, and watching you grow 'til life was done,

This Intense happiness your petals reflect, 

Like a golden lily in sunlight,
And for you, Mother Nature,
Thank you for this warm summer,

A summer filled with sunshine and flowers.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

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