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Andy Chunn Dec 2022
Stealthy winter foe

Shining white snowy curtain …

Silent avalanche
Anais Vionet Feb 2022
The moonlight was just right for talking.
You hardly talk, that’s reason enough not to fall in love.
Do you know morse code? Maybe we can tap it out.
Wait, are you trying to ****** me stealthily?
Can I just buy a vowel?
I'm not insulting you.
I'm describing you.
I’m being candid.
BLT word of the day: Candid :  unreserved, honest, or sincere expression."
Mark Wanless Jan 2022
haiku 22/1/9

common stealth of a
dream moving to the hidden
i awake to soon
Anais Vionet Aug 2021
Sudden kisses, in ***** stealth - warming as morning sun - unmasked favors to allure and added heat to deep affection.

Those eyes, fair heaven should be spangled with such stars - and those radiantly concupiscible lips perform witchcraft.

Slow hours of marriage-like joys soon followed - lover’s tongues tanged from the sweetest flowers not of the field.

In that dear company, I surrendered, like eve's apple, that treasure - peevish, proud and idle whose natural enemy is man.

What I find now haunting my sleep are the nights, the years of lost and unused benefits - knowing that fault was mine.
Bring again kisses - bring again life.
Nikos Kyriazis Feb 2019
I see the stealth Web
that covers us,
hiding us from the eclipse

I know I'm not the only one here
We are all part of its crisscross framework

The Web is our blind mother,
it bred us sensibly...

We drunk to the last drip
that it could give
and now the breastfeeding
seems to be over

When the ****-shot kills not, the dead lions don’t roar.
They become the ghost in the dark, silent yet present.
Like power, real power, stealth in tall green grasses,
they watch
the victory dances and gleeful prances of deluded preys.
Beware!! Be not carried away.
Look into the eyes of the golden flames,
See their manes –Alive!!
In the fog of night’s peaceful fade.

©Belema .S. Ekine
nick armbrister Feb 2018

I’m in my stealth jet circling the planet at mach 25,
every minute means a new orbit, light into dark,
dark into light as no one can stop me, I’m ever so fast.
I ain’t human, I ain’t alien, I ain’t a ghost, I’m the Aurora,
the spirit of the northern skies on a speeding flight
to the heavens in my silver skinned craft,
as streamlined as a bullet and as graceful as a swan.
George Krokos Nov 2017
I'm interested in the prospect of exponential growth
and often wonder how some people are able to cope
when they find themselves in favour with all the hope
of realised dreams in life due to their efforts or oath.

Or where there has been a sudden increase of wealth
such as those we hear of who rise from rags to riches
for there are many true stories told of people's niches
and the way they have acquired a fortune by stealth.
Written in 2017.
Lizzie Nov 2017
Disconnected is black blurred into white
making grey;
He smells like black licorice coffee,
And tastes like an old piece of candy corn,
Forgotten... Left to go bad... Unwanted...
His mother is as light as the sun on a warm summers day;
His father is as dark as the moon on a solar eclipse...
His best friend is like summer rain,
blurring everything around...
He carries black spotted white roses in his pocket,
faded blue converse on his feet, his toe sticking out the end...
His hair, jet-black hangs past his ears and falls into his eyes
like tangled ropes...
He eats dispaire for breakfast and forgotten dreams for dessert...
Disconnected loves lost and broken people...
His dream is to dance in the night away from the light and out of sight...
He moves stealthy like a wolf;
Watching... Waiting... For his next victim...
I wrote this while I was in the hospital going on my third week.
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