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Water Street
After the rain
Is where wayward teens
Ride their bicycles
On damp pavement
Under staggered lamps,
I never knew,
Before seeing from the 2nd floor
That 2am
Is when lost youth roam.
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
When clusters of anxieties roam inside me i try to read the blank last page of my life.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
After the doomsday
Our relationship
Wasn't much left

My heart turned into a barren wasteland
No signs of life

Zero survivors

All feelings that used to flood my body had fallen victim to the slow disease poisoning my flesh called heartbreak

There was a deadly epidemic
No emotion was spared
Widespread and timely demise
From the word "goodbye"

Now living through each day is torture

Within a huge desert landscape I roam
To find a way to repopulate my soul with happiness again

The apocalypse ended up being a real *****
There are some homes,
Which feels more at home than our home.
People, there are rude but true.
It feels safe to be there rather than roam.
They understand because they themselves have gone through.
But they actually value you for being you.
That's the real home where you find your true construe.
Raghu Menon Apr 2020
With nothing to do,
With nowhere to roam around,
With being forced to confine yourselves,

Just digging into the past,
Digging up old memories
That's what the pandemic is
Allowing us to do...
The COVID is forcefully changing us, asking us to put breaks and reflect. Some things bad, but somethings definitely good.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I can feel warmth of your shape
Words I have always said escape
An everlasting dawning realization
We have such rare creation
Can feel my growing need
Love the way my heartbeats speed
All mistakes fade away around you
Catch up the consequences that followed through
None helped me see with clearer eyes
Pushing further yet I still return
It's **** good exercise
A dream
Loudly exhaling steam
I hear snores exit your mouth
Far away travelling south
Distant echoes
Nights spent together in the past
Swim through like fish but get caught in nets cast
If dragged from your arms across the earth to roam
I will find the way back no matter the distance until I am home
I love you
LC Apr 2020
my mind is the city
that never sleeps.
thoughts roam the streets -
some with circular commutes.
some glare at each other
some smile, uplifting everyone.
despite the chaotic rhythm,
the underlying beat of my heart
determines the pace of the city.
#escapril day 13!
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Where do you go when my presence is not there?
The absence of my gaze
Who's eyes get captured in a stare?
While you mouth the word "always"
What do you clutch when you're scared?
My hand too far away
Wonder how well you'll fare
On your own when skies turn grey
Does someone gently stroke your hair?
Are you genuinely okay?
Is it difficult to breathe air?
Body caught in a craze
When we are apart are you even aware?
That next to I no longer lay?
Am I nothing more than spare?
Part to use then throw away
For who do you pretend to care?
With constructed words you say
Many times you have said "I swear"
Unsaid it the very next day
Please answer the question "where?"
Where does your heart wander when it strays?
I just want to know..
R Mar 2020
If I let you roam to your heart’s content,
Do you promise to come back
When you need to rest your weary head?
Still pining for someone I can never have. Ever.
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2020
The pain untold -
Widen the hopes,
Hide the dreams and roam
Memories unfold -
Until memories are sold.

To that very one
Far from home.

-- Eleanor
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