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Brianna Sep 13
The anatomy of ones heart seems complicated and intense.
The valves and the tubes and the scars from time taking its toll.
The blood and the veins helping to keep one alive.
The memories it holds and the heartbreak it endures and thrives from over and over again.

But the anatomy of my heart is simple.
It’s filled with trees billowing and waving in the wind.
It has salt water from the bluest oceans flowing through the veins keeping me afloat with summer dreams.
It has been slowly and faster in the throes of passion and in the woes of pain.
It has shown me that through adventure and wonder I can keep myself alive.

So tell me... how does the anatomy of your heart look?
Stephen James Mar 25
i move thru rolling hills clothes caked from dust

a pilgrim with no master and
no one to trust

for love of the art dictates
my style and stance

fluid in the movements of hells

kitana at my side in my hand sacred

the blade reaps the souls words clash with frontal lobe

i journey the countryside sunrise to

thru bloodshed from foes neck i remain unchecked

suspect at large down this lone
path i march

throat parched from dry wind i remain unhealed

scarred from the years i dodged
enemy spears

and nights i lost love from the one
i dried tears

no one to swear allegiance to while i roam presestined

and strengthened as my wisdom remains unquestioned

left in the wreckage of this rite of

casualties and threats flee
i remain a savage
a verse
Amanda Nov 2018
Wandering this lonely terrain
Trying to escape the nightmare I live
I yearn to fly away from pain
The ghostly love you give

Trust has become a scarcity
In our darkest hour
Someone wise once told me
Solitude will grant you power

I have no one, no belongings, no home
Reduced to a vagrant without your embrace
Feet and emotions fated to roam
Until they find their purpose and place
I feel so directionless by myself
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Roaming into a scarlet galaxy
Neptunus whales flying above
The elder fates their riders are
Approaching near an eerie gleam
Enormous stalactites shimmering azure
Its core lies into my unconscious ocean
Colored universal textiles mingled
Rays connecting the pillars
A way for the planets to touch each other
Transcendental energies our pavillion
Your sigh resonates into the other side
Karmen Oct 2018
thank you
you helped me find the truth
you were the life of me
whole life beautiful

when the fire burns out , I know it ain't pretty
but baby ima gone be okaye
they say things fall apart
I know in my heart we'll come back
and have a good laugh when we looking back

im just hopin we'll meet up some day
talk about where we been
all the ******* we been put through
how we always stayed strong
remember after all
im gone be here, no matter how long

take a step back
skip ahead if that's what you want
know we are young, and that we're growing old
but ain't a thing gone change
youll always remain, number one flame
how I see it even if we are completely broken
im willing to work with it
promise ill always be strong

youre the one that helped me make it through it all
know you don't exactly see it
no one elsse really gets it
I don't give a ****
if looking insane as I remain wherever you stay

whole life so **** beautiful
know you cant exactly see it
but you're the reason Im stronger then before
finding truth in whoever I am
you became most of life to me

let me just say
I know you claim to hate
but that's not in my way
cause you've been part of this great change
know there was lots pain
that why I write to remember
how far ive came
and who ive got to give thanks
for making me feel better about this life I don't wish to remain ',

got me wanting to stick around
watch the flames burn down
cause it is its own beauty
we may have fallen apart
but baby one day we're gone be back
have good laugh about all this
cant believe we met up again

honestly im fucken blessed
you don't know why I always claim this
cause you never saw more of  yourself
but honestly you made me who I am
stronger than before
I have you to thank for this
whole life beautiful
wished we never had to go own ways
in the end we will meet again
cause I aint given up that soon
youre my whole moon
reason I bloom
so im gunna always be there
even if that flame disappears
i'll stay near for when you give me the clear

we had fear from this journey
but thank yeeuus
I had you there
helping me through
just hope
I didn't mess your plan up
from us meeting up
always wanted the best for both of us
if it meant going opposite ways
I wouldn't be okaye but know ill be able to fight
keep myself upright ; least pretend im alright

we gone meet again
gone laigh at this **** one day
life has it amazing ways
to keep the flame from running to the ground
we're gonna rise from this
it worked out for both routes

take care now
ill be here , hmu when you like turning out
cause I cant lose you now
youre already far out
try not to completely disappear
I care
took some lyrics from a song but switched it up and it was only a few lines. the rest is all mine. to my flame soul , ill be here till there no more world to roam .
he boil    
beauty and
wild beast
only to
circle station
here with
rain and
there supplant
Babylon in
quest of
Stephen the
pigeon"s pain
in air
that christianly
will induce
his call
of life
a city of Wyoming
J Ann Aug 2018
Where will I end up? Somewhere
Will I be lost when I get there? Lost
Where am I suppose to be? There
Will it take all that I've got? Cost
Will I know when I am there? Yes
But should I continue? Go
What will i do? Impress
Do I ever settle for less? No
Who will be there? You
And with me? New
Adventures for all the new? True
A new life that will lead to what? Pursue
Pursue things that lead me where? Home
But what should I continue to do? Roam
Fxrz Ramirez Jul 2018
I'm just another stranger that no one knows
Call me a drifter going with the flow
I'm just another one, just.. Another one
All remains the same when said and done
Just pass by
I'm another face in the crowd
Don't try to figure it out
I may be alone but free to roam
Its alright, no worries tonight
Im not lost but im hard to find just lookin for somthing more this time
Another gamble
Trying my luck
Off the beaten path
I won't give up
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
your (darkness)
(continues) to dance around you
i (will) find its rhythm and synch to that tune
+if (you)r stars refuse to quit falling as you roam
i will (swim) across oceans to catch them
and i will take (back) your light
(to) guide us back
if darkness continues, will you swim back to me?
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