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Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
you make leaving
so hard
and I think
that's beautiful.
Thank you. It was against all odds and I knew it is a chance I have to take.
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2018
They say it takes 21 days to make a habit
One, I found myself retracing the paths of how we used to go home on new streets and different sidewalks- left, cross, go right, forward, then left.
Two, I went to the mall to buy fleece blankets.
Three, the jeepney ride took six times longer than usual.
Four, the x-ray results show scoliosis, not fatal.
Five, my ukulele lost its cold sound.
Six, my dictionary shows two meanings for the word town.
Seven, I sang my readings to the tune of Earth, Wind and Fire's September.
Eight, "I fall for always and forever."
Nine, we had plans for breakfast.
Ten, we lost ourselves in the cast.
Eleven, I lost it when you said goodbye too quickly.
Twelve, there is a difference between truth and honesty.
Thirteen, you always started conversations
Fourteen, when did we start regretting decisions?
Fifteen, was it when you've forgotten my voice?
Sixteen, I tried to keep the little boy away from the noise.
Seventeen, I told him a story about Mars that night.
Eighteen, you said if you could **** the moon, you just might.
Nineteen, I held the hand of the little boy for a long time.
Twenty,  I ended my goodbye with his favorite rhyme.
Twenty-one, my first watch was never a time travel device.
But they say it takes 21 days to break a habit
So on day one, I will wipe the mascara off the lashes of my eyes...
Ito na.
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2018
six seventeen
I've exhausted
all the options
just for this to stay.

split second
high noon
The eyes
are the first
to lose their way.

sorry sighs
The heart then
loses its place
in the dance.

six seventeen
How does it feel like
to never give
something a chance?
I hope it's good enough.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
More than two years ago,
You were just a dream.

Seven months ago,
You came into my reality.

But now,
Your truth begins to fade.

Or maybe
**I was just waking up.
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2017
It was always me
waiting for you to come back
or me watching you leave.
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2015
The stars are out tonight,
I wonder if we wish on the same star,
I wish on the brightest star in sight,
And wonder if we wish the same this hour.

All the stars were what I wished for,
All the stars and you,
But they say to me you are not for,
I see the rain in your eyes fall too.

When all the words rhyme
And everything's the right sign,
I guess we'll have our time
When all the stars align.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
Anytime at any place
Love has come to me
Wishing me the best
And leaving me better
You too came and went
Stay, I wish you did.

For my heart aches
Underneath the strong red
Louder and louder it beats
Love, for your love.

Never will it beat for another
Only you is its song
I will always keep your music
So there is noise, now and in
Thanks for reading my poems.
March 15, 2016
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
I'm behind the bars
Metal cold
I feel so alone
But I have you
Well, do I really do?

I watch
As your life unfolds
I can't leave
Though I want to
But how about you?

I'll leave
If you want me to
If I'm nothing to you
I'll only leave
If you let me go.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
I woke up
With a heavy heart
Tears slowly rolling
Down my face
That made things
Much worse
For I'm feeling
Every move
Of pain.

I dreamed of you
Last night
You came by
I was like a prisoner
Expecting no
Visitors at all
You brought tulips
Orange and violet
So I knew
I was happy.

That was my dream
After a very long time
I guess
I need not say
Why I woke up
With a heavy heart
Tears slowly rolling
Down my face
Feeling every move
Of pain.
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2015
Everything he does is art,
He changed my dull world into a rainbow,
He simply splashes his paint around
Just like how he painted my now beautiful days.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2016
You say I love you as easy as saying the sky is blue,
But you say I love you not as real as saying the sky is blue.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
I did my best to love you
But you've hurt me anyway
So I tried
To keep my heart at bay
I could have gone away
If you didn't ask me to stay.

But baby, at the end of the day
Things might change their way
Yet what will matter to me
Is what you say
I could have stayed
If you didn't ask me to go away.
Almost breaking.
Idiosyncrasy Mar 2018
Even after we'll be sure

Of whatever it is that we really are
Never or forever
I know you'll be someone
Who won't want to go
So I went and left

*Cause I know you're staying
Here in my heart.
A response to "Hold and don't let go"
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2015
Every man
Has his own Atlantis.

A paradise
Submerged forever.

You are
My Atlantis.

I know it's
Kind of impossible.

I'd still be searching
For answers.

Why and how
You disappeared.

And if I'll ever
Find you again.

**My dear Atlantis.
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
You said
I have a way with words
You do too
But I don't think
writing about what I never felt
Is the same with
saying what you never meant.
Yes, pun. We use words in different ways after all.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
I'm sorry I don't know how you work yet, so I tend to cross boundaries that I shldn't. I hope you'd forgive me for that. Still, I'm learning, slowly but surely, like how I know in full

I love you
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
If I tell you I'll be there,
Will you be there too?

But I don't want to say
For I may not be that important to you.

And I don't want to expect too much,
It would hurt if you won't come.

If I tell you I'll be there,
Will you be there too?

I guess I'd just be wishing fate will bring you there,
Hoping it's not too much to ask.
Maybe I should have told you after all.
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2015
My Beauty
If it's our only way
To happily ever after
I'd gladly be
Your Beast.
Here's to my fave
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2015
They say we are
What we believe we are,
So I guess
I was the only one
Who believed in
What we could have been.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
I will wait for the time
that when I look behind me,
you are no longer there
for you are ready to face everything
with me by your side.
This hope is heavier to carry than grief.
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2016
Sometimes I wonder
If I'm looking at
The most beautiful sunset
The brightest star
The bluest sky
And I just don't notice it
Because you're not with me.
Strawberry Swing
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
I didn't notice you,
I didn't care,
I've been reckless,
So in the end I was the one hurt,
I wish I've noticed you before,
I wish I've been careful with you,
I wish is all I can say now.
Idiosyncrasy May 2017
I don't want you
to have me broken
you deserve
better than that
but I want you
to hold me
because that is like
or even much better
than being whole

*You told me
you don't want me
to have you broken
so let me be
the one who will
hold you close
and so tight
that your broken pieces
will finally be
whole again.
And yes, I do think that sometimes I don't deserve you. And yes, sometimes I do write poems for myself.
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
He leans on my shoulder
I thought the butterflies were over
Even the slightest touch of hands
Makes all of them dance.
Still :(
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2018
Call me when it's dark
I will bring a candlelight
Keep me in within your reach
Keep me in you sight

Call me when it's dark
Let's keep this candle burning bright
Sing to me your songs
We will make it through the night

Call me when it's dark
Bathe in the life of this dying light
Don't hold your tears
We have losses even when we fight

Call me when it's dark
When things aren't going right
We will blow the candle
I will hold you tight

Keep you in my arms
Even after the losses and the fights
Tell you that this world full of chaos
Wakes up to see your light.
Sa susunod muli.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
You didn't change my life
in a moment
but you changed it
more than any moment
can hold.
Stayed home. Hours.
Idiosyncrasy May 2017
On the last page
They read the last line
The last word
So it ends
But the next chapter
Is just a page away
But sometimes
It's just better
To not know
What yet awaits.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
Like their story,
When we met
It was magical
As if fate brought
Us together.

Like their fairy tale,
We danced
And swayed
As if we will
Always be together.

But unlike theirs,
We were given
More than the hours
Before midnight
Never happily ever after.
When fate gives us just one chance.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
There might be
Places and mazes
And parks and landmarks
Every step a riddle
Every turn a puzzle
But I won't mind
I might be running in circles
But I come back to you
Every time.
A response to the previously posted poem "Walking".
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2016
Was it you or was it I
Who took the first turn
And said goodbye?

It doesn't matter now
I moved on or haven't
I don't know how.

Then just when I was about to take
The next steps away from you
You came for me.

I have traveled far
But there was nowhere to go
I didn't say no.

*Loving you then
Is like taking a ride back home
After a long time being lost.
Finally I found the words again.
For the one who after all these times still keeps me on the path.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
We've been
counting days
and moments
I've been
counting ways
to remember
But somehow
I know
there is no way
I will
A response to "Eighth".
Idiosyncrasy Jun 2017
I have died
      a hundred times from loving you
And each death
      gave me the chance to live and love you
All over again.
I strive for that chance.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
I was like an argument left hanging.
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2018
We wrapped ourselves in the heaviest sheets we could find
I think the universe decided this would be the longest night of December
I reached for the hot mug of chocolate on the table to warm my hands
But you were quick to hold them in yours
If only, if only we were that quick
We could have spotted
Loose hugs and cold smiles
Turns of heads and many sighs
The bits of signs that could have told us the house is on fire
We didn't
We weren't
I pulled in closer and you still laugh at the high-pitched sounds I make when I shiver
I'm sorry
Back then, I would have fought for this
We both know we've lost all the ways to save us
The night sky is now a list of the fights we lost, the fights we gave up on, the fights we were never brave enough to take
Like the chance for tomorrow
But tomorrow, you will find someone else
Like how you look for a new game when the plot becomes too familiar
I will be looking back at you
Looking at another
A glance reminding me of when you first met her
I guess all the fights we lost were all the fights I fought alone
You always find someone else tomorrow
Who maybe won't kiss your shoulders when you're nervous or afraid
Maybe you won't be pointing out each other's grammar and math mistakes
But I know you'll hold her tighter
And sing to her all the words I've been waiting for
And I hope this time it's right
I hope her smile will be all the sunlight you need when life feels like all the monsters came out of the sea
And you, you'll be her meteor shower of random kisses and funny faces
She never thought she needed
But tomorrow, if you're not ready
If you hear my voice echo when the wolf cries to the moon
Or if you feel my touch from the cold breeze passing through the only windows left open
Remember we have loved with all that we are
Even with the pieces we still don't know where to place
I have loved you with a magnitude greater than that of gravity but I won't pull you back anymore
So you could first pick up the shards of glass on our squeaky floor
I will leave the first-aid kit in the same space
Watch the hands of the clock until it points to Okay. Ready.
You will have to unlock the door alone and realize that this is
Tomorrow, when we'll be strolling in different sidewalks, different cities
Will we ever find ourselves retracing the way back and looking for the blankets from this December night?
Will we still have the courage to cross the bridge and take the fight?
I have no answers tonight
So tell me again about your meetings with the sky like when you spoke my name the first time
I will listen again while thinking of how my search for a reason to stay stopped when I looked into your eyes
Maybe all is just a fantasy
All we know about you and me
And the reasons that we need
Are the ones we never keep
Darling, I am out of lullabies
Before tomorrow becomes goodbye
Tuck me in and say goodnight
This time
everything must go
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2016
When a person is loved
That doesn't define him
But I wish my love defines you
Or at least tell you this
You don't always have to change for the person you love.

Let my love for you remind you
That you're beautiful
You're strong
And you'll be loved
Because you're you.

Let this great love
Reflect who you really are
Bring out the best in you
Give what you deserve
**Let my love define you.
This powerful love.
(Oral comm. May sakit ka ba ngayon? M.)
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
Diamonds are as hard to find
As the words that should be said today
The tears come out as hard
As the words that are left for me to say.
The feelings of this are a little contrary to what I feel today. Is it too late or too early for me to say I love you?
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2017
Maybe we are any
Of two numbers
On opposite sides of a die
I will have that.
Constant but not together.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
One thing I hate most is drowning:
The scent of sodium penetrating the sinuses
The nothingness of endless water
The desperation for a grasp of air

But then I finally understood
I'm drowning in an ocean of you
That of which I'm willing to venture forever
All the uncharted areas
The vistas to discover
The wonders and surprises
And though I can't even float
Nor breathe underwater
I realised
I'm still swimming
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
Do we have to be
like dominos
where the beauty
is when we fall down?
*Let me fall with you.
Collateral beauty. What now?
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
it's been so easy
opening doors
and walking away.
No, it's never easy. Letting go hopefully for a second chance.
Idiosyncrasy May 2017
How wonderful it is
To tell you
I love you
But how terrifying
That when you say
You do too
*I cannot make myself
I'd really want to believe.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
Oh baby, it was a tragedy
**We were each other's hamartia.
Are we?
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2017
I never wanted the blue sky nor the night sky
I never wanted the sun nor the moon, even the stars
All this time, all I wanted was the Earth
All this time, I was looking for the Earth.

Someone who'll keep me on the ground
Someone who'll show me that there's so much out there
Someone who'll make me feel human
Someone who's home.

But he deserves more than a mere fragment of dark matter like me
He deserves whatever will make the rivers flow
Whatever will make the trees and flowers grow
He deserves much more.

And as I go back
Hopping from asteroids to comets to planets
I know
There will be nothing like Earth.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
My words are merely echoes of yours,
I haven't said I love you,
Because you haven't said it too.

Those words are the only ones
I won't consider echoes,
I love you and I long to say that.
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
Our eighth day together
I hope they won't end, ever
Our big surprises and little moments
I will cherish them forever
Idiosyncrasy Mar 2018
No matter how hard the chase
No matter how far the space
Something always leads me back to your embrace.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
She reaches for the bottle of ale
Just like her heart
         For she has poured out her love
    To someone who wouldn't catch it.
He didn't have to love her in return. He just had to take the love she was offering. Just that.
Idiosyncrasy Mar 2018
There's no denying
It true
The best thing, my everything
It's you

I'm just happy to get a chance
To say the things I want to say
I'm happy to get a chance
To see you slumber, in my arms you lay

With all the things in this world that I could have
I just can't believe that someone like me could be entitled to your love
Idiosyncrasy May 2018
It breaks my heart
To see you break
In overwhelmingness
In emptiness
And in between
Most especially, you
Especially, you
Huwag mo na kasing pigilan.
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2015
There will be people in your life who will make you believe
That your eyes are set on the same stars.

But the dreams that you dreamed together,
Are just dreams that you alone will fulfill.
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