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May 2020 · 339
Idiosyncrasy May 2020
Hello! I know I haven't posted here in a while but I'm trying to get back to writing and have currently started using Instagram as the new platform. I would really appreciate it if you guys follow my account.

Username and link to the post is in the notes part.

Thank you so much for this wonderful community!
My username is @rshenj_poetry :)
Feb 2019 · 714
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2019
never truly loved her
she thought
the last soft waves
of the season
like they were
a pile of autumn

closed her eyes
from the sunrays
the oranges and pinks
of sunset
painted by the trees
answering to the
cold whispers
of the wind

they call but still, summer
never truly loved her
she thought
but as the last soft waves
crash to her feet
the little bubbles
like the first fall
of snow

she thought
of the heavy footsteps of mud
and the snow-covered boots
on the porch
the subtle smell of pine
circling around
the divot on the couch
the bubbles from
soapy dishwater
waltzing in the kitchen
it means
you're home

and though summer
might not have truly loved her
it never took away
her metaphors
to describe what
love looks like
and love looks like
dry leaves scattered like
freckles on your cheeks
on the old cobblestones
we walk on
on Sunday mornings

it's like a pair
of warm socks,
hot cocoa and marshmallows,
and Christmas carols
it's waking up right where you belong
like blossoms greeting
the first sunlight
after months of snow
and it's summer
when the agony of waiting
under the scorching sun
learns to turn into

love is these seasons
giving way to
and patterns
we will never get tired of
might not have truly loved her
but she'd hoped that one day
you truly would
you did.
We were asked to write a poem based on our favorite poem. The poem that came to mind is CE Ford's Like a Flame. Read here:
Feb 2019 · 344
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2019
Loving again feels like revising a piece. There's always that inkling feeling that maybe the first one was the right one.
super random
Dec 2018 · 558
December night
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2018
We wrapped ourselves in the heaviest sheets we could find
I think the universe decided this would be the longest night of December
I reached for the hot mug of chocolate on the table to warm my hands
But you were quick to hold them in yours
If only, if only we were that quick
We could have spotted
Loose hugs and cold smiles
Turns of heads and many sighs
The bits of signs that could have told us the house is on fire
We didn't
We weren't
I pulled in closer and you still laugh at the high-pitched sounds I make when I shiver
I'm sorry
Back then, I would have fought for this
We both know we've lost all the ways to save us
The night sky is now a list of the fights we lost, the fights we gave up on, the fights we were never brave enough to take
Like the chance for tomorrow
But tomorrow, you will find someone else
Like how you look for a new game when the plot becomes too familiar
I will be looking back at you
Looking at another
A glance reminding me of when you first met her
I guess all the fights we lost were all the fights I fought alone
You always find someone else tomorrow
Who maybe won't kiss your shoulders when you're nervous or afraid
Maybe you won't be pointing out each other's grammar and math mistakes
But I know you'll hold her tighter
And sing to her all the words I've been waiting for
And I hope this time it's right
I hope her smile will be all the sunlight you need when life feels like all the monsters came out of the sea
And you, you'll be her meteor shower of random kisses and funny faces
She never thought she needed
But tomorrow, if you're not ready
If you hear my voice echo when the wolf cries to the moon
Or if you feel my touch from the cold breeze passing through the only windows left open
Remember we have loved with all that we are
Even with the pieces we still don't know where to place
I have loved you with a magnitude greater than that of gravity but I won't pull you back anymore
So you could first pick up the shards of glass on our squeaky floor
I will leave the first-aid kit in the same space
Watch the hands of the clock until it points to Okay. Ready.
You will have to unlock the door alone and realize that this is
Tomorrow, when we'll be strolling in different sidewalks, different cities
Will we ever find ourselves retracing the way back and looking for the blankets from this December night?
Will we still have the courage to cross the bridge and take the fight?
I have no answers tonight
So tell me again about your meetings with the sky like when you spoke my name the first time
I will listen again while thinking of how my search for a reason to stay stopped when I looked into your eyes
Maybe all is just a fantasy
All we know about you and me
And the reasons that we need
Are the ones we never keep
Darling, I am out of lullabies
Before tomorrow becomes goodbye
Tuck me in and say goodnight
This time
everything must go
Dec 2018 · 303
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2018
Your eyes look like fire
The kind that greets you with a hot mug of coffee in the morning
The kind that makes you want to sit, share stories and roast marshmallows

Your eyes look like fire
The kind that this world revolves around but can never get closer to because
Your eyes look like fire
The kind that starts with a flicker and creeps into forests and houses on a windy night

Your eyes look like fire
Not the kind that coughs out its last embers but the kind that lets out one final explosion before it turns into dark coal and ashes

*Your eyes looked like fire.
To you, whose fire I miss.
Nov 2018 · 652
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2018
Call me when it's dark
I will bring a candlelight
Keep me in within your reach
Keep me in you sight

Call me when it's dark
Let's keep this candle burning bright
Sing to me your songs
We will make it through the night

Call me when it's dark
Bathe in the life of this dying light
Don't hold your tears
We have losses even when we fight

Call me when it's dark
When things aren't going right
We will blow the candle
I will hold you tight

Keep you in my arms
Even after the losses and the fights
Tell you that this world full of chaos
Wakes up to see your light.
Sa susunod muli.
Nov 2018 · 280
21 days
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2018
They say it takes 21 days to make a habit
One, I found myself retracing the paths of how we used to go home on new streets and different sidewalks- left, cross, go right, forward, then left.
Two, I went to the mall to buy fleece blankets.
Three, the jeepney ride took six times longer than usual.
Four, the x-ray results show scoliosis, not fatal.
Five, my ukulele lost its cold sound.
Six, my dictionary shows two meanings for the word town.
Seven, I sang my readings to the tune of Earth, Wind and Fire's September.
Eight, "I fall for always and forever."
Nine, we had plans for breakfast.
Ten, we lost ourselves in the cast.
Eleven, I lost it when you said goodbye too quickly.
Twelve, there is a difference between truth and honesty.
Thirteen, you always started conversations
Fourteen, when did we start regretting decisions?
Fifteen, was it when you've forgotten my voice?
Sixteen, I tried to keep the little boy away from the noise.
Seventeen, I told him a story about Mars that night.
Eighteen, you said if you could **** the moon, you just might.
Nineteen, I held the hand of the little boy for a long time.
Twenty,  I ended my goodbye with his favorite rhyme.
Twenty-one, my first watch was never a time travel device.
But they say it takes 21 days to break a habit
So on day one, I will wipe the mascara off the lashes of my eyes...
Ito na.
Oct 2018 · 1.8k
of cities and lullabies
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2018
I went straight home speeding and brought another blanket in
But you said the pain is enough to warm your skin.

I said the sun found another reason to leave at dusk
And the moon asks for praise for saving us.

Maybe they should have let the stars shine brighter in the day
So the city lights, come dark, could lead the way.

Across cities, you have listened to my lullabies
Should I sing to you one more time or would you be the one to say goodnight?

Tuck me in and say goodbye
This time
Oct 2018 · 627
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2018
six seventeen
I've exhausted
all the options
just for this to stay.

split second
high noon
The eyes
are the first
to lose their way.

sorry sighs
The heart then
loses its place
in the dance.

six seventeen
How does it feel like
to never give
something a chance?
I hope it's good enough.
Sep 2018 · 442
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2018
Reynaly Shen is
Strong. Sophisticated. Independent. Eccentric.
But always trying to be the person you can count on to love you
Like how she loves the way we create to comprehend the unfathomable and hold together the unbounded
She keeps a lot of words to herself like a shell hiding its pearl but understands someone has to take them anyway
Because she has doubted herself and compared herself to everyone you have loved before
But she is never one to state standards, and values you for who you are
They have told her she is at both ends of the spectrum, trying so hard to be in between
And she has told herself it’s okay, she’s okay
The jinny-joes and coins will one day be enough to travel the entire scale
She will be calling numbers with words and reading between the sounds of hellos
And she’ll be Shen. How she has always been. Shen.
self-poem for Speech class <3
Aug 2018 · 548
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2018
I've gone six days without crying
But I'm crying now
Even though I've told myself not to
Because these tears
Aren't the rain to end the drought
But maybe they are
Maybe they're to tell my skin
That can I grow flowers in me
Like I did with you
Only, this time, without.
Jul 2018 · 1.6k
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2018
To you
I was never really fond of surprises
Then you came
The day I met you
I was glad to have found someone I get along with
That wasn’t the surprise
The surprise was when you first cheered my name
And how I wanted you to cheer me all the way
I wasn’t surprised when you walked me home
What surprised me was when I didn’t feel home when you walked away
So for many weeks or months
My heart jumps because of the surprise of you in everyday
So for many weeks or months
I wasn’t sure
And that’s not knew
I think I was never really certain of anything
I was never really certain of anything until there was you
And it’s funny how one I’m very sure of
Still surprises me
Like the night you tucked my hair behind my ear
Underneath the streetlamp
No brighter than you who have given light
In the past few months of chaos
Your eyes shined like they wanted to stay
It wasn’t surprising when you asked me if I like you, the next day
But I was surprised because, “I like you,” was all you wanted to say
The first time you said you love me
I wish I’ve said it before you did
I was pretty sure I’ve felt that way a long time ago
And it has been a while since those times
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when we ended
Neither was the fact that I didn’t want it too
It was amazing
How I waited for shooting stars and 11:11s
How I wanted to go back in time and make things better
How I tried to tell you and show you
That some things didn’t change
I still love you
I still love you
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when I stopped hearing that
But I was sure of what a surprise it is when you came back
You showed me what love is
In colors
Wrapped in silver and gold
When you looked at me
I saw what those stories told
In winks and glances
I am not letting go of any more chances
It was not a surprise that my heart still beats the same track
And I will replay over and over
That time you told me, “You’re not alone anymore,”
What a surprise that was right after all this time
When you hugged me
You picked up the pieces I thought were lost forever
Yes, you
I am not really fond of surprises
But you were the best yet.
I thought I've posted this already.
Jul 2018 · 307
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2018
I didn't know
How to begin again
So I tried
With the only way
I know how..

..By holding your hand
June 25
Jun 2018 · 550
Idiosyncrasy Jun 2018
When the storyteller of Don Quixote told me that love needs no excessive gestures
I felt it was true
And when you saw those words written on my journal
The same time we found the courage to hold on again
You said it isn't about needing though
It's about wanting
And that was what I've been trying to tell you this whole time
I didn't want you because I need you
I needed you because I want you
I love you
But it was only this time that I realize how true those words were to me
We never needed big surprises in public places
And thousands of pictures and social media posts
Although I would have loved that
Love found no need for labels
To know I have you and you have me, always
I don't think there's anything that could ever encompass what we had
Is there a label that could say we found what love really is with what there was
Love didn't need a hell of a roller coaster ride relationship to prove its worth because
You were right
When you feel it, it'll stay there
You just believe it
Not the kind of belief where you believe in something to make it true
But the kind where you believe because it is true
Love needs no excessive gestures
It only needed you and I
It only needed us, in our little bubble, soft glances, warm smiles, right by each other's side, with certainty and calmness we've never found before
Love needs no excessive gestures
But we had always made it so much more.
May 2018 · 269
Idiosyncrasy May 2018
It breaks my heart
To see you break
In overwhelmingness
In emptiness
And in between
Most especially, you
Especially, you
Huwag mo na kasing pigilan.
May 2018 · 506
Idiosyncrasy May 2018
There are moments I wish to forget
There seem to be vestiges of you everywhere
That I see things not as they are
But a shadow, a spark, a thread of you

It's been some time
Enough to think I was okay
Then one day I smell your scent and your vague image slowly turned into my sharpest memory

Or maybe you were always the clearest memory
Which I chose to hide in the closet
Because I know I couldn't forget

But this is how I want to forget
I wish I could open the door and not think of the last time you closed it
I wish I could say goodbye without hearing you say it back

And these aren't all
I find myself hoping I could put all the happy moments behind
Because they were hard to beat and I never felt the same

Sometimes I wish
I could listen to a song and not hear your voice singing it to me
And read a book without seeing your delicate fingers hold the pages' ends

I wish I could wake up and not see your smile shining brighter than the sun
Or tuck the blankets in without feeling your arms wrapping around me

But I know
I know I can brave this world with just the precious memories of you.
I never thought I'd say these again.
Apr 2018 · 327
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2018
Love may fail
Love may end
Love may leave
But it doesn't mean nothing good can come out of it
And in that case, maybe it doesn't fail at all.
Thanks, love.
Apr 2018 · 687
This place
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2018
I thought I was building walls
But I merely left the gates on rusty hinges
When I was laying traps
The floors became squeaky
I wanted to close the curtains
But I think I pulled them down too hard
So I saw you driving back here
I heard the sound of metals screeching
And your first step behind the door
The paint is still fading
The kitchen faucet still leaking
Cobwebs cover the ceiling
But I don't mind
You are the only one that make this place home.
April 13. First week.
Apr 2018 · 397
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2018
I may not be able to save the world
But I can save a breath to make my heart try harder to give me life
I may not feel beautiful
But I can feel the attraction and repulsion of everything I try to make sense of.

I may not be brave enough to risk it all
But I am in control.
Yes please.
Apr 2018 · 167
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2018
One day
I will stumble upon a box
Full of the things
I've given
I've lost
Covered in bubble wrap
Like they have never been through so much struggle
To get back to me
The box wasn't wrapped with red ribbon
But with tight tape
As if saying
It was to be opened by people
With strong hands like mine
Which have gone through the sharpest blades and knives
But I tell you
I still offer delicate fingers
Rough draft.
Mar 2018 · 317
Idiosyncrasy Mar 2018
No matter how hard the chase
No matter how far the space
Something always leads me back to your embrace.
Mar 2018 · 339
Idiosyncrasy Mar 2018
"You are the best thing that ever happened to me,"
He whispered
One time
As I was drifting
Between consciousness
And sleep
By the soft touch of his fingers
Combing through my hair
He wasn't sure if I could hear him
He said so
In between lyrics of
When the Day Met the Night
Laughing and saying sorry
For forgetting some lines
How do I tell him I've longed
For him to sing to me again
And hold me
When the rest of the world is shaking
I guess this is how.
Feb 2018 · 345
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
I want to know
What keeps you up at night
I want to know
What makes you cry
I want to be there
Every time
In sleepless nights
And painful sighs
Tiring tales and lies
In celebrations of life
Laughter and smiles
And all those times you try
I will be
Your lullaby.
A response to the poem "Lull"
Feb 2018 · 252
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
The light flickers behind the shadows
The words fade to black
The people stream as if to follow
I try to get back on track
As I thought of the good changes
From moments of leaving
I couldn't help but ask the feeling
Of how wonderful it would be
If this time
This time
A response to "Leaving"
Feb 2018 · 472
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
We've been
counting days
and moments
I've been
counting ways
to remember
But somehow
I know
there is no way
I will
A response to "Eighth".
Feb 2018 · 244
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
If there's an ocean
you'll drown in
It would be
that of my love
Bursting through
rivers and streams
lakes and springs
Reaching spaces
and creating safe places
For you.
A response to "Dihydrogen monoxide".
Feb 2018 · 643
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
If we are
At the opposite ends of the spectrum
You, red
And I, violet
I would make a wheel
To get to you

You are here
Because of me
I am here
Because of you
And If you're afraid of drowning
In this ocean of hues

I will be the light
Which saves you
In the deep blue.
A response to "Spectrums"
Feb 2018 · 205
the best
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
With you
Things are at best.
Feb 2018 · 261
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
There might be
Places and mazes
And parks and landmarks
Every step a riddle
Every turn a puzzle
But I won't mind
I might be running in circles
But I come back to you
Every time.
A response to the previously posted poem "Walking".
Feb 2018 · 240
Idiosyncrasy Feb 2018
you make leaving
so hard
and I think
that's beautiful.
Jan 2018 · 256
away with words
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
You said
I have a way with words
You do too
But I don't think
writing about what I never felt
Is the same with
saying what you never meant.
Yes, pun. We use words in different ways after all.
Jan 2018 · 841
one thing
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
I tried to make this poem different
But then I realized
If there's one thing I'm good at
It would be writing about you
About your smallest movements
No one seems to notice
Like the way you flick your hair when you get nervous
About the surprises in you
Like your soft cry to belong, to matter
When all people see is a hard rock
They never knew it was a build up of tears
And about the things I will never have the chance to tell you again
Like when you're nervous or afraid, I'll be there
But I won't tell you not to fear
Because there are some things we have to be afraid of
Or hey, you were my rock
The one thing I held on to
And I will cradle you
Your softest whispers
And the salty water you come with
You belong with me
You will always matter.
I was thinking of continuing this poem and perform it as spoken word but lately I haven't been sure if I still want to say these.

And please leave suggestions if you have some. I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks :).
Jan 2018 · 290
this might be the last time
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
Listen when I tell you
Because it isn't at all easy for me to say
That I still love you
When you no longer feel the same.
Not another time.
Not once more.
Jan 2018 · 250
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
He leans on my shoulder
I thought the butterflies were over
Even the slightest touch of hands
Makes all of them dance.
Still :(
Dec 2017 · 211
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2017
when we look up
we don't have
to see
dying stars.
Look up at trees.
Dec 2017 · 262
Sound of a Heart Breaking
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2017
Sometimes I wish
That when a heart breaks
It comes with a very loud sound
Like the Twin Towers crashing
Or a ceremonial song
Banging your eardrums
You forget why your heart broke
In the first place

It comes with heavy sighs
And jittery knees
Silent tears like spring beneath the ground
Closed eyes or blinding lights
And blankets to cover it with
Silent and unfathomable
Making it even harder to face.
2017 ending and heart still breaking.
Dec 2017 · 256
Idiosyncrasy Dec 2017
Choosing you was a mistake
     but then
I hate you.
Nov 2017 · 245
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2017
I just want to say I love you one more time
You do not have to say your heart is still mine.
Nov 2017 · 1.4k
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2017
Minsan talaga hindi ko na alam
     kung bakit pa ako naghihintay
At kung ako naman ay lalaban
     para saan pa ba iaalay.

Minsan hindi ko na alam
     kung bakit pa ako umaasa
At kung titigil naman
     nangangapa ako ng rason para tumuloy pa.

Minsan hindi ko na rin alam
     kung bakit pa ako humihiling
At kung itatapon ko nalang
     hinahabol naman ako ng mga bituin.

Minsan hindi ko alam
     kung bakit nakakaya ko pang magbigay
At kung ako naman ay tatanggi
     hindi ko rin makita ang saysay.

Minsan hindi ko na alam
     kung bakit pa kita minamahal
At kung susubukan kong magdahilan
     naiisip ko pa ring sumugal.

Minsan hindi ko na rin alam
     kung bakit hindi pa ako sumusuko
At kung ihihinto na
     sarili ko rin lang ang aking niloloko.

Minsan hindi ko na talaga alam
     minsan hindi ko na mahanap ang kasagutan
Ngunit sana makahanap ako ng kasiguraduhan
     *kahit minsan lang.
Nov 2017 · 1.7k
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2017
It was always me
waiting for you to come back
or me watching you leave.
Oct 2017 · 372
Idiosyncrasy Oct 2017
In almost downfalls,
fled tragedies,
And in tired lifts,
decaying comedies
- a relief.
Happy in sad. Good in bad. UPCAT 2018.
Sep 2017 · 364
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2017
All my life
I always wanted to leave
You were the only one
Who made me want to stay.
You were enough.
Sep 2017 · 367
sailing away
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2017
She looked at the fading view
          of the shore
               its golden sand
               its line of trees
               and the little movements      
               of the ocean trying to    
               reach it
She smiled and told herself
It is not what she wants anymore
This time it is no longer a lie.
It still is but let us hope for the time when it really is no longer a lie :).
Aug 2017 · 320
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2017
Maybe it's too late for us
But it's not too late for me.

*I'll save me.
Back up.
Aug 2017 · 468
Idiosyncrasy Aug 2017
Now there is only
one thing left to say
I love you
That is not a metaphor.
We writers have a way of expressing our love in ways that sometimes people do not understand. We try to cover our love with sweet words like everyone's favorite chocolate or sparkles brighter than the diamonds on fingers. Then, there is pain too. Sometimes our words are sadder than we are. Sometimes they cannot even contain the intensity of what we feel. In the end, what we really want to offer is our love.

I plan to make this the ending of a long poem but I have not written anything more yet so this is all there is for now.
Jul 2017 · 296
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2017
Maybe we are any
Of two numbers
On opposite sides of a die
I will have that.
Constant but not together.
Jun 2017 · 2.8k
I love you anyway
Idiosyncrasy Jun 2017
Sometimes I find it hard to say
But I would love to tell you in every way
That I love you anyway.
I will always look for ways.
Idiosyncrasy Jun 2017
We write
for people we are yet to meet
And you
brought my words to life.
Jun 2017 · 481
Idiosyncrasy Jun 2017
I have died
      a hundred times from loving you
And each death
      gave me the chance to live and love you
All over again.
I strive for that chance.
May 2017 · 250
Idiosyncrasy May 2017
I've been hitting the Don't Trust button for too long.
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