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Janani Arunkumar Apr 2019
Perhaps we re all diamonds.
Hurt to beauty,
breath-taking eventually.
lisa Apr 2019
searching and searching
desperately searching
year after year
you broke the surface
my diamond

your shiny personality
dazzled me
your gifts
wowed me
the endless love
fulfilled me
my diamond

despite the love i gave
i could not break through
your armor
my diamond

turns out
everything was a lie
your "i love you"s
meant nothing
our kisses
our time shared
the secrets i told
meant nothing
to you

you were not a diamond
a moissanite

faking your way
through life
lying about your family
your health
your education

i still want you,
my diamond
written for national poetry month
sadgirl Sep 2017
dig for
me in the night
but doors are never
locked, and you creep inside
you want a gem to call your own
but diamonds are always in the
rough, even when you
always wear
them with
Scarlet Niamh Apr 2017
The mothbitten light streaked in from the yellow moon, dodging
between ribbons of old curtains and dust, and bounced
from your quiet face in stunned silence.
Your clear and cloudy grey eyes transformed into diamonds,
staining your face with a reflected blue too
beautiful to ignore and not at all dulled, igniting
blazing fires within each iris and bringing them to life.
Wild and honest like the wind, I fell
apart when you looked at me
for you have all of the stars in your eyes
and I wasn't ready to see them yet.
~~ Beauty itself resides within your eyes alone. ~~
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
Doesn't life feel larger than all
Isn't life the best thing of all
And the hardest a condition gets is
Mere droplets to a waterfall
Over the past years and years that'll succeed
Neither had and nor will obstacles be rigid
Desire the most, defend the best
Diamond you are, unable to break.
- Apr 2017
Emeralds and rubies are impure crystals, diamond is just graphite made under pressure; you are an empty soul with a broken heart

All these may be regarded as treasures
*but you are still my favorite gemstone
Traveler Apr 2017
Winter, the long lasting loving season

Sparks the passion that keeps us from freezing

In the coming of togetherness a new life arrives

Reflected in beautiful blue diamond birthstone eyes

Traveler Tim
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