s 5d

liar, liar
pants on fire!
you lied again?
oh god, a fire!
put it out before anyone see
oh what a shame it would be
if anyone were to see!

liar, liar
pants on fire!
once again, another lie?
that won't fly!
pack your things and head for the road
those habits are getting old

David Mitchell Apr 21

I've got some bad habits.
I always feel bad,
My family hates me,
And I've never been rad.
Most my friends have been to rehab.
But I like my bad habits.
I'm made of bad habits.
Waking up once a day,
Wasting all my talent,
Sleeping all day,
Thinking all night.
They're all bad habits.
I've always been made of bad habits.
Never had a reason to feel glad,
Too empathetic or apathetic.
Had to quit school cause I went mad,
I tend to love being sad,
and I've never had a dad.
I have some bad habits,
But I love my bad habits.
I love too much,
I'm too alone to have a crush,
And I'm always out of luck,
But I still try anyways.
And they're my bad habits.
I am my bad habits.

how's that for something horrible that's adorable? is it adorable? probably not. fuck it.
Alexandria D Apr 3

It always amazes me just how much shit people will eat, if you feed it to them.
They swallow concepts without giving a second thought as to what they mean.
They bow to authority without question as long as it is well dressed or disguised as entertainment.
The thoughts being consumed are sickening.
I find myself fasting these days.

Aaron LA Lux Mar 18

Ride of Our Lives

Old Habits die heard,
Good Morals live long,
if it’s written it’s poem,
if it’s sang it’s song,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

see how the rhythm that’s written is muse,
well imagine the passion of being trapped in something as strong as you,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

and we go,
from the ends of the Earth,
to the beginning of a New World,

escuse me,
no excuses you see regret is useless,
you been gay,
I mean gay happy not gay like cabooses,

toodle loo kid,
I’m off,

outta here without delay no hinderances in my way,

the final frontier,

likely rightly or wrongly honestly we both must admit that we’re weird,

see the way I see it,
Old Habits die hard,
and I’m from Hollywood baby,
so everything’s a reference even Die Hard,

no Bruce,
know his daughter Rue though,
I mean I know Bruce,
and I know his daughter too though,

and they’re both real cool so kudos,

life in the Fast Lane most are toast because they move too slow

see these genius genes,
are not the type that just any one can wear,
custom fitted carefully knitted no lease on this fleece,
I own it indeed like I do when I’m out and I see the humans stare,

were we,

don’t want to get too off track I’ve got a habit for that,
and Old Habits die heard so I just got to the pool to relax,

how do you calm a heart that beats at the tempo of our times,
in sync won’t sink in stormy seas we ride as we ebb and flow with the tides,

and honestly Good Morals live long and Bad Habits die hard,

but either way we ride through the Times because this is the Ride of Our Lives…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

WistfulHope Mar 2

Breathe me in like your last cigarette,
because you swear you're going to quit,
as the smoke swirls past your head
and heads east.

Drain my cup like the last coffee
you pour yourself, even though it's 11 pm
and you really should go to bed soon
because you never sleep enough.

Color between my lines like you tried
to show your little sister, when she stole
your colored pencils and scribbled
all through your sketchbook.

Give me the kind of attention you give
sunset on the beach,
because someting about it makes time stop
and brings you peace.

Love me,
even though the only time you ever thought
love just might be more than a façade or a con
left you detached and empty.

Love me,
because I promise
I'm already trying
to love you.

Helena B Feb 6

I should start breathing in more fresh air
And less cigarette smoke

nina babic Jan 26

yes, i've come to indulge
in the naughtier delights;
lounging too long & loving
too hard. dirty floorboard
where my head rests

is a backdrop and when
i sit up the only golden
emotion that greets me
is that affectionate pang
against my rib cage.  

yes, it is the side effect
of adoring everything, that
sudden rush emboldened
and underlined inside of
my body. never healed

from the last foolish cat
nap where i jolted upright.
same as now,  still gasping.
naughty girl, the conscience speaks
and hisses and warns and screams-

"do not go to bed with a heart full of fondness"

no editing, sylvia plath inspired probably
Jamadhi Verse Jan 23

Old instincts are calling me,
taunting me,
dragging haunting fingertips
across fragile memories
along the fringes of my mind.
They whisper inside,
“Don’t you remember?”
and allow the same old ache to enter
through the tender rifts I try to hide.

This is the time of year
when these shadows draw near
and leer from the corners of my eyes.
Emanating a wave of unsettling vibes
I believed I had survived and beaten
just the year before.
Yet they groan here at the foot of me,
once again, calling temptingly.

I was a fool to believe them to be
entombed within the ground,
because they somehow lived,
though they made not a sound
as they concealed themselves
comfortably among the dirt,
deep within the frozen earth.
Like a curse that will not die,
they reappear intensified
when they realize
I have lost my awareness.

I am a woman prone to dreams,
prone to living as if behind the scenes.
Present to absolutely everything
except at times presence,
because what I feel is too immense.
I have recollections that don’t make sense
and they play out inside my heart, my bones,
vividly behind my eyes --
scenes that don’t belong to this life.
I try so hard to merge the divide,
to be truly alive right here and now,
but I desperately ache for another time
and I know not how and I know not why.
These memories, these ghosts --
they do not empathize.
They only ask that I remember.

J.M. 2017

"What you resist, persists."
Carl Jung

Oxygen rushing in and out through one's mouth or nose,
Lungs expanding and contracting with every breath,

Footprints on the wet sand identified by the toes,
Weight shifting forward and body walking during sunset,

The eye opens and closes,
As flashing images create a movie in our heads!

Just a lil' something that renders the reader aware of the things (s)he is doing without being fully aware of it.
Alanis Manantan Jan 19

My old habits of coming back to you:

Waking up in cold mornings only to find
warmth in your long gone arms

Tracing the stars in the night sky only to
notice similarities with your moles and scars

Reading through my favorite lines only to
remember that your words were poetry spoken to me out loud

Embracing silence within my room only to
remind me that this is how we end
that this is where you left
this is where I always try to find you
-in the air of silence

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