no one sticks around
they don't want to hear me out,
conversations go unfinished
and I'm back to wearing a frown.

Sugar is bad for you,
saccharine maple thoughts
that you cannot afford
due to the hazard
of overweight ego
dense with the aftertaste
of adipose fantasies
clogging the arterial bonds
that tether you
to solid ground

Stop the caramelized madness
from carbohydrating your soul
into victim obesity
causing the full
arrest of your spirit

The sweet is guilty,
distorted in mirrors,
a negative image
of a past feeling,
present reflection
born of the collision
of intentions and consequences

Not a part 2 of "Note to Self"; even though the first lines are the same.

I remember all those nights
I stumbled outside drunk to the swing in the backyard to smoke a cigarette
While listening to loud places or deathbeds
Laying in my bed crying into your blanket
I eventually had to throw away
Just like I took the ring you gave me
And threw it into the Advance Auto Parts dumpster when I worked there
I still drive the roads we used to drive
Nothing is the same without you
I still drink to try to forget you
Except I don't stumble outside to smoke
One less bad habit I quit
Two if I count you
But you quit me
I never quit you
I wasn't a destructive enough addiction for you
But our relationship was doomed from the start
I should have known it wasn't going to last
But I was blinded by love
And you were blinded by pills and mental illness
I've come a long way in those 2 years
But yet not far enough
Time may truly heal
Perhaps I just need more;
More time
More booze
More music.

Gabriel burnS Jun 27

You were the bird in the propeller
Why would you do this
I’m just a passenger
You are not yours
And I’m not mine
Nobody’s truly their own
What you do to yourself
You do to the others
lonely but never alone

Powdered scorpion booger sugar
Dusted over owl feathers
In his pipe
Don't love him
Like they used to

Clockwork arsonists
Of underappreciated horror
Movies in his mind
Sing no more
Savage lullabies
To creature comfort habits
And superhuman addictions

He ran away
From a stolen dance
Cut short
Carrying dark secrets
Shot from a rusty gun
With hairpin triggers

Now he wears the suit
Of a used car salesman
Drinks black death coffee
And chain smokes coffin nails
Wondering if
He's any better off
Than before

©James Dennis Casey IV
Fleo Mae Jun 16

I found myself in a bed
The same one that I've been stuck with
Not knowing what would hit me
But the same habits had killed me

Wishing that I could start all over
Not for myself but for you
For the people who wept and cried
because of the results of the same habits

And every night I would find
The same knife in my heart
Getting healed and getting struck
Because of the character that has embed

I would willingly volunteer
To wipe those tears in your cheeks
To wipe this pain in my face
For the same habits that killed me

Star BG Jun 11

Here I am,
walking in the moment
awake within heart.
I smile at my neighbor,
reaching out a compassionate hand.
I rise to unite singing with
Mother Natures song.

Here I am, kicking the worry habit,
the fear habit, the doubt that inhibited self
too long.
I dance uniting with spiraling energies of love.
I move in celebration with Love,
in these new times where
humanity is evolving
and I am grateful.

StarBG © 2017

There is nothing but the moment where we can expand inside of the divine energies of light and love.

A pack of wolves is
Sometimes preferable
To a pack of cigarettes
Makes for a coup de grâce
A merciful death
And I’m fresh out of wolves

Lori May 31

i avoid mirrors
glassware glass doors
reflections off cars
the sun hitting chrome
rearview mirrors
bathroom mirrors
wall to ceiling glass
full body mirrors
selfie cameras
seeing photos
taken of me
standing beside
a person in front
of any reflective
object or let alone
make eye contact
as i wash my hands
in the bathroom
since i started
to learn how to
suck it up and
let the water
clear off the
bacteria on
my hands
i've tried
smiling at
other humans
but sometimes
im still pretending
to leave and i come
back to wash them
in peace

i fear
i fear

Are you controlled by your fears?
Devin Domino May 31

Intoxicated duality and
The bipolar mirror in your heart

You want that taste
Vapors lingering to your tongue

Spark up insanity with
Roman candles

But mask the smell
Spill the ash, deny

Afraid of what to be
Can’t figure me out

Only dust, dancing
In a wave of ember

For hell’s sake
We’re pretending Heaven

Habits of solace
Vices in revolve

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