if you're in control of an addiction,
it's not really an addiction.
it's only an addiction,
if it controls you!
Cpoet 6d
I Feel like a sinner
Great excuse
Holy ground
Can’t make it through
"Night on the town"
The sky has fallen down
... I hate this view...
Today I am happy,
today I don't know what to write about.
I think there's a connection,
that I've developed the bad habit
of writing only when I'm depressed.
That's why today
I'm forcing myself to write,
to write more than naughty feelings,
to write about life
and only ocassionally about death.
Is life not worth writing about?
You see, I'm a scientist in mind,
so, naturally, life comes to me as a surprise,
maybe that's why my body was off
by a big margin,
maybe that's why my brain
functions only from time to time.

I digress.
What I ment to say is
that life is so fucking wierd is crazy.
Think about it,
we are pieces of universe,
barely distinguishables from our own selves,
who observe the universe.
Wouldn'tbet with those odds,
yet here we are,
and what's more crazy,
we appear to be able to tell
the difference between now and then,
to call bullshit on some stories,
we are not bullshit,
we are alive;
we have memories but we are not them.
We make them.
Our past is but our future,
it just came a little earlier,
let's use its help to be prepared
for what is to come:
Isn't it crazy?
Making a happy poem for a change :D
AS Jun 30
Mind, body and soul,
that is the way to go to become whole.

Making the best out of every test,
but remembering to take a rest.
Not to arrest your woe,
as that will trigger lows.

To love oneself,
by not putting yourself first, you react a curse.
Only to blast out your worst,
blurting out distain.

These our ways in which I've found gain:

Nutrition to brain,
keeps the swelling away,
lowering anxiety and pain.

For the mind research and unwind,
remembering to be kind.
As everyone has a fight inside,
never actions aimed to make you blue.
Understanding oneself prevents the whole world being blind,
pity for those who hurt and you left behind.

Exercise for the body,
a place to release,
finding inner peace.
Away from frustration and anger which disallows you to sleep.

For soul love thy self,
letting go of those behaviours which you replay.
The ones which scare everyone away and cause you further pain.

As not everyone is to blame,
it gets to point where you become responsible for every choice.

Remember to give room for your own voice!
As it will give you opportunity to rejoice and move away from those who repeat.
Those who beat your whole away.

Though there will be rain,
a promise these things urge change.
Maybe months or years,
you will no longer dominated by tears.
Loosing the fear,
looking forward and holding onto those who are dear.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
Being single isn't the best

But it comes in handy when your taking a test

Love is a distraction

Caused by an attraction

And can be a reason your torn apart

Love does that to a person

The habit does nothing but become worsen

It's an exception because you have fallen and can never be caught
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Joshua Nai Jun 29
How can your heart break.
When you didn't give your heart.
You are in charge of your heart.
You are responsible for the things of your heart.
You are responsible to guard it.
That heart is yours.
Guard it.
Reset it.
Put it upwards to the heavens.
When it reaches it's default of discouragement, blame, anger, hatred, disappointment, self-doubt, over-confidence, reset it a perk it back up to the things high above!
In the heavens above!
Wooooi just watched a sermon on three healthy habits of the heart by pastor furtick and it was great! Number one, know how to hate. A healthy kind of hate of course. Like I hate bullying, I hate laziness, I hate over-confidence, I hate racism whatsoever. Number two, learn where to hide. We are so used to hiding in fake hiding places, seemingly safe hiding places. Are you running into he conflict or away from it? God is your strong tower in the battle not away from the battle. You can hide in plain sight when you trust in the goodness of the Lord! Amen! Lastly, know how to hope. Hope is living! Act upon it! you don't  hope it's not cold, wear a coat and go out anyway! Act upon that hope! Place your hand on it! Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen! Amen! Check it out! Elevation Church! It all happens in the heart but it doesn't start with the heart! It starts in the habits. Habits create the condition of your heart! Please do check it out! You must!
L Jun 29
The cigarettes, they make me sick but they make me whole.
The smoke fills my lungs; fill me with your smoke.
You're a craving, i'm itching for a hit.
Just half is enough. Just enough to feel it.
Make me feel light; make me feel alright.
Just let me get my fill.
360 degrees
365 days
i find myself back here
a rotating haze
crocodiles in the lake
waiting to strike
i've been chewed
digested and reborn
cycle of life
upon resurrecting, i have a bit more knowledge
knowledge of the world, self and my worth
but it's like the crocodiles are painted red, waving gracefully in front of my gaze
i'm a bull that rams through with everything in my way
hidden and undetected is how most know about their nature
but they're just red flags that i chase without a chaser
i'm tired of being digested and sucked lifeless
i've been resurrected so many times
it's like i have this unlimited energy supply
charging and giving to things that i realize aren't worth it
it reaches full capacity and destroys my circuits
which is why i come back to this space in time
all hazy
burnt out
i've resurrected once again
with more knowledge than before
and now i know not to become aroused to the sight of red flags anymore
not running in loops or patterns
just running freely
here i am, 365 days later
full circle, a human that has learned from the past
that still has more to do
but moving forward with a different pursuit
Faith Jun 27
my bed is swallowing me whole
my negative thoughts are
consuming my being
i feel so heavy
i understand why my bed
can no longer support me
and has decided
to eat me instead

i feel full of lead
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