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Keller 3h
All the ways I try to fill the void
Seem to make me empty

Funny how shallow needs
Create a shallow soul
I'll continue to sink lower and lower
They say it takes 21 days to make a habit
One, I found myself retracing the paths of how we used to go home on new streets and different sidewalks- left, cross, go right, forward, then left.
Two, I went to the mall to buy fleece blankets.
Three, the jeepney ride took six times longer than usual.
Four, the x-ray results show scoliosis, not fatal.
Five, my ukulele lost its cold sound.
Six, my dictionary shows two meanings for the word town.
Seven, I sang my readings to the tune of Earth, Wind and Fire's September.
Eight, "I fall for always and forever."
Nine, we had plans for breakfast.
Ten, we lost ourselves in the cast.
Eleven, I lost it when you said goodbye too quickly.
Twelve, there is a difference between truth and honesty.
Thirteen, you always started conversations
Fourteen, when did we start regretting decisions?
Fifteen, was it when you've forgotten my voice?
Sixteen, I tried to keep the little boy away from the noise.
Seventeen, I told him a story about Mars that night.
Eighteen, you said if you could **** the moon, you just might.
Nineteen, I held the hand of the little boy for a long time.
Twenty,  I ended my goodbye with his favorite rhyme.
Twenty-one, my first watch was never a time travel device.
But they say it takes 21 days to break a habit
So on day one, I will wipe the mascara off the lashes of my eyes...
Ito na.
I have phone habits
Are they the same as yours?
How do you talk when you’re nervous?
How do you act when you’re bored?
I want to see how you’ll move
When together, we’re alone
Do you touch skin to skin
Or peel back bone to bone?
What kind of cook are you,
The type that stresses out?
Can you relax in tense moments
Or do you freak out?
Will you be my rock
And will I be your stone?
One day we’ll wrote the story that, for now, remains untold.
In general, I am so intrigued by people and how they handle even mundane things, like phone habits. Do they wait until it is low battery to charge it? Do they charge it intermittently all day? Small things like that are interesting to me. This poem, though, is written from a romantic standpoint, as if I were speaking to my romantic interest. It’s about learning the little things that make them who they are and how they interact with you.
Jarene Oct 24
all i want
is to be
wrapped up in your hoodie
with your arms around me
There's nothing more beautiful
than a woman showing love to everyone
          But I curse thy self for believing
       I was special

As a man like me hated the world while my fist are the keys to my door and everything that is locked

I loved you
    Darling I loveD you ...
3 am thoughts
In the crease of her fingers
Is where she held me.
A history of thought,
Flaked off at the end.
It was her fingers I felt most comfortable.
That I could truly do anything.
Stuck between her middle and pointer finger.
Held high, upright.
Unprecedented in eclipse.
She'd press me to her lips.
Flaked at the tip.
Scatter ash
Where I felt most alive.
Nestled in the bend of her fingers.
My building without escape.
She'd set fire to my head.
& like a mad man I'd lay still.
This smoke, a place I wanted to be.
Our bad habit persisting
Day in and day out.
The only fact perhaps we truly have.
I'd unravel in loss of responsibility,
The nook of her fingers,
A universal sense of comfort.
Withered down.
Tossed to the wind.
Our history made short,
Recognizing that we were doomed from the start.
Smoking in front of the no smoking sign,
A habit we can't put down
I seem to bruise every thing I touch
I act on my feelings as if everyone knows what it's like to feel so much you can't think straight
please excuse the messes I make
pure intentions mixed with bad habits
I care about everything and I care about you
I just never learned how to show it without creating chaos
Anne Sep 26

of you
hits me
the hardest
that time.

wake up
sit back
stare outside

you for
a min.

wake up again.

this time

We often latch on habits that kills us
Cigarettes turn to painkillers
Liquor turns to cough syrups

I die everyday without a dose of heaven

As we picture out these habits
as an escape from reality
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