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When you drown in
an endless ocean of whisky,
you'll miss the taste of life's waters
  as your mind floats above the
ravaging tide of addiction
  and you constantly begging
for the flow to calm

You'll realize that the slowest of recovery
   is better than the fastest one who can chug

Someone out there is either dying for alcohol
or dying from an alcohol addiction,

I won't judge you
on what your heart is looking for
but the drink that's been on your hand
for too long
ain't Jesus in a bottle

It will pass.
How desperate we are
to maintain our habits,
   we often trade parts of ourselves
just to feel that rush
whenever we sober up
and latch on to that feeling
up to the very end.

The other lung
for a pack of cigarettes,
that spare kidney
for case of beer
and the worst one
trading a trusted friend
for a gram,
Alas at the end of the day
no matter how much earthly treasure you possess in this world of trades,
  you can never bargain the time
that is lost
and another chance for everything
  to change
Happy 1 month sober to me
A young disciple of discipline is just,
trying to dissipate negative traits.
Hesitations of change are often in frame
but most balloons don't fly straight.
Instead there's the choice of multiple fates,
played upon through invisible games.
Who is listening, we're nowhere near finished yet, when the drifter remains in stages to claim.

Draw upon those who have taught you before, are these new lessons or echoes restored in repetition.
Persistent tricks formed from stubborn habits, hidden in-kind to the back of our brains, where a complete disregard is often retained.
Try observing yourself through the eyes of others, are you sure we're the same when shuffling states.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
B-J-M Jul 8
there is a point of no return;
unthinkingly dismissed
a line crossed;
instant regret
up until that moment;

i have just crossed
that threshold

the hangnail was bitten
and pulled
until flesh was torn
and blood ran
now there is nothing
but discomfort

knowing full well
what i was doing;
there is no excuse for such idiocy
the anguish
that never leaves my heart

bites my nails
and pulls my hair out

this anguish
one day might **** me

but maybe
just maybe

it already did it
I’m truly anguished, I have so many feelings, so many thoughts in my head rn but I can’t barely write, only short pieces :( not despising short poems but I feel I could write so much more
Luisa C May 3
Old habits never die
They just stay in the shadows and hide
They lurk and linger beneath the surface of your mind
Waiting for the perfect moment to strike
Slowly creeping out when they feel it's time

Old habits never fade
They just trick you into thinking they've shrunk away
One night they're gone, then they surprise you the next day
"Remember us? We've come out to play."
Because old habits always stay

A reminder, a memory, a haunting a curse
Reciting all the things you've learnt
Retracing the steps you thought you forgot
A well rehearsed line, a feeling that doesn't subside
A vice that only grows tighter over time
Because old habits never die.
Nicole Apr 24
ink tinged night
murky veil covering
dim, blood splattered eyes
cowering in the corner
sweat soaking skin
an outstretched arm trembles
grabbing the glass again
It should be illegal, like A dangerous drug,
A constant teacher, of unbelievable junk,
Children, to adults, are totally hypnotized,
Falling over, on the couch, until totally drunk.

Personal imagination, slowly fades,
Separating, entertainment & fantasy, is dead
The talent of thinking, begins to decay,
Remembering, very little inside, A numb head.

The number one baby sitter, from children, to adults,
Where most learn, bad habits, they act and believe,
From A baby, to eighty years, watch four hours a day,
Around thirteen years, of A life, all the cost, and fees,
So much more would be accomplished, without TV’s.

                                                                          Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                               3/30/2019 AD
                                                                                 11:15 AM
I'm tryin' not to drink,
Thinkin' of you,
But you make me wanna get drunk,
Just to forget 'bout you.
Alaina Moore Mar 19
My favorite time of the day lately
Is when everyone else in the house is sleeping.
This is my alone time.
Laying in my cocoon of warm blankets
I take in the silence
My mantra ensues

This is my time
And no one can take it from me.

I get lost in daydreams that fade into real dreams.
And as I hit snooze on my alarm the mantra continues

These next 10 minutes are mine and mine alone.
I am safe in my cocoon and I am safe in this room.
Hold on to this feeling of calm.
The day will pass at times constant speed.
No one can change that no matter how it feels.
This is my time
No one can take it from me.

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