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Maria Mitea Oct 2020

destined lighthouse keepers 

shining light in my eyes

my eyes lighten up your eyes

our eyes illuminated hearts

two candlelights in the far distance

destined lighthouse keepers
M Vogel Sep 2019

Onto a crumpled, weathered parchment
he bleeds out  his love for her

And she,  in turn
finds words,  that wax poetic

Flowery words.  pretty words

Words that rhyme,
quarter tones of time

Flowers, hearts, peer-laden smiles
lined up-- all, in a pretty little line

There is a spattered blood,
on tattered parchment,   still

and, still..  no less mine

I'm holding out my only candle
though it's so little light to find my way
Now this story's been laid beneath my candle
and it's shorter every hour
as it reaches for the day
Yes, I feel just like a candle in a way

I hope I'll get there,
but I'll never pray
~J. Browne

years pass.. and I am beginning to age
Rylie Lucas Sep 2019
I watch the candle flicker
Moonlight streaming through
My open window
A soft breeze dancing along my skin
This is it, I think
What happiness is
This serenity, calming feeling
Where nothing bothers me
And I feel nothing at all

I was wrong.
Sorry, it's been so long. I've been working on my story that has barely begun. It's going to be awesome though!
Emily Aug 2019
Flicker, little candlelight
While you still can
Until you're the last wick still lit on the candle stand
rk May 2019
eden is hands
covered in ink stains
from my soul escaping
onto the pages
of tattered notebooks,
listening to the rain
fall softly on the window
like a lover's kiss
upon my shoulder
while the amber haze
of candlelight
burns slowly,
gently dancing
in golden celebration
across the darkness
just like the flames
that swallow me at your touch.
Alanna Romero Mar 2019
He put up a smile,
as the candlelight shone amidst the darkness beckoning his soul.
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