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m h John Jan 22
Don’t you worry about
Never seeing the light of day
Give peace a chance
Let the fear you feel
Fall away
Say yes to heaven, my love,
There’s no other way
If you go,
I’ll stay
And channel your memory
Through the candlelight
For you to follow
Back to me
Lily Dec 2018
~I want to kiss you under the mistletoe and hold you in the candlelight~
Idiosyncrasy Nov 2018
Call me when it's dark
I will bring a candlelight
Keep me in within your reach
Keep me in you sight

Call me when it's dark
Let's keep this candle burning bright
Sing to me your songs
We will make it through the night

Call me when it's dark
Bathe in the life of this dying light
Don't hold your tears
We have losses even when we fight

Call me when it's dark
When things aren't going right
We will blow the candle
I will hold you tight

Keep you in my arms
Even after the losses and the fights
Tell you that this world full of chaos
Wakes up to see your light.
Sa susunod muli.
Arianna Nov 2018
I sit late
Up through the night
In company with a candle,
Watching Caravaggios
Paint themselves upon the walls
In a plotless shadowplay.
Tangential, but it brings to mind Balinese shadow puppets:
We are stars wrapped in skin
A universe in ecstatic motion
Having a heart pulsating like a supernova
and eyes made of stardust
that shines bright in the darkness.
Thoughts like candlelights
Flickering on and off.
So protect your light
Protect your flame from the ice of others
Let it burn, let it burn brighter
Let it burn from within till it’s out
Let your light shine, whatever form it may be.
Kaleigh Jan 2018
Sweet candlelight, a crisp scent ****** my nose.

Hollow eyes looking back into mine.

Show me the way, away from this world.

The petals fall like feathers, crimson blood drips from the walls.

Keep breathing dear.

Soft whiskers on my cheeks, whispers echo like howls in the freezing night.

Candlelight, will you guide me my way home.

I'm afraid I'll always be alone.

Touch me with your warmth, make me feel alive.

With a flicker of the sky, lighting strikes.

I gasp, biting my tongue.

The tip of a knife, the burning air hanging thick.

Flames roar, everything is silent.

Suburban homes, lined up like dolls.

Each one tumbles and falls.

Candlelight, will you guide me my way home

I'm afraid I'll always be alone

Touch me with your warmth, make me feel alive

Before you put me out, please don't make me say goodbye
Rhett Robertson Sep 2017
I’ve been on this road for a long time now,
I’ve driven with ease and I’ve broken down,
I’ve heard crows cackles, learned how doves sing,
Crawled through nightmares, flown through dreams,

I’ve driven through the desert, driven through trees,
Eaten off the pavement and dined with the kings,
Through all the hours there’s one thing I’ve found,
You can’t make someone care if you’re not around,

So I’ll call you once I’m found,
Whether I stand up or touch the ground,
Leave the candle lit until I’m free,
Once I’m across this sea,
I’ll find you, and you’ll find me,

I’ve been running around this block for hours,
Just trying to find peace,
I’ve been sitting here, silently, begging for answers,
Maybe one day I’ll know what it means,

I’ve been pulling on cuffs, asking questions about stuff,
that I probably shouldn’t question,
But if I finally shut up, will I be content with myself,
Or be drawn to another burden,
Trying to find something worth this,

So I’ll call you once I’m found,
Whether I stand up or touch the ground,
Leave the candle lit until I’m free,
Once I’m across this sea,
I’ll find you, and you’ll find me,

Through the pavement of gods,
and the cackle of doves,
I’ll find my way back to the sun,
Through the road may be long,
I’ve still got a song,
Just leave that candle light on,
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Forever Evermore

Walk with me
     through fields of clover

Lay me down
      in sheets of linen

Let me see the dazzle
of the candlelight
in the brilliance
of Your ways

We will walk
      when all has answer

We will kiss
      beneath that tree

We will know
       all has come full-circle
              in a moment
                  just We between

Then remember
       to never say never

No never

For my love
will hold You always

On the crossing
and beyond the river

To that place
of Forever and Ever...

and Forever Evermore


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