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Alicia Moore Sep 15
Being alive
Isn’t the same
As living,

And death
Isn’t as terrifying
As dying.
I shouldn't be attracted to your smile
Your twinkling eyes, your golden hair
You ask me why I am so hostile
It's because you terrify me.

Are we God's fallen angels,
Happened to share the same sin?
Or are we only people,
Thirsting for a forbidden love?

You're so cool in your own skin
Ready to turn the other cheek
You say that love always wins
But does it triumph hatred?

Maybe that's why I am in love with you
You're ready to face the world with truth.
Butterfly Apr 29
While rain pours down on the rooftop,

I finally feel calm
it's terrifying
The unknown can be terrifying
Stay safe and don't forget to eat a cookie, you derseve it!
Khushi Saha Sep 2019
Someone told me either you always win or lose a fight,
I asked,
Did you ever had one with your bestie!!
Jenna Mar 2019
Mysterious person in my dream
your appearance is quite extreme

You feel like a dark, wretched theme
its enough to make me wanna scream
cherry blossom Dec 2018
Sometimes both keeping my eyes closed and opening them up are terrifying
The mirror has a habit of reminding me the pieces of myself that ive lost and kept on losing. What i have left is not much.
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
"Moving is like dying"
Empty pasts haunt
the reborn body.
Minds collapse and form
new beautiful butterflies.
The more moving,
the more broken wings.
The butterflies stop flying
and start crying.
The hottest tears
for all the years.
The future becomes terrifying.
Danielle Mar 2018
I’ll shout you down,
Laughing in my way:
A joy filled sound,
To shake you
To your core.
A sound to amuse me,
To shatter the farce.
Sweet and pleasant,
Loud and musical,
Never have I heard
Such terrifying Joy.
Perhaps the closest I'll get to explaining why I use SilverLaughter as a name for almost everything.
rosecoloredpoet Mar 2018
Ever since childhood I hated uncertainty
and I was scared of every little change that has happend
Even if it was something minor I sudenly felt different

But even though changes are terrifying they are necessary for us to grow
We have to step out of our comfortable bubble
In the end it teaches us that we are unbreakable

So I am walking through the paths of life
terrified but feeling alive
Moon Wright Feb 2018
Such a human emotion
Something all humans carve to have
Something all humans can't resist


There are some
Like me
Who can't stand the thought
Of love
It terrifies us
To our very core


Such a repulsive word
We don't crave it
We resist it the best we can


The human need for love
The human craving for love
The human wanting of love
Fights with this fear
And every day they clash
Together in a fight over control
Neither side is willing to back down


Such a terrible, scary word
Such a deep, uninviting word
Such a tear-working word

I can't have it
It needs to stay away
I don't need it
It scares me anyway


Such a terrifying word
Philophobia is real; it lives in me
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