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Jia Ming Apr 2017
Yes-sirry! these fizzes fills my feet with
Everything- too delicate: a Sunny
Ladybird- too sweet: a honey's Honey
Lemon drink! And should we take a whiff
Of such- such snappy splashy splunkydashy;
We'll caress the truth of Yellow... Flashy!
The delight of all around you, only if you look! If everythings moody, create the shine.
shåi Apr 2017
liquids as
lives become
in an attempt

this is different than most poems i have written.. i havent written an acrostic in many years!!
moonlight Apr 2017
Sugar sweet kisses
unbelievably divine
Goodness says I
A beautiful dream
Ravishing my soul
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
All the eyes
Turn over here
There is something
Entertaining and Interesting that
Needs you to pay notice
To it  , so
Invest some energy here
On something that will
Not dissapoint.
Thank you every one to pay attention over here
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
Anytime at any place
Love has come to me
Wishing me the best
And leaving me better
You too came and went
Stay, I wish you did.

For my heart aches
Underneath the strong red
Louder and louder it beats
Love, for your love.

Never will it beat for another
Only you is its song
I will always keep your music
So there is noise, now and in
Thanks for reading my poems.
March 15, 2016
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
Coming through arches and glass
Out with your bags, inspected fast
Under a tree in a garden's sun
Read out the rules to everyone
Tell us how to drive safe as kids
Homilize on the things people did
Over and done, we get our cards
Useful for work or for fun
Seems like only yesterday
Everyone had to ask 'rents for a way
Mary-Eliz Apr 2017
Mostly I drift about, then land
Ashore when seeking,
Reaching for the dreams of
Yesterday and hopes denied

Envelop my soul in peace
Longing to find
Islands of solitude whose
Zenith is golden warmth, rainbow                                
Arcs and cooling
Breeze ruffling trees at
Evening as stars appear to
Transport me
I agree with whoever said "These are harder than you  think." I put my name, then thought of a random word for each letter, then filled in the rest, so it turned out pretty lame. :-)
kayla morrison Apr 2017
Life doesn't have rules
it's nOt all laid out the the beginning
on clean paper
in black
And white.

Some say there is a plan,
some say there is nothing.
I Try to follow direction,
but there is none to follow.
Lauren Ehrler Apr 2017
You're distance
Overwhelmingly hurts my
Under appreciated feelings

Are you blind?
Not quite like I am
Deaf and mute

Is it ever love?
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