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Apr 12 · 108
Mental Illness
Void Apr 12
When the mind cripples the body
When your youth fades day by day
When trust is broken because no one believes you
To just get out of bed, while they think you're lazy
Your pain could go away
To live a normal life

Its very real
When the mind is so sick, it affects your physical being
Mar 14 · 130
Void Mar 14
Its easier being invisible
You don't know my name
You don't know my face
Those of you who read the words I write
Sometimes are the only ones who listen
I don't want an identity
Because its not easy being me
Even when I'm here, I only take up space and no one notices
No one cares
So only you can know my pain
And only I can take it away
I'm just a wasted space, invisible in the void
And that's okay
Mar 14 · 115
Just Tired
Void Mar 14
Nothing ever works out
I am always sold out
There's nothing like
Having no one believing a word I say
Its not like I lie
It just happens this way
I feel framed for something that never even happened
Maybe I'm delusional
I promise this usual
A typical day for me
I just grow tired of no one believing me
Its funny cause I never lie
All I ever do is try to make people understand
I guess they'll never know who I am
Mar 7 · 101
Void Mar 7
His dampened existence, so dreary and bleak
Was met with the warmth of her smile of which nothing can compete
He was like the rain, his pain surged like thunder
But her touch lingered tranquility- as the sun showed its face
His existence was as black as the night; silent and dark in the mind
Her light shone through to open his eyes
He now understood just why the moon needed the sun
Mar 7 · 195
Void Mar 7
The ground crumbles beneath my feet
Slowly chipping away at the foundation where I stand
There is nowhere left to go
I am stuck here on my own
You brought me to this place, void of life
Everyone, in the end is gone and I am left to fall all alone
Everyone that I loved
Every moment we shared is gone
Mar 6 · 185
Void Mar 6
All this hate, and the regret
Even the anger and torment
All of these feelings I don't get, because I bury them deep inside

All of the times
I should have lashed out
All of the pain and tears have dried out
All of these feelings I don't get, they haunt me

While all of this time-
On the inside
I'm screaming
To be let out
Mar 6 · 349
Void Mar 6
Do you ever feel guilty when you walk all over people?

Do you ever feel ashamed when you lie?

Do you ever think that maybe you should care about your child?

Or does everything always have to revolve around you?

Do you ever get tired of manipulating others?

Do you fall asleep with a satisfied grin?

Tell me, what's it like to be you?
Mar 6 · 160
Void Mar 6
If I could sleep
And forget everything
If only for a moment
My mind would be at peace

If I could only dream
And escape reality
If only for a while
I'd feel a sense of relief
Mar 6 · 175
Void Mar 6
I can't find the words today...
If I speak, no one will believe me
They never did, anyways
So I put my heart on display
But my mind is slipping
My soul is aching
And I just want them to listen to me
I want somebody to believe me
Just because my condition isn't physical, doesn't mean it isn't real
Mental illness infects the mind and body
Some people are too ignorant to understand
Feb 12 · 144
Void Feb 12
Down now

No, there's
No hope for
You now

Just as
The fire
Dies down

No, there's
No coming
Back now

Slow now

So long,

Lights out
A very old write
Feb 12 · 1.1k
Void Feb 12
I want to break
So that I can pull myself together
So that I can rebuild my strength

I want to scream
So that I won't have to
feel a thing

I want to cry
So that I'm reminded I'm still human
But nothing comes although I try

I want to hurt
So that I can forget my pain

But instead
I do nothing
Because sometimes
Doing nothing
Hurts more than anything
Feb 12 · 396
Void Feb 12
My chest aches today
An overwhelming feeling that I get
I just want to feel pain to help me forget
As if feeling physical pain
Would get rid of the way I hurt so badly inside
Feb 8 · 253
Void Feb 8
Some wounds
Cut deeper than flesh
And tarnish the soul

Feelings get hurt
Relationships lose their worth
And the actions are haunting

This is the trauma that will last a lifetime
These are the instances which make or break us

Fight or flight
Fight for your life
As your sanity slowly slips through your fingers

Strike a match
To light a candle:
A memorial of your life
Before it went astray
Feb 8 · 351
Void Feb 8
The intricate patterns
Plastered on the wall
So intricate in design
But I've studied it all
The wall is a friend
Of whom I can depend
To console my broken spirits
My mind relaxes
As time passes
And all I do is stare
Nothing seems to matter anymore
As I stare at my wall
As I stare, I start to lose feeling until I feel nothing at all
Feb 8 · 110
Void Feb 8
I don't get why you always hate me
Its driving me insane
The way you always feel the need to berate me
I feel anger I can't contain
So much for friend
So much for family
Those titles to you mean nothing
You're just projecting
And I'm a walking target for you
But I'm used to being treated like ****
I'm tired of this
Nov 2020 · 385
Never Enough
Void Nov 2020
No one
Will understand
That when they complain to me
I don't tell them of my burdens so that I can

No one
Will understand
That when I offer advice
to them
All I want is for them to listen to me, too
Oct 2020 · 85
Void Oct 2020
Welcome to my world
I'm sorry its so dark and dreary
Oct 2020 · 223
The Ninth Planet
Void Oct 2020
One day, I belong with the rest
I lag behind, just trailing along
No one notices me
Until I'm gone
I'm part of a set
Without me, you're incomplete
But you don't notice me
Until I'm gone
You're still debating whether or not I belong

I've been ostracized from my peers after all the countless years
And now I simply don't exist
I'm left alone
In the frozen, black abyss
Sep 2020 · 531
Void Sep 2020
It terrifies me
Knowing that people
Like you
Exist in this world
Sep 2020 · 469
Void Sep 2020
I wish I could remember
The day that we first met
But then I'm comforted realizing
I never remember my life without you being in it

Then I think to myself...
I want your presence in my life to last forever
Sep 2020 · 190
Love Language
Void Sep 2020
It doesn't lie in simple words
It doesn't hide in the promises
It resides in the fine print.
The details in the context
When actions speak in your stead
Its the effort that makes things right in the end
Sep 2020 · 193
The Realist
Void Sep 2020
One of the greatest curses in my life

Is understanding both sides to the story

But always being pinned as the bad guy for

"choosing a side"
Sep 2020 · 81
Void Sep 2020
These four walls
Are my cage
And I just waste away in eerie silence
The days run together
Somehow, days don't even matter
And I wait to see the sun again
Sep 2020 · 177
Void Sep 2020
How can a heart so big be so dark..?
Sep 2020 · 469
Void Sep 2020
He's taken his time
Wasted his life
For three years
He kept running away
He ran every time

The past is catching up
And he can't run fast enough
So he falls into a pit
And he struggles to get up
Sep 2020 · 109
Void Sep 2020
Just a shred of hope
For the hopeless
Is plenty need for existance
Sep 2020 · 869
Void Sep 2020
This pain
In my chest


Just a spark
Of emotion

In a second,
It'll pass

Before it all
Goes black
Aug 2020 · 315
Void Aug 2020
What if it were all down to a moment
What thoughts would remind you of me?
Would it be my talent?
Would it be love?
Would it be pain?

I've always been so invisible, I wonder what others cherish in me
The words left unspoken
The stories untold
I wish I could know what thoughts would provoke
Aug 2020 · 226
The Story We Shared
Void Aug 2020
I can still see you everywhere I go
My memories paint your image clearly
Your voice still speaks to me, even in a crowded room
I'm the only one who hears it

You meant the world to me
You saved my life
You saved me from myself so many times
I miss you so painfully
It hurts to know you're missing at my side
Aug 2020 · 167
They Think It's A Lie
Void Aug 2020
He has a sickness
Which has no cure
His body is well
But his mind is broken
Nothing can fix him

All he can do is cope
With his sad existence
While everyone tells him
He is wrong
"Just get up and dust off"
But their encouragement
Only makes him fall deeper
If only they'd listen...

If he could do these things
He would have done them by now
He's just sick
And there is no way out
Aug 2020 · 214
The Siren
Void Aug 2020
A soft song
Carries on through
The dead of winter

On this cold night
Nothing but a sigh
Of a soft and gentle voice

Not a soul can be seen
On a blank canvas of fresh white snow

Only her gentle melody
Lures me
And I follow her song

Within this blank canvas
The frozen soft breeze is mesmerizing

Still, her beautiful song
Pulls at my feet
Captivating me

A winter of desolation
Was never lonely by her side
Aug 2020 · 175
Void Aug 2020
Vibrant colors...
How unnerving
Black is the only color which holds my heart
Aug 2020 · 181
Void Aug 2020
Every person she meets, she thinks they're fake.
They will only talk with her until it becomes a chore. They pretend to care, but then they treat her like an enemy.

She doubts her self worth
Her existence

She wonders if it is her fault that they treat her like garbage

Every person she meets
Aug 2020 · 166
Fine Line
Void Aug 2020
Being Kind

Being Assertive

Being Harsh

There are fine lines

When you're kind, you get used- abused

When you're assertive
You're an *******

When you're harsh
It pushes others away

But no matter what you are...
No one ever wants you in their lives
So now what?
Aug 2020 · 63
Just An Honest Answer
Void Aug 2020
So many questions running through my head
Is it worth it?
Will they notice?
Why don't they care?
Nothing ever makes sense
My questions are never answered, and I am left more confused than ever
Aug 2020 · 232
Void Aug 2020
Standing in the crowd
You speak
But no one hears a sound
Aug 2020 · 124
Naege Gidae
Void Aug 2020
When you're weak
I'll be the foundation beneath your feet

When you feel alone
I'll be by your side from morning until night

When you are hurting
I'll be the one to take your pain all away

Just say the word, and I'll rescue you from all you've been evading

When no one listens
I'll be there, I'll hear your voice. I'll always be there

Lean on me, in my arms
I'll keep you safe from all harm
Aug 2020 · 134
Void Aug 2020
A morsel of hope
That is merely a seed
Is watered by her tears
And blossoms in Spring
It grows and grows
Along with her dreams
It sprouted limbs in form of a tree
It bears the sweetest of fruits of only happiness, it brings
She gets a sugary taste in which the fruit bore
A taste of peace in which she had never known before

As spring turned to winter
The frost killed her tree
The only good thing in her life was now bleak
The branches were bear
And her dreams were not there
But she knew this sorrow would only last for a season
And once the vibrant life of spring returned
She could water another seed with her tears and sorrows
So her happiness could be reborn
Aug 2020 · 511
Void Aug 2020
My memories are fading
My life is but a petty existence
My mind is foggy
I can't feel a thing
I can't think clearly
I have to be coddled
So I don't accidentally hurt myself
This is just an episode
It will change
I'll be myself
Perhaps tomorrow
But not today
My life continues on in the distance
Like my life is a movie
I feel so empty
I feel so useless
Aug 2020 · 491
Void Aug 2020
Time heals all wounds
Yet the scars still remain
A smile is plastered on your face
Yet your eyes are vacant with pain

They tell you to move on
That your feelings are aged and invalid
"You're always happy; you're not depressed"
Their words portray their ignorance
And still, you never rest

Time heals all wounds
So... you must be okay
Jul 2020 · 362
Void Jul 2020
Every day is a gift
And all we do is take

As life is often taken for granted
Void Jul 2020

Burning red

With flames that melt through flesh

A hungry flame
Which devours everything in it's path... and leaves a life with nothing left

The sharp pain leaves feelings of regret. The catalyst of losing something you can't ever get back

Flashbacks of the open flesh
The raw, throbbing sores
The gravely breaths escaping lungs heavy as lead
Lungs trapped in an iron cage, its impossible to expand and retract

The groans of a suffering, unending escaping lungs of lead

These are the images that frequent the mind
Not sure if I should post this, yet here we are.
Jul 2020 · 133
Void Jul 2020
Sinking deeper
Day by day
The thought of living
Weighs heavily today
The lines of crimson
Leave a nasty stain
I can't help but wonder
If I'm truly okay
All these thoughts
Run through my brain
Everything is fine
So why the hell am I feeling this way?
Everything is fine
That's what I always say
I'll get through tonight
If only for a day
Jul 2020 · 163
Void Jul 2020
You do not know
Who I am

I occupy the black spaces in your mind
You hear me all the time
I am not tangible
I'm invisible

Deeply rooted in the fabric of your being
With out me, your life would have no meaning
Although you don't notice me, you know that you need me

You can't expel me
Because you'll never find me

You'll never feel lonely
As I haunt you daily

I inhabit the dark spaces in your mind
I am with you all the time
Jul 2020 · 237
Little Liar
Void Jul 2020
Their lies are woven so intricately into their words, it's almost beautiful.
I nearly have to take a step back to appreciate their efforts.
But then I remember that these lies are all they speak; always making promises they can't keep.
Even the smiles on their faces are weak.
Jul 2020 · 118
T or F?
Void Jul 2020
Never got you anywhere

Never did a **** thing
Jul 2020 · 257
Fallen On Deaf Ears
Void Jul 2020
He devoted his whole life
To people he called his friends... his family

He spent his time
His energy
His loving care
To listen and offer guidance

His family
Was perfect
From the outside,
Looking in

But no one ever
Gave a thought
To the pain that he was in

Through all of his struggles
He stood strong
The years had been ******* him for far too long
And he bore his burdens alone, time after time

Not a single friend
To confide

Not a single kin
To offer him wisdom

They were there
But they never cared
As they were always complaining selfishly
Of their petty qualms
To which he listened

It's not that he didn't try
To seek refuge in them
They were too consumed
Basking in their own greed

To hear





They never could see
How broken he was
Until it was too late

They should have

They should have

But they simply had no time to spare
This is not necessarily a true story, but simply a warning to care for others as they care for you. Repeated kindness is rarely returned. Be aware. This happens more often than the average person realizes.
Jul 2020 · 405
Solar-Lunar Dance
Void Jul 2020
The stars

In her eyes

Make me

Feel alive

She is the day

And I am the night

And when we

Both collide;

She fills the void

In my chest

With her

Illuminating light
Jul 2020 · 138
Her Lessons
Void Jul 2020
She taught me
To be a spark of color
In a world of black and white

She taught me
To express myself
And quit hiding who I am

She taught me
Of my worth
Both inside and out

She taught me
These lessons to carry
After she'd passed

She taught me
The lessons that would
Some day save my life
Jul 2020 · 382
A Question
Void Jul 2020
If I can't afford
The treatment

Do I really deserve
To get better?
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