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Empire Jul 19
Why are you so sad, dear?
What burdens tug on your heart?
Draw tears from your kind eyes...
Why are you aching?
I can feel it in my soul

You’re not well, my love
Come here
I’ll hold you for a bit
Wrap you in a warm embrace
Feel the consistency of my heart
Feel the strength in my arms
Let me carry it all for a stretch
You don’t have to do it all alone

Though I know you can, my warrior

But I can't watch you do this
Destroy yourself
Slowly, subtly
I've noticed
And it makes me very afraid

Despite what you believe, darling
You are really quite lovely
Your presence a treasure

You are exquisite

Sweetheart, just rest for a bit
Can you do that for me?
Sit with me
Tell me everything on your mind
Release every tear you've been hiding
I'll just listen
I'll just be here with you
Until you're alright
A cathartic fantasy...

Perhaps a kind of love letter? I think I could use one of those...
carry burdens over your back
the burdens tired and you are still in lack
of asking for help or articulate how is your back

suffering from bearing that gravities that must sack
your dream in honorable life and smart  frontage
you ****** bad luck, they said you merit to attack
the life is full of burdens and pain. wo could suffer it, will win
Religiously they came
Pardoning ropes clinked to hope
Sourcing shame to sustain dreams
Balancing pride on thin lines, called peace.
But !
Religiously they came
Leaving pure, the many sins made
Working through the morning dews
Only to cry out for their souls at night.
Empire Apr 12
Some days
My burdens are heavy
Awkward and painful to carry
Weighing me down
Making me struggle
Just to want to take my next breath

Some days
I am surprised
By the contentment in my heart
The adventure of living
Finally seems a good plan
And I breathe in deep
Maybe the good days
Fleeting as they may be
Are worth fighting
Through all the pain
Empire Mar 12
Why are my burdens so heavy?
I packed my bags light
But so many people thought
I needed this or that
And they threw in more
And some of their own, but
Life itself is mostly responsible,
I suppose,
For, most of my bags
Are nothing more than
Consequences of
Bad luck
Maybe I just need to get stronger...
Chloe Dec 2018
I disguised
my fear of commitment
as a hunger for
I'm aimlessly floating
as if it's
the bigger picture.

I want to love,
to be loved
like anyone does.
But I'm tainted
with the mind
of a messed up
version of love;
Expiration dates on a heart.

I made myself
believe lives are
meant to be left
for something
new to obtain.
Like a girl scout badge,
to show off to all of my friends.

I wonder where the
void in my heart exists.
Is it possible it's
from a place I already visited?
I wish I knew
where I belonged.
Najihah Nov 2018
How can you make a curve on your face when you know
Inside you is a chaos?
The curve on your face giving others less burdens
While nobody knows how heavy the burdens you're carrying.
I wish I could carry the burdens I have as easy as how I smile to others.
I'm sad knowing that I'll be moving soon. It's more sadder when I don't know who should I tell this. I just feel like wanna **** myself for thousand times.
Anna Oct 2018
The noose around your neck
Is around ours
Necks warped and twisted
By pools of molten tears
Erupting without warning

She was an infected bullet wound
Giving you tetanus
A black line that raced to your mind
Reddening your eyes
So you only saw death

You burned in the fire of Hades
Capricious flames dancing
A witch burning alive
Found guilty of being human
A verdict you couldn’t live with

They can't point fingers now
At the void where you were
And their fingers are lost
In old handkerchiefs
Saturated with their tears

Flowers replace you
Where you once stood
White when they should be black
You choke on religion
Even now

We pull back the soil
Tucking you up with the earth
Kissing you with impotent words
Burying you under the rope
You carried so diligently in life
Trigger warning: suicide. This was written about suicide after my boyfriend at the time's brother killed himself. It explores his pain and the pain of those left behind.
CGW Oct 2018
It feels as though life is just a modgepodge of thoughts drifting like autumn winds in a China shop.
These endless thoughts that carry the weight of fallen birds.
I was really tired, like exhausted and I started writing without thinking and this is what I wrote.
de Negre Sep 2018
singed by acute crossroads
        we are marooned through indecision-
pulling our weight
        trying to lighten the load

we bare it as does the earth
        and the sun lying on its cot
ready to fall beneath the resting place
        the coal of the hearth, warm in rage

our reflections are true in its image
        everything is a mirror
if you are willing to accept what you see.
        our weight falls from pinning

beneath that hibernating skyline
        as the sun turns it's red steel cheek.
the chains binding us to our burdens
        fall with that sleeping illuminator

pulling us to the ground, the dirt
         turned to mud with our spit,
the slime of creation in the eyes
         of the god we have failed.

only once our tounges rest with the rocks
        as the sun does with its cot,
may we (in our eyes) look up to the creator,
        and ask him to break our chain.
a different tone than my other poems, however, enjoy
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