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Kennedy Sep 2021
an inconvenience is what the rain is.

it does nothing but forces me to fall in love with the softness from the people i let hold me. one after the other. love after love. i always listen to the rain too closely while i let the fourth lover of this lifetime take me in his arms.

he isn't listening to the rain.

he's letting his imagination run wild with the possibilities and scenarios that could take place in this room. my imagination runs to another lover who listens to the rain and imagines me too.

the rain is a nuisance. it falls too softly—the name of my burdens whispered against it.
never will i ever understand why my mother named me after something so troublesome.
Sal AK Apr 2021
When happiness fades
faster than a stranger’s smile,
Only love can make your darkness weak
and your burdens light
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the burdens that we hold are for our backs to curve years of wisdom---to reach peace:}

hard for me to express

the things you left in me are in mess

the buildings so high scared to my *******

believed things come now to their bests

acceptance of the unknown faces that bloom on the yellow stairs

moments I found it a burden to bare

then you another ranger in those brown tiles

made me drink that blue liquor made me smile

laughter in the wooden walls I will uncover soon

even when the visits brought a past gloom

searching is something I was meant to do on those borders

never will I know or remember unless I read the folders

feel the flies in the green lands

a tingle plastered on the hands

but nothing more than that stance you ******

put a lot of grace because of a simple caring lace

is it okay if this while took a late

that mere second has been stuck written on my fate

those arms gambled with my noes

even though a little lie

didn't hurt

didn't go

far from the beyonds

that red sweater

a path to the wallpaper

to the given weather

Zan Feb 2021
Your may have hurt her,
But you did not break her.
You did not destroy her.

She will always be stronger than you,
simply because its just true.

You are nothing to her and to me.
and thats just what you will always be.
For someone whos been through too much
Brittany Ann Jan 2021
I know how a strong woman cries-

and I also know why.

A hidden lump deep in the heart that festers

into a cancerous demise.

People do not stand on thin foundations,

nor lean on paper walls.

They use up space and add more weight

then you're left alone to bear it all.
max Dec 2020
they didnt want me there,
they said i was loved,
they don't care about me.
it was fake,

im a burden to them,
nothing but a burden.
they never wanted to be my friend
or is it just in my head?

my head is
i cant make sense of this.
im trying my hardest to be logical,
i'm trying my hardest
to not let my emotions take over,
but it's not working.

im angry.
i shouldnt be
but i am.

this cant be right?
they love me, don't they?
they wouldnt lie to me like that.
but i cant be sure of it.
im scared.
i hate how much doubt i have all the time,,
Marilyn O Dec 2020
She called out severally
And cried out bitterly
Wishing for a hand,
To untie the band.

The bars stood still,
And stole her skill
Leaving her in pain,
With nothing to gain.

Darts stroke her mind,
Deep enough to bind
And sculped her sight,
With strings of fright.

The past was awake,
Sharpening its old hake
And spreading its sheets,
Engulfing her in ****.
Don't be a prisoner of your past
Void Nov 2020
No one
Will understand
That when they complain to me
I don't tell them of my burdens so that I can

No one
Will understand
That when I offer advice
to them
All I want is for them to listen to me, too
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