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Storm clouds
clear blue skies
aching hearts
Speaking words of comfort
Love soothed my troubled soul
Arms out stretched God beckoned
Me along a rocky road .
Where time stood still
God longed to flow out his
In my time of grief
Tears, pain,
would subside  embrace my tears
I still think of his sweet smile.
Of beauty and Gods grace.
Maria May 29
Soft rains drift on winds of change
Pitter-patter on my window pane
Enchanting the Earth with life renewed
By playing an old, nostalgic tune
That brings back melodies
The years had erased
Immersing me in
Your forgotten embrace
And for a moment,
My darling,
I see your delicate gleam
Rising from the asphalt
In small bouts of steam
Dancing along the empty lane
Tormenting me in my lonely disdain
For I know
Our separation will be long
But until we meet once more:
Soft rains drift on winds of change
Pitter-patter on my window pane
Playing you my love song.
Can you hear it,
My darling?
Brandi Clark Apr 27
So just call me dr. Frankenstein,
With this sick twisted need,
To bring the dead back to life.
Where did you go?
Who is this impostor?!
Ive turned everyone I love into monsters.
Logan Turner Feb 17
Claw marks on the walls
Cover my vision
All I can see
All I can breath
The sea of green that blankets me
There's been a breach
In cell sixteen

Ripped and picked clean
Sound of broken glass
A broken voice?
And soon all is silence except a sound cannot be described
Realises he must be the last
A son at the end of the corridor screams out for dads help
Shifting and phasing, a pulsating mass

These are dreams
I am he and he is I
Who am I then
Am I even me?
Senseless makes you panic
Panic makes it easier to rip and pull you clean
A whispering voice drills into the psyche

Funk plays in the distance
A favourite band
Followed by screaming you've never heard
Followed by the soundscape and the clawing
Follow it
Good ******* God

Wake up
The claw marks still pressing
The sickness inside
Find it
The only way
He's escaped from cell sixteen

Find him in his hole
The hole there
The hole there!
Climb in and find it
Pick and pull it clean

Can't take it back now
We've found a new home
A new home
A new home
A new home
A new home
A new home
A comfy rocking chair
A nice new home in cell sixteen
altair Feb 9
i reached out for your hand,
so i could follow you to that heavenly place
but my fingers slipped out of yours

and i started to fall
further and further down

i saw your face grow smaller
as i fell further
though the clouds
and back into the atmosphere

with eyes wide and pitiful
your hand was still outstretched
like you were reaching for me
even though you knew i had to go

i felt the wind surround me,
guiding me away from a distant dream
back to a harsh reality

without you
i don't want to live in a world without you, yet here i am and i feel more lonelier than i ever thought possible. my heart breaks over and over again every time you appear in my mind. i don't know how much longer i can do this... i want to see you again
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Is death as peaceful as I have imagined?
Will give long-awaited relief
Knives in back to the wall have me pinned
Wounds heal
Not the greif

Attacks from demons leave throbbing scars
Love will stop the pain
Soothe the tissue burning like cigars
Adding life to happiness slain

More cuts appear quickly as stitched
In my skin like engravings
Stuck into flesh
Cannot be switched
To tattoos like clocks at daylight savings

Now time passes with zero meaning
Might just stop altogether
Waiting for the instant I'm sent careening
As I die
Descend into the nether
Doo doo doo
Christmas is far
From our thoughts
this expectation
Won't draw near
The dismay of isolation
no cheer
Kept in captivity
with our thoughts
This mystery virus
is nothing but misery
Some have said
Goodbye to loved ones
without a whisper in their ear
Others bewildered without hope or a job.
Time is short which no-one can denie
Let's draw our thoughts
Our worries
Let's put our trust in
God's unfailing love.
you will always be here
like the moon that hovers
stoically independent

you will always be here
unequivocally present
luminously magnificent

you will always be here
like a God that loves abundantly
forever omnipresent

i may no longer see you
but you will always be here
death did not destroy you
Void Aug 2020
I can still see you everywhere I go
My memories paint your image clearly
Your voice still speaks to me, even in a crowded room
I'm the only one who hears it

You meant the world to me
You saved my life
You saved me from myself so many times
I miss you so painfully
It hurts to know you're missing at my side
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