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Starry Aug 29
When all is
I young woman cries
For her
One true love
Has left her for the
Night never to come back
For he died
The next morning.
William Lewis Jul 27
Age 10
I went to sleep across the hall, eyelids heavy and dreams in my brain.
While across the hall my mum was murdered in her sleep

Age 11
I never slept

Age 12
Learned to sleep again

Age 13
Learned to be suspicious of every sound I heard, the creek of a stair keeping me awake till dawn

Age 14
Thought of all escape routes from the room for when they came back

Age 15
Thought of all the ways to **** a man with my school grade scissors

Summer of 16
I spent hours trying to lift things with my mind, trying to control the breeze with a flip of my hand and each night I prayed tomorrow would be the day that I found my superpower.

Do you want to know why it was so incredible because I learnt to smile again because for the first time my thoughts going to sleep weren't about how I was going to die but about how I was going to live.
Kinda a poem story, but this is how I feel and wanted to share it
Caro Jun 10
Sad like Valentines Day 2018 with my lover I loved no longer beside me in my bed, watching Inglorious *******, spaghetti I slaved all day on in the garbage because I spilled it in my haste, the words 'leave you' on my tongue.
William Lewis Apr 21
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
who don't have a voice anymore
who don't walk anymore
To those who will never celebrate
there 16th birthday
or take their exams
To those born on the same day
as me
who could have been me
who I could have been
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
families who cry
while I celebrate
1,000 and 33
Mothers who grieve there child
or the fathers who cry into there pillow at night
I'm writing to say thank you
for being alive
I'm writing to say sorry
that your not
I'm writing because
1,000 and 33
could have been me.
misha Apr 17
is it cruel that sometimes i am
able to breathe normally,
and to get through
the day without
sobbing when
i think about you?

it's only been a little while
but it seems as if
i've forgotten your
petal soft skin,
always fresh with soap,
your hair neatly
clamped to a side
your aching back which
arches stronger than
any bridge, carrying
all the weight of the
life you lived

those weary eyes,
glossy with tears
when we came to
visit from miles away
only to stay for hours,
with you crying
as you hug us
as we depart
like robots

we could've visited more often,
stayed a little longer,
because now all i can do is
pray in the morning when i wake up,
pray when i come back from school,
pray before going to sleep

i wish that your soft skin
stays gleaming,
i wish that your aching back
is no longer curved like a bangle
but instead straight like a ladder
letting you reach the heavens,
your long hair full of colour,
draping earth

and when i'll see the shadow,
i'd think that's you above me,
when i'll see the rain falling,
i'd think it's you crying
as you miss us,
as you look over us,
as you love us from there,
and when spring comes
the petals dancing in the air,
fragrance from france,
the one that's so expensive
won't even compare to your

please let me shake in your
arms as you rub my back
with the strength of generations

please let me hug you
and cry with you as i leave
you behind

just for a little while
let's be together
in this short
not even a month has passed. i still love you, we miss you so much. i hope that you're not suffering in your grave or that you're scared, i hope that perhaps the light from heaven greets your grave, warming you in happiness. please be happy ammi.
J Mar 4
A swirly spring hanging on to my ankle
Holding me down from popping open the box
***** feet running across the trembling floor
Spaghetti boiling over causing a loud sizzle to pop
Screams fill the are and tears fall to the floor

A complete puzzle begins to fall apart
One piece floats away leaving us in despair
A broken world filled with sad little faces
Puzzled together by the pain in the air

A scared little girl lost in the statistics of the world
Sinking to the ocean floor
Tumbling in debris
Scared to move forward

A shiny hook latches on to my back
Pulling me back to the ocean shore
I drop to the sand gasping for a breath of relief
My leg finally released from the spiky thorn

As I stand from the sand
Th box shatters to the floor
Tears fill my eyes
I am finally here

A determined woman filled with passion
Rising above my room statistic written on my face
I scream my worth to the universe
A scared little girl lost in the box
A strong woman climbing to the top
Esther Krenzin Nov 2018
A fragile shell of what once was,
decimated beyond comprehension.
Shards of a old life slipping away,
into the silent empty space.

Memories of loved ones,
eluding desperate hands that reach and seek--
For what is buried beneath the dust.

Submerged in perpetual darkness,
the stars have lost their light,
the moon has lost its glow.
Every infinitesimal shard of your very essence,
is engulfed in the empty space.

The empty space that exists outside time,
and matter;
Hides in the desolate corners of your mind.

A invisible fog covers your soul,
stealing it away like a thief in the night.
And you are left unreachable,
a blank page in a book full of blotted ink.

The ones who loved you with every breath in their lungs,
surround and overwhelm with tear filled eyes.
Utterly helpless as you disappear.

Years pass,
Evaporate into the empty sky.
Dead to yourself.
Dead to the world.
Dead to the ones who loved you most.

And though your gone, an empty space lingers in your wake.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
For Grandpa, who was diagnosed with dementia when I was five. He has disappeared and I cannot see anything but a broken shell.
Drowning in waters of storm
I flail desperately to keep my head
above the glimmering
Invisible to the ones I need the most
my plea for help leaves my lips unheard
And so I drown with no company save my
I want to get drunk on the stars
to have their luminescent light fill my being
and fill in the cracks left by my
So I swallow shards of glass
in a futile attempt to end the pain
I close my eyes and let them shred who  I am
who I used to be.
But when the stained slivers fill my gut
all I feel is cold numbness
All I hear are their words so carefully cruel
slashing into me like
So I curl up in a ball on the bottom of the lake
and let myself drown
Into darkness
Into oblivion.
-Esther L. Krenzin-
Sometimes what we think might save us from ourselves, only harms us further.
The pain of loss
Is so unbearable
I can't ignore
This empty feeling
This big hole
Now that you have gone.
I never hear your voice again.
I feel devasted
And all alone
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