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you will always be here
like the moon that hovers
stoically independent

you will always be here
unequivocally present
luminously magnificent

you will always be here
like a God that loves abundantly
forever omnipresent

i may no longer see you
but you will always be here
death did not destroy you
Void Aug 20
I can still see you everywhere I go
My memories paint your image clearly
Your voice still speaks to me, even in a crowded room
I'm the only one who hears it

You meant the world to me
You saved my life
You saved me from myself so many times
I miss you so painfully
It hurts to know you're missing at my side
Amanda Dec 2019
Some people touch you
Set your skin on fire
Body up in some invisible flames
It's common to touch your surface
Reaching your soul takes specific aim

If someone sticks out and waves their hand
During your coldest longest hour
They deserve to feel warmest
You have the power

It does not happen often
Matter of fact it is quite rare
Go and put yourself out
When it's their turn they're not there

Who is beside you in celebration
And ALSO in your greif?
Should be thankful if just one person
Has your back
In you shows belief
You know who im talking about
Kyra Embers Dec 2019
The story of two lives,
intertwined with eternity.
She his bride,
He the oasis to her insanity.
The veils of uncertainty lifted,
as threads of love strung them together,
sculpted as rings rested on their fingers.
Miles apart they love remained unscathed,
And when he finally saw his bride again,
she lay translucent, eyes closed,
Lips pale, their smile absent,
tucked safely,
beneath a pane of glass.
and only when you lose what you had you realise the feel of its presence
Wendy Star Nov 2019
You’re so close
Pressed against my chest with my arms wrapped around you
But you’re so far
“My dear Rose”

“You’re so cold to the touch now
Don’t worry
We can cuddle until your all warm again
My dear Rose”

“You’re so pale
Are you feeling sick?”
I lifted my hand and placed it on her face
Gently I brought up my dear Rose’s head

Dead eyes meet mine
A small black creature crawled out of her mouth
It moved quickly and down away from me
“Oh yes, that’s right your dead now
My dear Rose”
Starry Aug 2019
When all is
I young woman cries
For her
One true love
Has left her for the
Night never to come back
For he died
The next morning.
William Lewis Jul 2019
Age 10
I went to sleep across the hall, eyelids heavy and dreams in my brain.
While across the hall my mum was murdered in her sleep

Age 11
I never slept

Age 12
Learned to sleep again

Age 13
Learned to be suspicious of every sound I heard, the creek of a stair keeping me awake till dawn

Age 14
Thought of all escape routes from the room for when they came back

Age 15
Thought of all the ways to **** a man with my school grade scissors

Summer of 16
I spent hours trying to lift things with my mind, trying to control the breeze with a flip of my hand and each night I prayed tomorrow would be the day that I found my superpower.

Do you want to know why it was so incredible because I learnt to smile again because for the first time my thoughts going to sleep weren't about how I was going to die but about how I was going to live.
Kinda a poem story, but this is how I feel and wanted to share it
Caro Jun 2019
Sad like Valentines Day 2018 with my lover I loved no longer beside me in my bed, watching Inglorious *******, spaghetti I slaved all day on in the garbage because I spilled it in my haste, the words 'leave you' on my tongue.
William Lewis Apr 2019
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
who don't have a voice anymore
who don't walk anymore
To those who will never celebrate
there 16th birthday
or take their exams
To those born on the same day
as me
who could have been me
who I could have been
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
families who cry
while I celebrate
1,000 and 33
Mothers who grieve there child
or the fathers who cry into there pillow at night
I'm writing to say thank you
for being alive
I'm writing to say sorry
that your not
I'm writing because
1,000 and 33
could have been me.
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