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Void Feb 2022
If only they could see the dreams that I see
Maybe they'd support me
I'm writing a book
A concept from 2016
Its a beautiful story
Yet my family and friends are not there for me
Its disheartening to be so passionate about something and feel like it is all for not
That is the curse of a dreamer
That is the curse of a leader
As my dream begins to fade, I won't give in under the pressure this time
This book, I've invested too much time into
This book to me is perfect
I just have to help them see that it's worth it
Void Apr 2021
When the mind cripples the body
When your youth fades day by day
When trust is broken because no one believes you
To just get out of bed, while they think you're lazy
Your pain could go away
To live a normal life

Its very real
When the mind is so sick, it affects your physical being
Void Mar 2021
Its easier being invisible
You don't know my name
You don't know my face
Those of you who read the words I write
Sometimes are the only ones who listen
I don't want an identity
Because its not easy being me
Even when I'm here, I only take up space and no one notices
No one cares
So only you can know my pain
And only I can take it away
I'm just a wasted space, invisible in the void
And that's okay
Void Mar 2021
Nothing ever works out
I am always sold out
There's nothing like
Having no one believing a word I say
Its not like I lie
It just happens this way
I feel framed for something that never even happened
Maybe I'm delusional
I promise this usual
A typical day for me
I just grow tired of no one believing me
Its funny cause I never lie
All I ever do is try to make people understand
I guess they'll never know who I am
Void Mar 2021
His dampened existence, so dreary and bleak
Was met with the warmth of her smile of which nothing can compete
He was like the rain, his pain surged like thunder
But her touch lingered tranquility- as the sun showed its face
His existence was as black as the night; silent and dark in the mind
Her light shone through to open his eyes
He now understood just why the moon needed the sun
Void Mar 2021
The ground crumbles beneath my feet
Slowly chipping away at the foundation where I stand
There is nowhere left to go
I am stuck here on my own
You brought me to this place, void of life
Everyone, in the end is gone and I am left to fall all alone
Everyone that I loved
Every moment we shared is gone
Void Mar 2021
All this hate, and the regret
Even the anger and torment
All of these feelings I don't get, because I bury them deep inside

All of the times
I should have lashed out
All of the pain and tears have dried out
All of these feelings I don't get, they haunt me

While all of this time-
On the inside
I'm screaming
To be let out
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