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Void 1d
Never got you anywhere

Never did a **** thing
i am my own
transparent solid concrete
Void 1d
He devoted his whole life
To people he called his friends... his family

He spent his time
His energy
His loving care
To listen and offer guidance

His family
Was perfect
From the outside,
Looking in

But no one ever
Gave a thought
To the pain that he was in

Through all of his struggles
He stood strong
The years had been ******* him for far too long
And he bore his burdens alone, time after time

Not a single friend
To confide

Not a single kin
To offer him wisdom

They were there
But they never cared
As they were always complaining selfishly
Of their petty qualms
To which he listened

It's not that he didn't try
To seek refuge in them
They were too consumed
Basking in their own greed

To hear





They never could see
How broken he was
Until it was too late

They should have

They should have

But they simply had no time to spare
This is not necessarily a true story, but simply a warning to care for others as they care for you. Repeated kindness is rarely returned. Be aware. This happens more often than the average person realizes.
Void 1d
The stars

In her eyes

Make me

Feel alive

She is the day

And I am the night

And when we

Both collide;

She fills the void

In my chest

With her

Illuminating light
Void 2d
She taught me
To be a spark of color
In a world of black and white

She taught me
To express myself
And quit hiding who I am

She taught me
Of my worth
Both inside and out

She taught me
These lessons to carry
After she'd passed

She taught me
The lessons that would
Some day save my life
Void 2d
If I can't afford
The treatment

Do I really deserve
To get better?
Void Jun 27
She apologizes
To strangers
When they were in the wrong

She apologizes
For little things in which,
Apologies don't belong

She apologizes
For everything
Assuming she is flawed

I'm just sorry
She can't see past her self-loathing facade
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