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Sydney Nov 2020
I was made of fire
My situation was dire
I could not think, I could not see
But when you found your way to me
The fire extinguished
Like fire to water
The darkness ceased
Like darkness to light
You are my opposite
Yet you can calm me.
alexis Oct 2022
oil and water will always blame the other for being too extreme. there is a natural separation and naturally, a lot of blame.

how easy it is to feel self righteous in your rigidity, even in the presence of the one point in a glass where they meet. there, it is a softer rejection, a gossamer thin border, as if it resigns, “here, we exist as two separate we’s, stacked on top of one another, and that is as much as i will relent.”

what a shame it is to accept the shape of a container, but not the shape of one another. what a stab it is to my heart that you repel me, and i you, no matter how much i wish and struggle and vigorously shake us both hoping that this time, it will be different. what a pity it is that i’m me and you’re you and we’re not anyone else and it will remain unchanged, like you and i.

i could feel better if i knew you didn’t want it to be this way. that this life is just impossibly cruel and it’s nobody’s fault but the universe and the gods and whoever else made it my nature to resist you.

i plead silently for one more good stir, one more fair shot. it might work this time.

our shoulders brush slightly again. and i cry thinking that if you were to wipe my tears, they’d bead up and roll off of your hands.
Brandon Jan 2021
Bright and curious, you approached my world
Dawned with death, but fortified by rebirth,
You encompassed duality
A grounded heart and angelic wings.

Soaring across my dreaded planes,
You've unearthed a bewitching spell
Traverse the peaks of my realm
And allow me to dwell in your depths.
Mercury finds Pluto in the Underworld.
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Life imitates art... and electronics?

Everything depends on the plus and the minus. The positive and the negative. Including heaven and hell. Don't get it wrong either. Being positive isn't saying "let it go, it will be fine" it is saying "no, it has to be this way"! It is thought to be cruel to tell someone they are doing something wrong. But is it cruel for a cop to harass someone who is cooking burgers outside? I don't really think so, but it is WRONG. You stand in that negativity protected by a union of black wires, Blue wires. I am the positive red wire that they try to call negative. I choose to be the white, neutral wire, but they say ******* is wrong, and make it a race issue. I scream, "*******"! They say no, so I go back to being the red wire. They say that is wrong, but I still choose my own power. So, are you the red or the blue? We depend on each other, even with opposing polarity. You can't be red, white and is impossible.

(electronics have a red and a black wire for positive and negative. It used to be a red and a blue wire...and a white wire that is represented by an N.)
To the flawlessly
And the perfectly
The sharply
The saddest
The complicated
The loudest
We would be so lost
Finding you
Variety. Someones flaws are beautiful to others
Jim Oct 2021
I’ll write one because I have the time
One for the angels and for the devils combined
To yin and yang to black and white
I write this for the conflicts of day and night

To duality of man and nature I scribble
To the top and the bottom
From the outside to the middle

For the rich, for the poor
For the hungry and the filled
I write my words to the adult and the child

My physical body describing spiritual thoughts
I ponder the living, the dead, both the cold and the hot

Moving forward, looking back
Spinning around while staying straight on track
Masculine, feminine, struggling and thriving
To those walking, to others flying

An occupied room, a vacant lot
The lines that were empty are now filled up
While both exist in different hours
I wrote because I had the power
GaryFairy Sep 2021
everything has a polar opposite...hating what you love, loving what you hate...i have a lot to learn about energies, but somehow i truly believe that it takes both and there's some positive and negative that can come together and create a computer and physics studies go right along with this...i have been working on computers, tablets, tv's a long time religious books i look into...would you like to help the world while amazing yourself and drop the weight of burdens? please study into this and spread your word

Example - the north and south is thin ice over water and one is thick ice over land...looking at the wildlife in comparison is cute and fun!

The Energy Exchange...we need your energy and you need ours to be strong
I am a lifetime
You are a moment
Somehow we both equal the same

Birth into childhood
Childhood into madness
Both clinging on to hope for change

I see the sun rise
You see the sun set
We both see the same fire ball of life

I am the poster child for self harm
You are the logic keeping me calm
We argue when we are both right

I am a lifetime
You are a moment
Somehow we both equal the same
somehow we both equal the same
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