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Perri 6d
Ying and yang
Wild and tame
Desert and rain
Curvy and framed
but I'll always
love you
the same
tree Jun 17
two opposites

the taste that most everyone stays away from
bitter makes you
***** up your eyes in disgust
grimace at the terribly horrid taste on your tongue
but some love this taste; as i love you
the taste that most everyone loves
sweet makes you
close your eyes in delight
sigh at the wonderfully divine taste in your mouth
but some don't love this taste; as you didn't love me.

together what would we be? bittersweet?
who would want to taste such a thing?
i would; imagine grimacing at the taste of bitterness
but being surprised by the angelic taste of sweetness
exploding on your tongue
in other words, we would be perfect together
but what remains is that
i am only the aftertaste
but darling , you're the one in the spotlight
delicately, my hope fluttered away
breaking apart along the way
Tyler Smiley May 19
You, the dead of winter.
I, the reincarnation of spring.
You’re my gospel, yet
you’ve never believed in faith.

You, the stinger of a honey bee.
I, sunshine and lemon trees.
Always giving you enough sugar
to make life sticky sweet,

but the lemonade seems to remain sour.
I still pour a glass and see it half full,
but you seem to look right past and
view the world half empty.

I experience life through a wide
angle lens, full technicolor.
But you always have tunnel vision,
my monochromatic lover.
Marcelina Apr 14
Two contrary hearts in a scenery
Her, warm, sincere, adventurous breakthrough
Him, cold, distant, fearing the genuinely  
A bright summer's day, attempting to
win over the winters cold daunting breath
Her enclosing the distance shaped by the blue  
She bringing the brightness towards his death
Reborn with the ceasing darkness untrue
She became the moon in his dark lone quest
Integration between  lone souls of two
Black and white, yin and yang true love confessed
Inside the pages of his book, will her hue
be engraved, when bits and pieces of her dressed
him. A mess made their hearts nevertheless
This was written in collaboration with a friend
Jules AA Apr 4
Do not look.
If you find something that is beautiful,
You’ll never be able to see it again.
Do not look.
Do you fear like I do? That the rolling clouds
And layered sunset will remind you
Of simpler days? This is why
I cannot look.
Emily M Mar 26
It's all around,
So beautiful,
Yet some seek to destroy it,
To make it it's opposite;

Perfection is praised,
Thought of so highly,
Alas, it doesn't exist.

Not one thing in existence,
Or even in the imagination,
Is or ever can be this illusion;

People try to be perfect;
Try molding themselves after one another,
Or after their own little fantasies,
Yet none of it will ever come to pass,
None of it will ever be as clear as glass,
All of these people; they'll fall to their ***.

One, yet many,
Loud, yet quiet,
Void, yet whole...

- Emily M
March 26th, 2019
All of this from boredom and a single word....
amante Mar 16
my eyelids droop, heavy
and yours stay open, wide awake through the night
an insomniac and a narcolept.

i run, and i dance, soaking the warm rays of the sun through my skin, rushing to spend my days out in the open,
you cower, and deny, throwing excuses to stay inside the safety of your cold dark home.
the sun and the moon.

cheers and cries spill from my orange lips, excitement in every syllable exclaimed,
mutters, stutters, utterances and lies pour from your chapped lips as you fumbled out your reasons.
an extrovert and an introvert.  

a villain, a hero.
an optimist and a pessimist.
bitter and sweet,
adoration and frustration .

"opposites really do attract, huh?"
you say, a grin on your chapped lips,
i frown, they really do
Dark and light, cool and bright,
Sun and moon, the princess and the fool.
The only story I'd wanna hear
Is the one where we could disappear
To a faraway land
With milk and honey
And if we could see the rings of Saturn,
That would be enough.
You and me
Me and you.
Black and white. Dark and light
Stark contrast of colors and emotions.
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