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Jim Oct 2021
I’ll write one because I have the time
One for the angels and for the devils combined
To yin and yang to black and white
I write this for the conflicts of day and night

To duality of man and nature I scribble
To the top and the bottom
From the outside to the middle

For the rich, for the poor
For the hungry and the filled
I write my words to the adult and the child

My physical body describing spiritual thoughts
I ponder the living, the dead, both the cold and the hot

Moving forward, looking back
Spinning around while staying straight on track
Masculine, feminine, struggling and thriving
To those walking, to others flying

An occupied room, a vacant lot
The lines that were empty are now filled up
While both exist in different hours
I wrote because I had the power
ScaryGary Sep 2021
everything has a polar opposite...hating what you love, loving what you hate...i have a lot to learn about energies, but somehow i truly believe that it takes both and there's some positive and negative that can come together and create a computer and physics studies go right along with this...i have been working on computers, tablets, tv's a long time religious books i look into...would you like to help the world while amazing yourself and drop the weight of burdens? please study into this and spread your word

Example - the north and south is thin ice over water and one is thick ice over land...looking at the wildlife in comparison is cute and fun!

The Energy Exchange...we need your energy and you need ours to be strong
I am a lifetime
You are a moment
Somehow we both equal the same

Birth into childhood
Childhood into madness
Both clinging on to hope for change

I see the sun rise
You see the sun set
We both see the same fire ball of life

I am the poster child for self harm
You are the logic keeping me calm
We argue when we are both right

I am a lifetime
You are a moment
Somehow we both equal the same
somehow we both equal the same
Masedi Jun 2021
You and I
Defying the latitudinal laws we bought together two polar opposites.
We had created our own tropical paradise.
Summer and Winter.
I am warm and nurturing .
You were cold and calculating.
Still like a moth attracted to the light I couldn't stay away from you.
You were the brains and I was the heart.
You were carefully strategizing your every move.
I only flowed in the whirlpool of my emotions.
Together a wonderful force of intellect and intuition.
I was in love, you were lusting.
The deeper I fell , The more distanced you became.
I thought I couldn't live without you.
You felt like it's time for you to let go.
You walked away unscathed and me, you scarred me to the core of my existence.
And today I am nurturing my heart instead of you.
♑|♋ A Sweet Beginning with a Bitter Ending ... On of my fav bittersweet love affairs 💜💙
Deep in the realms of time and space
Opposition takes its place
By helping us to stretch our wings
We reach up toward higher things

In the beginning - Dark and Light
Swirling - sparking day and night
The yin & yang both show their face
In this realm of time and space

With opposites - come choices too
Choose the things we think and do
These opposites in time and place
See not as curse, but healing grace

Thus darkness can define the light
Dusk precedes the dawning bright
Flow with rhythm - accept the pace
Of opposites in time and space
This is Prosperity Poem 119 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

In this realm of time and space we experience opposites.  We experience yin and yang, darkness and light, day and night, happiness and misery.

One of the lines in this poem is "See not as curse, but healing grace".  Our life and our prosperity will flow better when we open and accept the opposites in the world, rather than chafe that we experience bad days, misunderstandings, and illness sometimes.

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Lucy Apr 2021
Peacock with your feathers so bright,
So blue and beautiful, so full of might,
You stand up tall, proud and bold,
You have so many adventures yet to be told.

Peahen you’re so shy and demure,
Something about you feels unsure,
You don’t know what you want just yet,
You will find out soon, there’s no need to fret.
Void Mar 2021
His dampened existence, so dreary and bleak
Was met with the warmth of her smile of which nothing can compete
He was like the rain, his pain surged like thunder
But her touch lingered tranquility- as the sun showed its face
His existence was as black as the night; silent and dark in the mind
Her light shone through to open his eyes
He now understood just why the moon needed the sun
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