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deadhead Apr 29
I don't consider
light and dark
to be opposites.
They're just the same;
they couldn't exist
without the other.
The light needs the
dark in order to shine,
and the dark needs
the light in order to exist.
Deep in the realms of time and space
Opposition takes its place
By helping us to stretch our wings
We reach up toward higher things

In the beginning - Dark and Light
Swirling - sparking day and night
The yin & yang both show their face
In this realm of time and space

With opposites - come choices too
Choose the things we think and do
These opposites in time and place
See not as curse, but healing grace

Thus darkness can define the light
Dusk precedes the dawning bright
Flow with rhythm - accept the pace
Of opposites in time and space
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In this realm of time and space we experience opposites.  We experience yin and yang, darkness and light, day and night, happiness and misery.

One of the lines in this poem is "See not as curse, but healing grace".  Our life and our prosperity will flow better when we open and accept the opposites in the world, rather than chafe that we experience bad days, misunderstandings, and illness sometimes.

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Lucy Apr 13
Peacock with your feathers so bright,
So blue and beautiful, so full of might,
You stand up tall, proud and bold,
You have so many adventures yet to be told.

Peahen you’re so shy and demure,
Something about you feels unsure,
You don’t know what you want just yet,
You will find out soon, there’s no need to fret.
Void Mar 7
His dampened existence, so dreary and bleak
Was met with the warmth of her smile of which nothing can compete
He was like the rain, his pain surged like thunder
But her touch lingered tranquility- as the sun showed its face
His existence was as black as the night; silent and dark in the mind
Her light shone through to open his eyes
He now understood just why the moon needed the sun
clmathew Feb 27
Precarious Balance (in 3 parts)
started December 3rd, 2020

My balance
has never been great
others walk paths
and look at the world around them

look at my feet
watching for things
that might trip me

I walk along a tightrope
strung a few inches over the earth
my balance precarious

not realizing
I could step off at any time
onto the stable earth.

Life is a precarious balancing
of the joy and the pain
holding onto each other
the impossible duality
found only in juxtaposition
we try to balance
somewhere within
It was about a year ago that I started writing again. That first fragment of an unformed poem, has taken on so many forms over the last year. Those opposites in the third part above. The resulting poem never seems quite right. So I put it aside and try again later. Skirting around what I know I want to say. Trying to make it seem pleasing and palatable, when it just isn't. That first poem will make it online eventually, but not today.
Dear brother
I miss you

the lion heart
that beats in your chest
the hot-blooded courage
and the loud roaring laughter

We are opposites
and yet so similar
now I am sitting here
a moon without light
a ebb without riptide

Dear brother
I miss you so much
arCamm Jan 18
It’s strange.
I’m a water sign
fascinated by fire.

Does this mean
that I’m seeking my own destruction
or simply curious of what warmth feels like?

- a.r. Camm
Traveler Jan 11
The opposite of repentance
Is rebellion
The opposite of resignation
Is reincarnation
A child feels something amazing
So he does it again
And there for
The opposite of righteousness
Is a struggle within!
Traveler Timh
Martin Bond Dec 2020
She'll say left
I meant right
there are no wrongs
veto logic
the status quo
demands perfection.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Sometimes clash like oil and water

I am an asteroid crashing your otherwise peaceful planet

There is nothing propelling me forcefully into your atmosphere yet again and again you unintentionally end up the target of my gravitational destruction

Our blood types incompatible but I insist on ripping you open wide while my own hands dripped self-inflicted wounds aching with resentment

Why must we be so different when our emotions are the same?
Growth is inevitable. You can either choose to grow together or grow apart
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