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Void Mar 7
His dampened existence, so dreary and bleak
Was met with the warmth of her smile of which nothing can compete
He was like the rain, his pain surged like thunder
But her touch lingered tranquility- as the sun showed its face
His existence was as black as the night; silent and dark in the mind
Her light shone through to open his eyes
He now understood just why the moon needed the sun
Void Oct 2020
One day, I belong with the rest
I lag behind, just trailing along
No one notices me
Until I'm gone
I'm part of a set
Without me, you're incomplete
But you don't notice me
Until I'm gone
You're still debating whether or not I belong

I've been ostracized from my peers after all the countless years
And now I simply don't exist
I'm left alone
In the frozen, black abyss
Void Jul 2020
The stars

In her eyes

Make me

Feel alive

She is the day

And I am the night

And when we

Both collide;

She fills the void

In my chest

With her

Illuminating light
Barry Mar 2015
Our thoughts, buzzing.
Feelings, bumbling.
The passion, stirring.
It's around us.
We know it's there.
We feel it coursing through our veins.
We let it take its path.
Yet, we can't grasp at it.
It's intangible.


— The End —