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i've been numb for months
but it's not all the time
i can still feel laughter when i find something funny
i can still feel happy when it's all perfect
but i **** near never laugh anymore
and since when has anything ever been perfect?
Connor Oct 24
I don't understand how someone so strong
Could think they are so weak
When they deal with way more bull
Than anyone should ever deal with.

I don't understand how someone that handsome
Could think they are that much of an abomination
When they have hated themselves way more
Than anyone should be hated, particularly him.

I don't understand how someone so amazing
Ended up so strong
So self-loathing
So anxious
So depressed
So misplaced
So disadvantaged.
For a person who does not deserve the things they are going through right now.
Angela Rose Oct 20
I wanted you to like me so ******* badly
So I dressed up all pretty and I did my makeup way too dramatically
I just wanted you to just notice me
I wanted to make sure you s a w me

And then you did

Only sort of
You saw me as pretty, you saw me as attractive, as ******

But you never noticed me losing control
You never noticed me getting high and pretending everything was ok
You didn't see how I would take 6 shots of ***** back to back just to get through the night
You didn't notice as I would black out and pretend everything was alright
I was not happy
I was numb

But hey, at least you thought I was pretty.
The world was water
And I was fire
With each unbelievable obstacle
My flames grew higher

But you were my fuel
My burning desire
Now with every day
My wood grows dryer

Yet the water snuffs it
And my flames grow tired
sunshine Aug 18
I can’t expect you to remember
I can’t expect you to care
But every once in a while you meet someone who turns your whole life upside down
I remember everything about you
I even care
But every now and again you make question why I even love you and why I’m not right side up
they warned me
they told me lies
now I’m wondering who you are

Sparkling eyes,
Perfect eyes,
Looking up at the night sky.
The night contented with itself
Mocks the man,
And stares at him strangely.
The man maddened with himself
Watches in the mirror,
Not his admired or braved self,
Not what people call him-
The man who feels no pain,
But his terrible and lifeless self,
His twisted reality.
Plenty of bloodstains colour his white bed,
Deep scars on his body are not so deep for him,
Unforgettable injuries are still forgettable for him.
He lets out a final sigh,
And stabs himself,
Looking up at the night sky,
With his sparkling eyes,
His perfect eyes,
Longing for pain,
This poem is a continuation of my previous one- the man
A moment so precious is not savored properly anymore
a moment worth remembering is hard to restore
because we use technology and hide behind a screen
without even seeing the real dream

The time we want to capture a moment so true
is the moment we take our phones and just look through
are we even seeing the life of it all?
or is it just through the screen where the moment is so small

It's time to capture your memory through the lens of your eye
savor the moment, dont be shy
capture a memory and soak it all in
dont be afraid, this is the way it should of been
cfw Jul 8
You bring me tears of joy
and tears of sadness,
but old memories is something I will always enjoy.
We are sorry for being reckless.

I would not feel this emptiness,
If only I were not acting coy.
Losing you made me feel worthless,
but we promise that, one day, you will smile with overjoy.
I'm sorry. We promise to make it up to you one day, by giving you a lovable younger sibling
Paras Bajaj Apr 27
When you have to
stay away from them
and always just be quiet.

When you are in the darkness,
but forever wishing them light.

When you have to get
over them and move on.
When you are the weakest,
but always trying to be strong.

When you have to forgive
them for  not giving you
what you deserved.

When you have to understand
that sometimes you are
just never enough.

When you have to pretend
that you are fine without
them and act cold.

When you have to pretend
that you are nothing,
but brave and bold.

When you have to pretend
that you are always happy and high,
but deep down, only you know,
it's a lie.

All the pain
that you go through.
Believe me,
that's love too.
-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
allison Mar 6
what happened to when we were kids?
innocent and free
happy as can be

we didn't have to deal with
the sadness
the pain
the emotional strain

sometimes i wish i could go back to when i was a kid
just so i can be happy again
and not worry about when
my happiness stages will end.
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