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I want my body buried in a bed of roses
So that you may envision the beauty I once encapsulated
So that every time you see a flower blossom, you can imagine me in awe of it’s allure
So that you may pick it and hold me once again like you used to
Tonight I took a risk
And once again sliced my wrists
But instead of five I did ten
And little blood came out when
I pressed a little harder
And the blade cut a little farther
I looked like a tiger with it’s stripes
And I’m willing to face all the gripes
You’ll probably leave me when you see my scars
Because you’ll realize all the harm
It stings a little but still feels good
You didn’t understand and you never would
You can’t handle a basket case
To you I’m just a waste
Let’s see how they look tomorrow
Because tonight they filled me with sorrow
They didn’t bleed like I’d hope
Maybe next time I’ll try the rope
I’m a ***** up and don’t deserve life
I argue with myself about what to do and with which knife
I lay here now wrists stinging
The sandman with sleep he’s bringing
I’m upset at myself more than you are at me
So don’t yell or use harsh words during your plea
I’m sorry for what I’ve done
There is nothing more I can do, none
Maybe it’s more than ten
I stopped counting around then
You’ll leave me tomorrow I know it
Whether or not I refuse to show it
The scars will still remain
And you’ll think of me with cruel disdain
Hate me for all I care
This heavy cross I’ll always bare
Give me another reason to hate my soul and body
Give me another bad habit to proclaim as a hobby
I’m an artist by nature and I paint with my blood
And when I’m done my sharp edged paint brush will drop with a thud
I don’t care anymore and I wish life was simpler
I suppose T.S Elliot was correct: this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper
Sometimes the ones you want to save,
are the ones standing on your cape
Osal Apr 15
Glancing at the corner of her eye
With a hope to see him smile
will he turn?
Will she be noticed?
Or will she yet be brightening
Her innocent smile alone
Where they never meet
Yet they're fates been bound
To be forever apart
Yet together in love
To cry together in pain and in pleasure
But to never see each others heart
They sleep together
Not feeling each others touch
They see the world alike
Yet blinded by the looks of each other
And in time they grow old
When a time comes
When they share their last blink
Into the eternal slumber
the poem is about our eyes. they cry together sleep together and wake up together but never see each other. just like a unfortunate love story they're fates been intervened
Trisha Apr 1
Who tries to share,
Or help the weaker ones,
Who cares to look,
Or think of anyone.

Cry, the weaker ones,
Cry, the poor ones,
There is no one here,
To give any funds.

You starve for food,
You starve for water,
There is no one here,
To donate for any father.

Cry, the empty stomach,
Cry, a little harder,
There is no one here,
No one to bother.

I suggest you to sleep,
A deeper and more,
There is no one to awake,
Or look after your soul.

I won't stop,
I won't try,
Cry till the time,
The time till you die.
My first poem
Shaina Mar 21
A man you shall not name
For he has made a claim
He screamed and cried at her
All she said was sure
But deep down she was hurting
Down in **** they were burning
It was all her fault
Her heart was a vault
Filled with love of many
But he didn't love her like any
He loved another, the same side
The naive girl lied, she didn't take pride
The oblivious man fell in love with this girl
But he didn't mean to break
The young girl's heart ached
The man had no clue
He had to pull through
The girl stayed in silence
The man disappeared from her presence

The young girl ran away
She left a key
A lost emotion
A lost heart
A lost soul

A girl ran away
She ran away from a man
A man you shall not name
inspiration of a young boy i used to talk to that suffered unfortunate events. i believe currently he is living at his best, and being happy.
"Again?" He asked.
"Later" She said.
But later became right then and right there.
"Not now" became that very second,
that minute.
He didn't accept no,
But she was so broken
She couldn't let go.
She said she will,
but doesn't mean she wants too.
She said she can,
but doesn't mean she needs too.
She said "not now"
But it didn't stop you.
I changed the colour of my hair from brunette to blonde
not for me but for you
maybe then you might respond

I got rid of my natural nails and replaced them with longer more colourful gel ones with lots of details.
not for me but for you

I stopped wearing sweats or comfortable pants and shirts, I now wore dresses and short skirts
not for me but for you

I  tossed my sneakers and flats, started wearing high heels which are all lined at my doormats
not for me but for you

I spoke softer, more high pitched just like every woman "should"
you make it a part of womanhood.
not for me but for you.

Is there anything you would like me to change?
Is there anything more you want me to rearrange?
Of course it's not gonna be for me, it would be for you.
Afterall, it's a game you play, it's the thing you do.
Not for me but for you.
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