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witching hour Aug 2022
time is sand to the gaps through my fingers
air to a drifting feather
a current to the water
it seeps through
it flows
it wipes off
never keeps tracks nor leaves prints
never tangible nor stays still
the closest we can get is a swirl of its moments
the stretched writings of the faint memories
it keeps you on your toes
it leaves you breathless
it never stays as it was
Persephone Feb 2022
If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness her anger. My only advice is this: pray then to every god you know, for your own will not be enough to save you from her fury
jǫrð Apr 2021
I was transfixed by
That wandering eye, a spec
In a cup of milk
The History: That one thing about someone that absolutely stands out, good or bad.
Void Jul 2020
Every day is a gift
And all we do is take

As life is often taken for granted
- JGMC Jul 2020
The world that we currently live in, is already full of monsters. And it’s so unfortunate when humans let go of there humanity for all the wrong reasons and eventually turn into a monster themselves..

- JGMC•¥• ©
- another little piece from my published book of short poems KCUF.STIGMA ©
Jay M May 2020
Seated alone in a church pew
Hushed voices all around
Don't let him hear you;

They say his mother passed
All of his luck has run dry
They say he's the last
Can't you see him cry?

They say he lives alone
Barely old enough
A shabby place to call home
The young man has it quite rough

They say he sits there
Alone in the church pew
Praying for a better life, if an angel will hear
Then he goes, writes for the few
Who will pay him a penny for his thoughts

Can't you see him in the street?
Watch his feet
Slow stride
He's got nothing left to hide
Don't let him hear you say;

They say he wears his father's old clothes
He was the first to go
Down in the ground
Have pity, have pity
Don't let him hear you say;

They say-

"I can hear you!"
He cries, so suddenly,
"And let me tell you what is true,"
"For none of you know me,"
"Or my story, so let me tell it,"
"Not the unfortunate likes of you,"
"With nothing better to do than whisper of my life."

- Jay M
May 7th, 2020
People whispering about someone they've never spoken to, gossiping about someone's life that they never knew about. Don't assume you know someone based on their looks and mannerisms.

*Part of my creative writing portfolio.
july Jan 2020
Once upon a time,

I fell in love

with someone

who also fell in love

with someone else.
i loved you.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
You seek
As a hope

And hide
As a dream
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Parallel World
Author's Note: I'm here.
i've been numb for months
but it's not all the time
i can still feel laughter when i find something funny
i can still feel happy when it's all perfect
but i **** near never laugh anymore
and since when has anything ever been perfect?
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