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May 2019 · 158
Let's be One Again
Corona Harris May 2019
I was **** naked in the shower when it hit me
Fingers to lower lips I felt empty
I wondered why my body doesn't like my body
And as I asked I received
The flashbacks of when I would grieve
Or hurt or feel anger
I'd fight myself like a stranger
Inevitable danger when my emotions rose
Made me leave those wounds under my clothes
Those battles on my skin left me feeling sick within
I couldn't trust myself
I couldn't love myself
Cause I'm still getting over the last times I touched myself
My hands turned into enemies
Things no longer wanted into me
Abusive lovers I'm having to fall back for
Trusting that they won't injure more
And my fear no longer impedes my nature.
Mar 2019 · 295
Encouraging rant
Corona Harris Mar 2019
I don't understand why so many girls are blind
I don't get why they can't see what I see
Why they can't feel what I feel
When I look at them ,when I talk to them
They know what they said but not what they mean
Not what they shown, in those brief late night conversations
What they revealed in the midst of those break downs
They can't recognize the true problem and that it is not him or her or this but it is themselves
It is the fact they can't see themselves, they can't understand themselves
They don't recognize their own self worth and it's causing them to downgrade
Girls go after what they feel they deserve
But if you don't even know your self worth you'll settle for anything
Why do girls settle for anything
Your body is not the only thing you have to offer although it may be the only thing you advertise
A **** girl can drop bodies
a beautiful one can occupy minds
but a Gorgeous Woman can steal your soul.
They are the most dangerous creatures ever made
They are Goddesses in the flesh
The beginning and end
They can charm snakes and lions
They're unbothered and untouchable
When a Gorgeous woman walks in you can not deny her presence although she doesn't try to make it known
She knows her self worth and pushes you to find yours
She has no need to use her fist because she can slay you with her tongue
Feb 2017 · 814
Hold my Gaze
Corona Harris Feb 2017
From the way you act I almost believed I was wrong
I had to remember my own pain just to move on
It made no sense to stay since I could never fully lift your mood
You need a super man to save you and I'm a regular dude
You need that constant affection and reassurance you're fine
I couldn't give you everything but I could dedicate some time
It's kinda funny, sometimes just to smile I gotta medicate my mind
Or cry my eyes out before I retrace these old lines
I know my type of healing temporary and I do it all in vain
But you could never really judge or stop me cause you do the same
I like the fact that now you "hate" me, it's just how I predicted
That let's me know you might of loved me or was at least addicted
We both know I'm not the source of all your grief and pain
But because I got love for you I'm willing to take that blame
I'm willing to take the mean mugs and blank stares
I was taught "people shouldn't cry over what ain't theirs"
You too free to be mine and my heart belongs to another
We should of fallen apart before we fell in love with each other
Who knows, years down the road this could come back to play
I picture you there looking like you ain't aged a day
I make you laugh , you make me smile , we get nostalgia
We both grown now so them *******, you can come out of
We don't gotta make love, if you still ain't ready yet
Oh wait you back to ******, so **** may be all you get
You the type to get hurt and go to sleeping in
You like the girls from the songs who "Never trust again"
So if our paths cross down the road once more
Like I go out for a walk and end up at your door
Or you singing out your heart and I see you on tour
Or while I'm working at a bar I spot you on the dance floor
Just gaze into my eyes and I'll get lost in yours.
Dec 2016 · 433
Goddess Ece (Es-sea)
Corona Harris Dec 2016
God felt pity on what had came of Adam and Eve
So he created Aapo and blessed him with the goddess Ece

Many nights and many days the lovers ruled over the land
But Aapo was weak to temptations and got killed by a siren

So Ece was left on her own, her heart was turning to stone
Because the lovers that came next , all kept on doing her wrong

Damian was too obsessed with getting under her dress
She still remember being deflowered then left with a ****** mess

****** was a little too rough , left her with bruises and scuffs
She use to love to smile but now she just don't smile enough

Lastly Camillio was her piece of joy but with her heart he would toy
Then one noisey night she found him in bed with a boy

Beautiful Ece you queen, the world has been doing you mean
Your way too precious for us, so she made her own death nice and clean

I wouldn't call it suicide cause the world killed her first
Its our fault our goddess is gone and now is covered in dirt
Dec 2016 · 383
Relationship Memoirs
Corona Harris Dec 2016
If I'm the reason your smile dimmer
Shine on me
If I'm the reason your laugh change
Joke on me

The first time is always the worst time
Its when the "I love you's" are fresh
And your lover shows respect
And you keep each other in check

Somebody should of checked me
I was strong willed but weak minded
Lusting for that physical contact
Enough never is enough
So when yu ask "Am I ok" I reply with a bluff ...****

**** still ain't change, It's strange
How I can know this gonna hurt you
And when you leave I know I'll hurt too
I know that i ain't no good but wouldn't let you find somebody worth you

Who won't lie, cheat or neglect
Won't fix their mouth to disrespect
Who won't abuse your love and never put they hands around your neck

I'd break my neck to make this up to yu
When a **** ***** break your heart
I wanna be there to hold you close
But that **** ***** me now
Maybe its better I just go ghost

If I'm the reason you trust less
Forget i existed
If I'm the reason you love different
Stop loving me

Just know I won't stop loving you
"How can you hurt someone you love?"
Easy and simple: Be a fool
Be a selfish *******, want more and more
Just dont be surprised when reality knock on your door

I cant do this to you baby
But the guilt is driving me crazy
I'm getting more cuts then ever
I'm still in a phase of changing

I'm just hoping that by the end of this
You will still be my strong queen
You won't be hesitant to love
Yo heart will still be as pure as when you was with me

People fall out and go so cold
Don't let that happen to you, please
Don't be another "One of Them"
Feel, Understand, and Recover
This life were given is so slim

Be Stronger than people think you to be
Be Happier than what your thoughts are
Be Wiser than your actions are
Be You, and only get better
Dec 2016 · 454
Brother man
Corona Harris Dec 2016
When you put too many monkeys in a cage , **** is bound to be thrown.
And a week from now you'll see the face of a ***** you known
Iron printed on a t-shirt and about 5 or 6 hoodies
He was the realest out there, as far as the hood could see
But in class that boy was lucky if he passed with a D
Teachers trying to help his *** but he like "they don't care about me
They aint been where I been, and they ain't seen what I seen
This world a black man nightmare but a white man dream"
I can't even blame my brother man he sings the song of the slaves
Dec 2016 · 768
I aint shit
Corona Harris Dec 2016
How many times must i say "I aint ****"
Before people will listen
Yes I can trEAT you right but its hard to talk while were kissing
How bout right after we do our sinning and I'm resting in your bed
Instead of climbing on my face , put a scalpel to my head
Maybe if you see my thoughts you'd better understand my visions
Baby just don't look at my heart its in a bad place cause bad decisions
I had to lock it away and so its chained up in the basement
But it still hangs posters of past lovers and all of their replacements
I didn't ask for this but I wouldn't change it cause I know I ain't ****
I know I'll be nothing more than a failure and its fine cause I'm cool with it.
Dec 2016 · 320
I'm Daddy
Corona Harris Dec 2016
I could never make up an intro good enough to introduce you
I could never come up with a line good enough to ****** you
I could never make you happy, only give you something you're not use to.
I'm not use to having a care for people
The more I get to know about you the more things get stranger
The more I get to know about you the more I become in danger
I told you before I don't trust your kind
Been that way since the last girl left me broken and crying
Though something about you makes me change my mind
I can tell you been broken too
Question is who had broken you...
I'm no craftsmen but the Daddy, I never had did teach me a thing or two
On not caring for others but learning to care for yourself...
I'd love to be your Daddy.
I'd love to teach you to care for yourself
Let me be Daddy and I'll care for you
Dec 2016 · 293
Corona Harris Dec 2016
"**** Ma, When you gone let me ****?"
Prince Charming Prince Charming, how you make your words so sweet
Now you got her ******* and her heart
She'll do what ever you request,want or need
She not like those other girls who ask for too much
You know, stuff like loyalty, respect, honesty
All she wants is for you to make her feel loved
Even if it's just one night she wants that pleasure from you
She wants you to make her happy but she understands her place
Even if you wanted her for life
She knows these things don't last so she's never sad when men leave
They always leave something for her to remember them by
Whether it's ruined sheets or random stains
She takes them as tokens of the late nights and early mornings she was loved
And when you have finished soiling her and you've had your fill
Pass her on to your friend so she can be ****** some more
So she can be soiled some more
So she can feel love and shame
She know this ain't real love but she also knows it's too late for that
What is love but a fatal and brutal form of suicide
She's killing herself to find it
Dec 2016 · 524
Corona Harris Dec 2016
I'm so bipolar.
I can be happy, laughing and playing
Then one thought comes to mind
BOOM! I'm mad at the world
I'm ready to smoke and sleep my life away
Its like a part of my mind made a deal with the devil
And now I'm stuck in this mental war
Positivity and bliss against all forces of Evil
And Evil is whooping *** in here man
Dec 2016 · 685
Walls are Judging Me
Corona Harris Dec 2016
I think the walls are judging me
I'm starting to hear murmurs
Murmuring "We seen the things you've done"
Since I was 4 years old to 17 years young
They know things about me
Things you wouldn't even tell a soulmate
The walls have been watching me
They murmur how they saw me laughing my heart out, crying rivers and oceans, even spilling puddles of blood
These walls have seen it all and now they want to judge?!
I trusted these walls with dark secrets...
God don't let them tell my secrets
Please don't let people hear them murmuring
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Corny love poem
Corona Harris Dec 2016
Do yu ever smoke¿
Because your smoking hot.
Hope you like my corny ****
cause I like you a lot

I like your smile, I like your voice
I like the thought of us
Don't matter friends or lovers
i just can't get enough

Pretty girl, gone head
let your demons go
How bout my demons take your demons
to a demon show

We'll let loose, be free,
tell me what's on your mind
Let your guard down for a minute,
Your thoughts are too confined

You should know I'll never judge,
I sin too much myself
But I prefer to tell you my flaws
versus somebody else

I rather we not speak at all
I get tongue tied in your eyes
Those are windows to the soul
I'd love to look inside
Dec 2016 · 276
Her heart
Corona Harris Dec 2016
Her smile fading out
She keeps running away
She ain't looking for help
Only the man that wouldn't stay

She knows he's gone
She watched him pack and leave
But she don't want the help
Just more bottles and ****

Her feelings turned off
She buried them deep within
She won't take your help
She won't be hurt again

You could try all your life
But her heart has been broken
She can't give you the pieces
Because she's already sold them
Sep 2016 · 840
Taboo Love
Corona Harris Sep 2016
I think mainstream love is overrated
It's over played and over used
There's more broken hearts and pieces
Than there is bandages to fix them
People think love to be too limited
"You must love me and ONLY me"
Well that's why we could never work.
Why can't you just have the queens quarters of my heart
A Kingdom can't lead one person
I believe too deeply in Agape Love
Unconditional and Unselfish Love.
Love that doesn't have to be physical
Love that isn't even tangible
Its just understanding the heart of another
I understand too many it seems
My type of love is taboo to my peers
Unconventional and Wrong
But the only form of Love I've been able to agree with
So if you disagree please stop loving me
But know that I will always love you
Jul 2016 · 426
I love you Mary
Corona Harris Jul 2016
Just give me another band-aid
Stop the blood flowing out my old scars
Patch up my heart and numb my mind
**** the thoughts and block out the voices
Just how I like you to do it
Replenish my view while you blurry my vision
Leave your sweet aroma around me
so I can't smell the **** I'm in
I need that bandage of tranquility
Only you can give me that
I need to feel peace while breaking into pieces
I need you to lie to me and make me feel alright
Even when truth is known I'll believe your lies
Because I'm in love with you
You know me better than I know myself
Your so straight forward so I trust you
What I see is what I get from you and baby
I appreciate that, although I know your killing me
I could never put you down until I've inhaled all of you
Your the life and death of me.
I love you Mary Jane.
Jul 2016 · 832
You think you slick
Corona Harris Jul 2016
You think you slick
It scares me that you know exactly what to say
When I'm broken and losing feelings
You know how to make me stay
You give me that temporary healing

You think you slick
Because you no longer hear my cry
you think that **** is cool
But I know you and every time you lie
I ain't always going to play your fool

You think you slick
You only want me when I don't want you
when somebody else got my eye
You feel the need to slide on through
I don't even know why I try

You think you slick
Because we just on the DL
So why should anybody know
Loving you just seems to be hell
Maybe it's best that I just go
Jun 2016 · 415
Corona Harris Jun 2016
Slowly... but surely I'm losing it
I'm losing my will to care
I'm losing my motivation to fight
I'm losing my lust for love
I'm losing my mind little by little
I'm losing myself...
In a reality of sad songs, **** and liquor
And the person I'm becoming
Is the same one I tried to
May 2016 · 448
Corona Harris May 2016
Sometimes I need to take a break.
Sometimes I need to run away.
Sometimes I need to be left alone.
Sometimes I need to just rest.
Sometimes I need to fly away.
Sometimes I need to disappear.
Sometimes I need to scream.
Sometimes I need to smoke.
Sometimes I need to cut.
Sometimes I need nobody to stop me.
Sometimes I need to be let go.
Sometimes I need to be told "I hate you."
Sometimes I need to say "*******."
Sometimes I need to be heartbroken.
Sometimes I wish for all of this...
because Sometimes I need to feel alive.
Good things aren't the only things that can make you feel alive.
May 2016 · 731
Corona Harris May 2016
It's every troubled soul's fear
And every stressed soul's lust
It's where thoughts are able to be heard
And minds are lost in the chaos
It's the sworn oath of secrets
And the sworn enemy of questions
It's the living mans unused right
And the dead man's final request
It's the haven poets go to vent
And the prison psychopaths try to escape
May 2016 · 229
*Self Therapy *
Corona Harris May 2016
It's not Fair.
"What's not Fair?"
"This what?"
This life
"Be specific"
Events in my life
"Your blessed"
But stressed
"About what?"
"What's everything?"
Everything going on
"There's nothing going on"
You don't know that
"You don't tell me"
It's not worth telling
"Why not?"
You wouldn't understand
"Try me"
I tried plenty people
They all failed
I'm giving up trying
"Never give up"
Its too late, I'm broken
"Well get fixed"
Nobody can fix me
"Then fix yourself"
I'm not strong enough
"Then get strong"
I don't have the heart for it
"Just BELIEVE in yourself"
I BELIEVE that's a waste of time
"Then I BELIEVE you'll waste your life"
What you know about my life?
"I know you're a coward"
I fear no man
"But you fear yourself"
I know myself
"So you know there's nothing to fear"
I know there's everything to fear
"Then conquer your fears"
I already said I wasn't strong enough
"Then be ready for what happens next"
What's gonna happen?
"They'll consume you"
I'll probably let them
"All those things you'll never see"
Probably wasn't gonna see anyway
"All those places you'll never go"
Most likely weren't worth going
"All the people you'll never meet"
They would of ended up hating or hurt
"Your awfully pessimistic today"
I'm just done playing the fool
"Fool to who?"
People will just use and discard you
Because they don't care
"Why don't they care?"
NOBODY CARES.. Least not about me
"You don't believe that"
Starting to
"Open your eyes and see the good"
I will soon as the bad steps aside
"Your supposed to see pass that"
I ALWAYS see past that, maybe i need..
"Need what?"
To face it
"Face the bad?"
Face the facts
"Facts like?"
Facts like I'll never be good enough
"You are good enough"
Not for other people
I wish i could
"Not the time for jokes"
Ok, but it's true
"You just want to ****?"
I just want some love...
"******* isn't love"
It's close enough
"Real love deals with the heart"
My heart is ****** up
"So what is ******* going to do?"
I just want physical love
"Thats not love"
Well I can't handle anything more
"Why not?"
I'm not worth loving
"Yes you are"
No, I'll just **** somebody over
"Just stop"
I can't stop
"You have the power"
But not the power to stop people
"From getting ****** up?"
From falling in love
"Thats true"
Its better when I only love them
"Whys that?"
Less people hurt in the end
"You'll be the only one hurt "
Exactly, i know I'll get over it though
"What makes you so sure?"
I'm use to being hurt
"Thats not good"
Thats life
"And you accept that?"
I accept what I can't change
"So you can't change being hurt?"
It's either me or them
"And you rather it just be you"
I'm strong enough for it to just be me
"But ALL THE TIME?" What?
"It's not fair."
Self talk
Apr 2016 · 413
Deep Scars
Corona Harris Apr 2016
I got scars deeper than your mind
So deep you can fall in them
So charming they infatuate you
So troubling they transfix you
So bizarre you soul search them
"Who put these deep scars here?"
You think if you look hard enough
You just might find clues of they're origin
How they came to exist in this world
Scars that deep don't just pop up, right?
"Why must they cover my body though?"
They're too deep to be overlooked
Too abstract to go unnoticed
Too cold for me to not feel
Too painful for me to forget
"Am I who created these skin drawings?"
Are these murals of my heart and soul on a wall of flesh
Does it even matter?!
Try to remember its rude to stare.
Apr 2016 · 375
What Am I
Corona Harris Apr 2016
Someone told me I wasn't ****
They were most likely right
Not even the voices bring comfort
They taunt me late at night

They say to me "Corona, What The ****
Why are you still breathing
You ******* up other's lives because
Your life don't have a reason!"

Thats prolly true cause what I do
Often ends all in vain
Just broken hearts and shattered dreams
And dirt thrown on my name

I can't even stop to play no more
Most relationships just bout ***
But once that thrill and ****** gone
You left with ***** sheets... And an ex
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Past Lovers
Corona Harris Apr 2016
My lovers had no soul
They're ghost only I see
But can't remember names
My lovers had no pasion
They're soaked sheets at night
But distance the next day
My lovers have no heart
They're regret for calling them lovers
But knowledge of never loving them
My lovers are having no peace
They're a wilful hoax for future romance
But stuck with melancholy after ***
My lovers deserve better
They're queens without a throne
But I'm unworthy of feeding them grapes
I'm the worse type of lover
Mar 2016 · 410
Corona Harris Mar 2016
Red , White and Blue**
A man shot you
Took you to a cell
Then undressed you
Treated you like hell
Then did it with you

When I look at these videos it's hard not to notice the RED covering the ground
Even harder not to notice the WHITE surrounding the "criminal" and I use that word lightly
but is it even possible to overlook the beautiful BLUE suit death decided to wear today.

Shame Shame Shame
I don't want to go outside
any more more more
There's too many innocent killings
at my **** front door
Cops will grab you by the collar
Beat you till you holler
I don't want to go outside
any more more more

Shame children under 18 will come close to death any time they're around an officer.
Officer don't **** our kids we'd like to see them graduate. I would like to graduate.
Yes sir I understand my rights, just as well as you understand your right to ****
No sir I will not perform my rights, long as you ditch yours as well
My apologies Officer I understand, I'll try not to look as criminally profiling

Miss Mary Mack Mack  Mack
All dressed in black black black
The man in blue blue blue
Shot Kevin in the back back back
She asked them "Why why why
did you **** my son son son"
That's when the officer said said said
"Thought he had a gun gun gun"

And with one line a murderer faces no criminal charges
Because they wear badges they can attack us
Shoot us, **** us or Smack us
They use citizens as target practice
This year alone 249 killed and that number growing faster
Last year it was 990, But the media kept us distracted
While 14 teens killed since Michael Brown
You were worried about social status

So because Kevin ain't get no justice
Mrs. Mary Mack wont get no peace
And It's a shame nobody cares
that we all out here dying by police
But that BLUE keep them protected
Especially if that skin is WHITE
And RED is spilled by ALL our people
Cops can't tell color when it's night
Brothers and Sisters of all races
Protect your kids because if you don't ...
The police just might.
Mar 2016 · 699
Party Spirit
Corona Harris Mar 2016
It's so beautiful when a group of teens
Can come together in harmony
"AHHH **** IT UP"
And sing and dance in one united voice
Our ancestors would be proud.
Friends ain't never held on to each other tighter
Even our most promiscuous sisters
"JUMP ON THE ****"
Have lowered their standards enough
To accommodate our less fortunate brothers
Brothers not capable of owning a belt nor shirt
Even in the scorching heat of this room
They keep each other warm in the comfort of their buttocks and crotches
I'll ignore the shoving and foot stepping
Because the movement happening here is way more important
To the priceless growth of our community
"I'LL BUY THAT *****"
Brothers and sisters lets toast
"******* AND THE ***** THAT CAME WITH YOU"
To good fortune
"***** YOU AINT **** ****!"
And knowledge
Just let us all get home safely.
And forever remember this peace party
Aww **** let me go get my lil cousin.
Mar 2016 · 392
Corona Harris Mar 2016
Everybody wants it but nobody wants to work for it.
Not even me. I have so much time to be successful.
But my mind gets side tracted so easily.
I could be succesful if I stopped listening to music. Read a book instead
I could be successful if I stopped going to sleep. Did my homework
If i wasn't so busy messaging and being on social media
If i wasn't always lost in my thoughts
Thinking about everything else I'd rather be doing.
Dreaming, searching, drifting away, driving, cutting, dancing, *******, Talking
Anything other than being here but if I'm not here where am I?
I'm no where nor am I going any where.
I'm unsuccessful.
Mar 2016 · 494
I'm A
Corona Harris Mar 2016
Punk, Hoodlum, Delinquent,
I'm the one who's the heathen
While your the one who's deceiving
Never asked for help finding an identity
I don't need something to believe in
Maybe some answers on why I'm still breathing
Nobody to trust, even Pastors slither when preaching
Rebel, Insurgent, Agitator
Obtained the belief "The Man" can't shape me
I'm not as easy as some of my peers
I won't just let you mentally **** me
That's why teachers,police and parents
All corrupted officials hate me
I'm not tied to religion
So not even your crucifix can break me
Indigo, ******, Alien**
This puzzle piece too deviant to fit in your society
My blood too filled with Bohemian pride you see
I fell to this planet when our stars collided
It was depressing to find so many people divided
So I'm fixing my shuttle to travel back to Planet X
No I won't listen to your mixtapes on the way
If its just a ballad on guns, thoties and ***
Money and drugs aren't moral values they're demerits
Peace, Knowledge and Love what we all must inherit
Mar 2016 · 17.2k
Melanin Popping
Corona Harris Mar 2016
You infatuate me with your views
Your body sings Trap Queen but your heart's in love with the Blues
That's cool.
I got an indigo soul too
Lets connect like constellations
As I'm constantly relating you to Roman Goddesses and Egyptian Queens
You're more beautiful than Aphrodite and Cleopatra
You mentally surpass all your peers But obtuse thinkers still come at yuh
Forgive them. They know not who they size
They see your full lips and your thick thighs
Worshiping physical features so your face is often forgotten
They don't notice you got three eyes
Your Melanin Was Way Too Poppin
Dedication to my Melanin Queens
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
Corona Harris Mar 2016
Knives aren't meant for playing
Hands aren't meant for hitting
But tonight I have no limits

If pain was a person then I'd be its scorcher
Put flames in my veins I consent to this torture
Beat me if you want, it'll take much for me to cry
I'll show my enjoyment, I have no reason to lie
Never been scared of blood
That's including my own
And they'll never know I'm addicted
I lock the door to my room
Just me and all my weapons of choice
They give me love so good that I lose my voice

~Corona Harris~
Feb 2016 · 596
Corona Harris Feb 2016
She'd known she had me before I knew I loved her.
I had known she would break me before she knew she'd date me.
Who was more wrong?
The foolish lover or the fooling one?
Was it my fault for being tempted by the devil and walking into hells gate?
The sign outside said it's not so bad
Is it her fault for finding me interesting and thus entertaining her admirer?
After all she never did say this was forever

~Corona Harris~
Jan 2016 · 2.7k
Corona Harris Jan 2016
Please O' Lord
Don't let this consume me
This burning urge to do injustices
To violate her sheets
To desecrate her temple
God Almighty
What a beautiful temple you've made
Carved to perfection, it entices me
How can I resist this temptation?
She is my every craving
Tell me Dear Lord
Is it wrong for me to admire your art?
To gaze upon the bareness of her walls
Feel the thickness in her stature
And if So...
forgive me Father
For I can no longer restrain my hands
My tongue can't stay in its cage
My body can not be with out hers
She must be consumed by me
By My lust
~Corona Harris~
Jan 2016 · 767
I'm here to please you
Corona Harris Jan 2016
If I appear to you as happy
Then I've put on another successful show
I have mastered the art of masking
Masking all of my weaknesses and flaws

If you can confide in me your secrets
Then I've gained the security of your heart
I've mastered the art of trusting
Trusting in myself, in you to understand

I hope you will understand

The reason I can't always talk at night
The reason I wear long clothing in the summer
The reason I can't always be touched in certain places
No! It's not you baby , It's me

My skin is just sensitive right now

Wait for me to heal please
Then I'll be ready for the show again.
Then you can once again confide in me
I'll be back to service you once more.

Sometimes I forget that I'm needed.
I forget that I'm a part time therapist
I forget that I have people dependent on me
I even forget there is a me, until night fall

When everyone goes to sleep
When the messages stop
When there's no more people
When there's only…

That's when the world breaks down
My skeletons come out to play
The voices rush through my mind
My Hell is unleashed and I am alone.

Just me and the weapon of my choice
Sharp and ready
Ready to conquer my demons
Even if just for a night

My therapist is my scars
My performer is my blade
My volt is the blood shed
And no one knows them but me.

They don't know what I been feeling
What I'm still feeling
They are not aware of my trials and tribulations
They don't know I need help too
Jan 2016 · 679
Word Of Advice
Corona Harris Jan 2016
Don't fall for me
I'm not who you think I am
I'm only here temporarily
I'm only valuable as your friend

Don't say you love me
I'm not able to love you back
I'm just here for your pleasure
We may never be more than that

Listen to me
I'm not telling you this for my health
I've been here so many times
And this is what I had to tell myself

~Corona Harris~
Dec 2015 · 806
Inner Conflict
Corona Harris Dec 2015
I'm going to get up today!
"Lay your *** down, you ain't doing ****"
I wanna eat something sweet.
"You might want to stick to fruit and water, fat *** "
I should hang out with somebody.
"Nobody wanna be bothered with you. Go home"
I wish I could talk to somebody but
"No-one needs to know, will understand, or gives af"
Maybe I should try today eventhough
"I'm dumb asf and I'm going to fail anyway"
There's people that care about me but
"If I die , life will go on and the world keeps turning"
I should just stick to being by myself
"I'll just end up hurting someone or hurt"
**** this I'm done with love
"Took me long enough , love been done with me"
Why am i even still here
"I ain't **** anyway. I ain't gone be **** either"
Life just not worth getting up for
"I should just sleep and never wake"
**** it. One good cut is all I need.
"**** put the blade up! your no fun If your dead"
I guess I'll just fake a smile for the day.

~Corona Harris~
Dec 2015 · 8.1k
Why I Am Staying Single
Corona Harris Dec 2015
"Baby I love you" No you don't love is just a illusion
"No fr, I truly love you" You love the feeling I give you,  you love the image you percieve me as, You DO NOT LOVE me.
"You starting to hurt my feelings" It's better to have your heart scratched now instead of torn later.
"Wow, do you even care about me" Do you even care about yourself?  I'm trying to help you.  **** Save You.
"This is why I don't trust people now" I never asked for your trust, I never asked for your time.
"Your just like the others Corona" If I was like the others I'd let you keep falling for what you can't have.
"****** *******" I know I am,  that's why I'm staying single.

        ~ Corona Harris ~
Nov 2015 · 5.0k
No Love
Corona Harris Nov 2015
I ain't yours and you ain't mine
But nobody else will touch you
I ain't yours and you ain't mine
But nobody else will kiss you
I ain't yours and you ain't mine
But I'm the only one talking to you
I ain't yours and you ain't mine
But let a *** speak of you
I ain't yours and you ain't mine
I will never say  "I love you"

    ~Corona Harris~
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Corona Harris Nov 2015
I am not a weakling
I am a fighter
Those are not bruises
Those are trials
These are not cuts
They're battle wounds
That's not blood
It's freedom
I'm a Freedom Fighter

  ~Corona Harris~
Nov 2015 · 1.0k
Pretty Faces
Corona Harris Nov 2015
The prettiest faces hide the ugliest secrets
I know this for facts because I'm always asked to keep it
The prettiest mouths say the most terrible things
I know this for facts because my ears heard it all
The prettiest eyes seen the worst sights
I know this for facts because I've had to close them
The prettiest bodies has the most scars
I know this for facts because I've had to cover them
The prettiest minds have the darkest thoughts
I know this for facts because I've had to erase them
       ~Corona Harris~
Just because the Title says Cinderella don't think that it's a fairytale
Nov 2015 · 932
Same Spirit
Corona Harris Nov 2015
Is it a coincidence that
I am not attracted to the opposite ***
Yet I can't attract the same spirit.
I'll let that soak in as I explain.

I always wanted a girl that could imagine a revolution in her brain
I always wanted a love fully approved by MLK
I always wanted a partner that could take away my pain
But maybe what I lust for was more than what I could maintain.

God never gives us more than what we can handle
But I'm always left astray listening about the scandal
That broke the queen's heart and left me to heal it
And even though I patch it up I could never fill it...

I always been the one to stop their cuts
Never the one to stop being cut
Always been the silent healer
Never Been the one to feel her
Always connected to their deeper side
Never Been the one to resign inside
Always forced to hide my feelings
Never able to show my pride

Priestess ,you captured me with the words that you would say
I hate your struggles but can't take your pain away
I love your poetry but can't make you sit and stay                                
I worship your mind but can't make you pray
I can only listen to your heart as you pour it out to me
And when your ready to go, tell you to have a good day.

Queen, you've had me since we were young
When you said he called you out your name
I wanted to cut out his tongue.
There's few reasons I'd **** and you are one
How could he say something so shady when he's speaking to the sun

And Goddess,  where do I even start
I've given you your own personal wall in the gallery of my heart
I've pondered on our time together and mourned the time apart
We didn't really get to finish, next time I'll play it smart.

I'm stuck on my lonesome
Until I find that spirit that attracts
But maybe till that happens
I should go adopt some cats
Oct 2015 · 2.4k
I'm sorry.
Corona Harris Oct 2015
You are my everything.
You heal me of my internal wounds
Relax and relieve me from the days stress
You block out all negativity in my life
And swerve away my press
When we touch we merge together to form one being
Although your person is small enough to fit in my pocket
Your soul surpass mines and when we're together we're equal
Soaring up like a rocket
And you and I are unstoppable...
Until we hit a comet and your left brain stops working. .
Then I'm forced to find another more suitable to please all my needs
But I still got love and hope for you and me
And you and I and I can't do it
I feel so stupid without my music
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm truly am        
But I need new earbuds to put it.
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
I Hate Parents
Corona Harris Oct 2015
I hate you, parents
Yall hurt us the most when yall post to protect us
"Fight for your children!" Naw it's easier to neglect us
Tell grandma don't be afraid of me
Because my generation is reckless
We're labeled naive, wild and disrespectful
But to receive it you must first respect us
Mothers wonder why you bury strangers wearing daddy's necklace                      
Who thought it was good for them to want power and wealth?
Welp, you raised them like that now bury them by yourself
I was conceived to a house they already knew was broken and torn
They let me believe when I die
I'm going down in flames just to burn
I got health and mental problems  
I didn't ask to be this way
But guess I'm forced to live and learn.
For a beautiful death, that's all I pray
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
You are...
Corona Harris Oct 2015
You are...
The epitome of insanity
The goddess of hypocrisy
The rebel of gracility
And the idolater of vanity                                    
The paramount of mistress
The fixative of my embodiment
I am a failed triad of disappointment lacking your physical, emotional and ****** completeness                    
I'm fueled by love of my adversary's  scrimmage    
And broken by my lechery                
Thus making me facil to your incogent persuasion.
And infatuated by your complimentary image                                  
Though you are the demoralizer  of souls      
The extension of my patience
By the obscureness of your oomph
Why in the foolery are you the axis of my goals                                                
You're an abhorrent char to my mind
Oct 2015 · 416
Leave Me.
Corona Harris Oct 2015
Leave me by an impasive shore so that I may be tooken by the waves
Let my body drift on sorrowful waters as the sun meets my gaze
Burn my iris to where I no longer see no evil nor no good light
Cramp my bones so that they no longer have the urge to fight
Barge your sorrows into the tender house of my lungs
Replete me with depression and smite me with your tongues
Opening scars that bleed out in vain
Stress blocking my mind to thoughts inhumane
and beliefs I might actually give in to spreading myself thin        
But I don't and I float to the shore once again

— The End —