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you are the biggest part
of the past and its art
that pains my heart
from time to time
this is all mine
i know i sometimes whine
give me a bottle of fine
nothing beats the pain of that line
who says we move on easily
we just live on steadily
accepting and feeling
every inch of the being
Sacrifices of first borne
Or  second mothers
carried away by the wind
        Always forgotten.
Sacrifices.    Memories.  Remembrance
Pedro Vialle Jan 2019
Long ago someone stole some of my years
and with them, all the friends I didn't had
all the games I didn't played
all the loves I've never felt
all of my rainy days by the window
and all my sunny days in the water
So I went from a little kid to a cold grown up
heart of stone and eyes of steel
making a dam with all my tears
hiding away in the dark
and all of that because they wanted to laugh
Yeah, I know this doesn't rhyme
Nor there are commas in the rightful places or the usual period
all of this is a mess way more that is a poem
but there is nothing I can do
since this is the way my head is right now
All those terrible days
where I was tortured for being me
when my loved books where tossed in the ***** floor
and a chunk of chewed bubble gum was stuck in my hair
They just keep coming back
and back
and back again
and some more
until I'm nothing more than a shadow of myself
Maybe it was my fault
how dared I to be different?
How I dared to be me when I clearly shouldn't?
I need to go now
bury myself some more in all these lies
lies about how all is so nice
and no, I'm not crying, it is a allergy
and no, these bruises were from a fall
yes, I'm okay mom
I'm okay
I'm okay
When in the truth, I wasn't even me anymore
Maybe one day I will forget about this
carry on with my life
but somehow I know
I'm going to miss all those years that never were
and feel sad for that poor boy
who died for me to live
Ana Laag Jan 2019
Thank you for the memories,
They are all for keeps.
Forever we will cherish,
Even in our dreams.
Sleep tight.
For in God's promise land,
We'll be all together again.
In memory of my beloved Grandfather which memories I'll hold dearly in my heart forever.
Deiny Moretta Nov 2018
A few moons have passed since then...long and cold nights.
 And when your memories come by knocking at my door, I let you in to savor you once more, so you can go quietly, without wreaking havoc inside of me. 
If I don’t, I will be tormented, and you might think I still keep you here deep inside.
Thruth  is, sometimes you come in and I can taste you, others, I don’t even notice that you have come.

haley Feb 2018
I can hear him knocking at the door
I feel the rhythm of the beating in my chest and head.

It overwhelms me, bleeding down into my core,
my heartstrings hanging by a single thread.

I cannot handle your lingering presence anymore.

I am exhausted from a constant state of dread;
an endless game of tug of war
contemplating all of the things I’ve left unsaid.

Compiling a collection of unfinished memoirs
abandoned and stranded in my mind instead.

He is here, choosing which wounds to reopen into deeper sores
I lay awaiting the temporary passage of this bloodshed.
Joy Munde Aug 2017
Take my hand,
Join me in this trek,
Down memory lane,
To relive it all,
And see it a fresh!

Stories told,
May never be worth,
But once upon a time,
We lived the stories,
We were the main acts,
So buckle up!

Wailing children,
Screaming mothers,
Absent fathers,
Mean nannies,
That was my world,
A bit of my life!

Rob or take,
Was the society...
Shots fired,
The police are here,
Let's just watch from the sidelines.

An eye for an eye,
Or just a tooth for a tooth,
With clenched fists,
And clubs in our hands,
How we dealt with issues!

To have fun...
Just kiss the bottle,
Smoke the puff,
Chew the khat,
Make out as you wish!

The paths I took,
The life I lived,
All not worth a rematch,
For in them mistakes were done,
And in regrets we live on!

So this day I choose,
The paths I take,
The games I play,
The people I meet,
For I'm older and wiser!

M Harris Apr 2017
Firelight Affairs & Atmospheric Starlight,
Rainbow Instincts Enlightening Her Satellite Twilight,

Quivering Symphonies & Colorful Voices,
Lyrical Abstracts Of Her Monochrome Noises,

Prismatic Rage In Her Eternal Sage,
Resonances Whispering Her Voices Onstage,

Vertical Ensembles Of Her Ecstatic Fashions,
Witty Odes Enlightening Her Arrested Passions,

Prancing Temptations & Provoked Mysteries,
Entrancing Her Artistic Waves & Surging Tapestries,

Storyteller Flares On A Perpetual Lease,
Intoxicated Mirrors Of Her Spiritual Release,

Lucid Memoirs & Condensed Revelations,
Inquisitive Glances Of Her Cupid Flirtations,

Crimson Armors & Her Reflective Scents,
Illustrious Serenity Embossed In Her Scenic Ascents,

Fluoresce Echoes & Her Scenic Prelude,
Coalesce Spotlights Guiding Her Summer Nudes.

- 01:24AM -
Corona Harris Dec 2016
I'm so bipolar.
I can be happy, laughing and playing
Then one thought comes to mind
BOOM! I'm mad at the world
I'm ready to smoke and sleep my life away
Its like a part of my mind made a deal with the devil
And now I'm stuck in this mental war
Positivity and bliss against all forces of Evil
And Evil is whooping *** in here man
These Memoirs
Ghosts of the past
A solid reminder
Of what had come and gone

Purple pink sunrise hues
Bright red orange sunsets
Interlocked fingers
And sweet seething kisses

Warm hugs in bed
The smell of morning breath
The feel of your skin
The fluttering from within

The fights we never won
The funny moments we own
The laughter we  shared
And the tears I had to bear

You see, it still haunts me
The outline of your face
And it takes all my power away
Just to see you there everyday

Deep in the comfort of another
A peace in your face without utter
A deep calm I craved
Of the memoirs we evenly shared

You see it shatters my heart
Every time I see us apart
You in another man's chest
While memoirs of feelings bleed out with zest
Dedicated to Someone I know :3
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