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I thought that you loving me would be automatic, 
but when I read your label, 
I realized it said batteries not included.
gracie Sep 2019
how were you supposed to know
you were my universe
when you were too busy
looking for the stars in someone else's eyes?
I forgot about how you unknowingly smirk
When I start calling back your name
I forgot that you will only mock
The way I scream out my lungs to the ocean
Expecting sunken ships to sail back to shore
I regret that I never swept the sands you left behind
I regret that I memorized the trail on this island.
And I do not understand how come I still get stuck in-between
Now I know, I’m only here to help you build your castle

But I will never be crowned the Queen.
DYN Feb 2019
He still hears her voice like sweet melodies on a lake
Her name comes up, and he realizes
He never stopped loving her, he just took a break
He pauses, thinks then fantasizes

Her love pierced like an arrow,
Love so brash, he craved some intimacy
You see he was far too deep , but her love was shallow
Painfully amazing how he was stuck in a fallacy

Call him a prisoner of her love
How did she capture him to not call her bluff ?
It’s hard to comprehend; hard to solve
But he’d always say, “she had me in her cuff
I breathe and let go today
Tomorrow I’m still stuck like yesterday”

Oh some phrases here were inspired by my friend : Izy
@Jrchukwu on Twitter
Angela Rose Nov 2017
I am solely the best friend
I am used to that

I am the girl you invite to the game because you think you're going to score your first home-run of the year and I know the sport well
I am the girl you have proof-read your poetry to make sure it is okay to show another
I am the girl you rehearse the love song for to assure that it is suitable for sharing

But the home-run is never made in my honor
And the poems will never mention my name
And the beautiful love song was never meant for me

But I show up to the game with a sign decked out in glitter with your name and number held up high
And I let you know that a sonnet is fourteen lines and should be written in iambic pentameter
And I tell you your voice was sounding a tad flat when you were singing the lyrics "Baby this song is all for you"

You say "Thanks, you're the best friend a guy could ask for"
And I smile and nod, I am used to this
Angela Rose Nov 2017
I can turn what happened into poetry
I can make what happened sound like this beautiful story
I can think about it and smile very fondly
I can write an exquisite story about our one night together
I can do all of that and I still can't make you love me
Dimakatso Sedite Oct 2017
The day you meet a woman
you   love
you will see why
you made me laugh for no reason,
why I drove in the rain for days

to dry the palms of your hands with my sweat,
why the blackness of your skin
lit my eyes
which were a mirror
to your chocolate sculpture
carved by

taxi rank crowds scampering around you
at rush hour -
just before the rain -
framing you into a portrait of dignity…

You'll see
why drums  beat in my chest
and shook me like daisies
whenever your soul
slid towards me

to sip ...
You'll see
why blemishes of my tattooed hands pricked
creases on your  forehead
and cupped

my tears below your greying chin,
why death had stopped stalking me
after I had jazzed with you under
our  passion-splashed  umbrella
and tasted the rain
under our  toes -
on cobbled streets at Kippies

on Mirriam Makeba Street…
The day your Black Magic Woman
stumbles through
your Mute. Deaf. Door...
you'll grasp
why you were once  my sugar chocolate  tree
in a faded world where  hearts were not  papers.

© Dimakatso  A.  Sedite 2017
letmebeanon Oct 2017
Your face, lights up the sky on the highway
Someday you'll share your world with me, someday.
You mesmerized me with diamond eyes.
I try to fool myself to think I'll be alright.
But I am losing all control -
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul.

Never in my life have I been more sure
So come on up to me and close the door
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted and more.

To speak or not to; where to begin
Your great dilemmas I'm finding myself in
For all I know you only see me as a friend
I try to tell myself wake up fool; this fairy tale's got to end.

Never in my life have I been more sure
So come on up to me and close the door
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted and more.
This is one of my favorite songs. They said this was rico blanco's song for KC Concepcion. Kc's mom doesn't approve him for her.
Samantha Babe Sep 2017
We knew each other like our souls were intertwined. Like we were born from the old age of romantics. Like past lovers continuing their love story at this age.
  All of our deep talks connected with our beliefs. Every lines we took, sparks cast beneath our silhouettes when we embrace twilight. And when our eyes met, it feels like the stars has got to it's places- the sense of belongness.
    The universe made a deal and wanted us to be together. Because, we were above meant to each other.
   But when everything was beautiful, you backfired. Telling me you can't go on. Telling me that we were meant to each other but not being together. You don't visualized the things happening around. You don't have our world. Because for you, it was all just talk of the things. Our love, it was unrequitted after all.
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