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Mikey Kania Dec 2019

forbidden fruit (eden)
little hole (eve)
Yahweh (tizzop)


turn every letter around turn warriors
into choirboys allergic against weapons

turn vampires into

turn around: somebody behind you
spying each letter you gotta

be better
don't turn the page NOW
the paper'd simply fly downwards into hell
with you

besides: the book of your life will end soon enough
welcome to the new world, tizzop. we just WON. love you, buddy.
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
Women are such complicated creatures and yet simple at the same time
All she wants is to eat as much food as she wants and stay thin
Is that so hard to understand?
If you ask her where she wants to go get the food
She doesn’t know
She forgets that she is beautiful after spending two hours on hair and makeup
And one thousand on a new outfit that took her three hours to pick out
Leaving the mirror gives her amnesia
So it is your duty to remind her of her beauty often
She spends two hours telling you her problems
Not because she needs you to solve them, but because she wants you to hear it
So listen and smile
The time to frown is when she stops talking
Is that so hard to understand?
She loves wine and chocolate; red roses are best
But taking the time to remember what she loves is far more precious than the things themselves
She is where beauty comes alive the cradle of civilization she is sassy like a dream build for the perfect attraction
Soft like a flower yet tough as steel she is made to be loved my friend not understood
Because she is a mystery is that so hard to understand?
Brenda Mukisa Mar 2018
Is it sugar
Or is it death
dirt* or nothing.
I think about it looking into my tea cup.
Just an idea in my head.
My over thinking, over analyzing mind

I think I am fat.
I hate being fat.
Then I see an amazing fat girl looking good in her jeans.
Her overthrow looks amazing and I want that

I want to be fat.

I could be small.
I tell my self.
I should eat way less and get skinny.
Fit in very tight jeans and have big hair.
The skinny girl yesterday looked amazing.
But would I

What if I cannot look good skinny.
I'd loose my **** and look weird.
What if I am those people who can never get small

I love food and good places.
Most of the times fat girls look awesome dressed up.
I am not skinny or fat.
I have never understood my body.
Sometimes I feel smart sometimes I doubt everything*

So, is it sugar? Is it dirt?
maybe I will never know
Valerie Jan 2018
my body is a temple,

not a battleground

for other women to fight in.

my body is a temple,

not a pit stop for other men,

that needs a place to rest in for the night.

my body is a temple,

not a critical text you can analyse,

and assume judgement like a book you never read.

my body is a temple,

not a pack of wild animals,

aimed to be restrained and taught what to do.

my body is a temple,

and it tells a story that no one

except for me will ever understand.

my body is a temple,

and it will not be disrespected.

like a religion, i'll learn to worship it.
Arcassin B Aug 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

A gorgeous girl you are.
But your spoil as hell.
Run over everyone you meet.
at first they couldn't tell.

Your mother makes too much money,
You Feel like you don't have to work.
your friends think your annoying.
but they never use their words.

you could be better than this,
but you choose to be the popular clique.
you really think your ****,
until someone considers you lame and that's it.

If you think your not one of those girls,
then you should be.
Do you wanna be negative in your memories?
Harsha ravi Jun 2017
She couldn’t fight when her father didn’t want her home
She couldn’t fight when her mother told her not to roam
She couldn’t fight when they “married” her off to another man
She couldn’t fight when he left her to pursue his lifelong plan
She couldn’t fight when she held her crying 1 year old
She promised herself to be bold
She stood up to the world, the world that said she couldn’t
She fell back down when they said a she shouldn’t
franny May 2017
We live in a society where...
Women are supposed to have "clean jobs"
Women are not as strong as men
Women are supposed to look pretty and be looked at
Women are never in charge
But i'm here to tell you you are allowed to be what ever you want
look how ever you want
you are in charge of anything and everything
Society's definition of you is wrong.
I am a female who loves getting *****, who plays "man sports", who will trade in sweats in for makeup any day, and who is in charge of my own destiny. No one is going take this away from me.
Corona Harris Dec 2016
"**** Ma, When you gone let me ****?"
Prince Charming Prince Charming, how you make your words so sweet
Now you got her ******* and her heart
She'll do what ever you request,want or need
She not like those other girls who ask for too much
You know, stuff like loyalty, respect, honesty
All she wants is for you to make her feel loved
Even if it's just one night she wants that pleasure from you
She wants you to make her happy but she understands her place
Even if you wanted her for life
She knows these things don't last so she's never sad when men leave
They always leave something for her to remember them by
Whether it's ruined sheets or random stains
She takes them as tokens of the late nights and early mornings she was loved
And when you have finished soiling her and you've had your fill
Pass her on to your friend so she can be ****** some more
So she can be soiled some more
So she can feel love and shame
She know this ain't real love but she also knows it's too late for that
What is love but a fatal and brutal form of suicide
She's killing herself to find it
Laxus Apr 2016
By the time I knew
That you were the one
You have already
Found out

And you smile
A sly smile
As you pull me close to you
And kiss me as though you're thirsty
As though you've been waiting ages
For me to realize it
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