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Traveler Nov 2020
Five different species of animals
evolved into 🦀 *****
Why Hell’
King crab pinchers can sever a limb!

So perhaps
have a little ✨sympathy
When I tell ya
Lately my girlfriends been acting
A bit crabby again

Invisible snappers
Ripping tearing
Traveler Tim

Don’t take my word Google it
Karen Thompson Oct 2020
I shut my eyes for a moment,
Listening closely to the rain drops against my window.
The louder splatters on the Zinc,
And the solem whispers from the cold wind.

Moments like these,
Ignite my subtle yet firery desires.
My hollow heart summons you,
Reminiscing on your gentle touch never felt,
The feel of our dangerous passion.
Though our lips are yet to touch.

©Karen Thompson 2020
This is roughly about female desires and wild mannerism. Years before now, it was seen as a taboo, female desires and pleasure.
If a young woman showed signed of wild mannerism of some sort, then she would have been seen as 'one who needs a leash'. I tried comparing that with how they treated rumored witches in the second stanza.
She doesn't just 'summon' anything. She summons the image of a mind in her mind. Basically daydreaming.
SA Szumloz May 2020
I feel the first drop, then the second
Painting my white flowers red
A pain stabs me below the belly
Like a knife so sharp and heavy
One peep sends me off the rails
Driven mad by this cruel spell
Chocolate and sleep keeps me sane
Distracting me from the pain
So, my lovely gentlemen,
When God graciously sends
A baby into your life
Just think twice
About the mothers who're shamed
Because of the blood they waste
So that you can be a daddy.
TIZZOP Dec 2019

forbidden fruit (eden)
little hole (eve)
Yahweh (tizzop)


turn every letter around turn warriors
into choirboys allergic against weapons

turn vampires into

turn around: somebody behind you
spying each letter you gotta

be better
don't turn the page NOW
the paper'd simply fly downwards into hell
with you

besides: the book of your life will end soon enough
welcome to the new world, tizzop. we just WON. love you, buddy.
Brenda Mukisa Mar 2018
Is it sugar
Or is it death
dirt* or nothing.
I think about it looking into my tea cup.
Just an idea in my head.
My over thinking, over analyzing mind

I think I am fat.
I hate being fat.
Then I see an amazing fat girl looking good in her jeans.
Her overthrow looks amazing and I want that

I want to be fat.

I could be small.
I tell my self.
I should eat way less and get skinny.
Fit in very tight jeans and have big hair.
The skinny girl yesterday looked amazing.
But would I

What if I cannot look good skinny.
I'd loose my **** and look weird.
What if I am those people who can never get small

I love food and good places.
Most of the times fat girls look awesome dressed up.
I am not skinny or fat.
I have never understood my body.
Sometimes I feel smart sometimes I doubt everything*

So, is it sugar? Is it dirt?
maybe I will never know
Valerie Jan 2018
my body is a temple,

not a battleground

for other women to fight in.

my body is a temple,

not a pit stop for other men,

that needs a place to rest in for the night.

my body is a temple,

not a critical text you can analyse,

and assume judgement like a book you never read.

my body is a temple,

not a pack of wild animals,

aimed to be restrained and taught what to do.

my body is a temple,

and it tells a story that no one

except for me will ever understand.

my body is a temple,

and it will not be disrespected.

like a religion, i'll learn to worship it.
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