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Deanna 2d
the tears
that I'm so use to
I don't even realize
they're there
Shiny Oct 12
Love, so colourful and magical yet blind at first
changes just as swiftly as the seasons change,
love perspires ever slowly and inapparently,
till it is lacklustre and lost in the air forever,
Replaced with pretence for the sake of old times,
masking uninterestedness with a fake curiosity.
Lies come freely as one tries not to be obnoxious.
But seemingly, both are trying not to be insolent,
with both professing about love in the air tonight,
even when neither feel even a pinch of it in heart.
Deanna Sep 27
I saw your broken pieces
And i tried to put them together
But when you saw mine
You made them even smaller...
Haueru Jul 19
At this point
We broke up 11 times
In a span of 8 months
You take no blame
No accountability
I always be the one
To lose a bit of myself
Everytime I apologize
And try to make things right
Even you said it
That the love gone
Yet we always keep coming back
Lord knows your low regard to my
Pedestal I put you is crumbling
Idk if I can remain loyal
Personally I don't even care for you
I know my self worth and I'm not
To be used or to be looked down
On by someone as lowly  as you.
Sorry but I'm done with you
Keep your ignore/block game true
Show social media just how
Unsavoury you truly are
Ava Courtney May 15
My parents warned me about the bullies the responsibilities, drugs and terrible things, but they never warned me about beautiful tan skinned boys with hazel eyes that could make you forget how to breathe, eyes that cut deeper than a knife ever could, whose smile could unwittingly **** and make you forget how to think. And whose hands could steal your suffering soul and shatter your heart into millions of pieces. Whose gentle lips could make you stupidly forget all the bad things he’s done and keep you begging for more. Whose touch sent shivers down your spine and paralyzed you.

Oh god.

They forgot to tell me how he’d make me feel.

And how much agonizing pain I'd be in

When he left.
Lost love Mar 26
Dear future husband,

I am damaged beyond repair
And since hearts don't come in pairs
This means I am now heartless  

I won't be able
To give you the love you deserve.
Am sorry

Yours truly
Your wife who's incapable of loving.
Tompson Mar 14
You asked me for some problems
I told you all my pain
Made you bleed for me
I let you go with all my shame
I let you see my demons
Because I wanted to see you misarable

We spoke, and spoke, and spoke
You made promises of love
But you couldn't see
All what I want was to see your heart broke

I left you in tears
Because you means nothing to me
Wendy Buckley Mar 13
All the ways I should have felt it.
It was right there in front of me.
It felt like something didn't fit.
So many red flags I failed to see...
What you said, that I didn't hear,
All that time I spent alone.
I didn't see what was  so clear.
All the missed calls on your phone...
All the emotions you didn't feel.
Everytime you had to go.
All the feelings that weren't  real.
Was it really all for show?
All the times you were so mean.
How on earth did I not know?
So many ways I should have seen.
How I felt I was all wrong.
Every gut feeling I just disposed of.
And you let me believe all along
It was never even close to love.
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