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I know you don't
there's no possible way
with your actions against me
and the things you say

The way you talk to me
and the way about
your dislike hits me right in the heart
and the love goes around

You may try
to be nice to my face
but when you think I'm not near
it's a different case

Other times
you don't even care
you start to talk trash about me
as though I'm not there

All the pain I feel
and the emotions you provoke
it's no wonder
that my heart is always broke

So there's only one truth
as far as the eye can see
and that is
you don't love me
To the person who claims to love  me but does not
leechyna Jun 22
I once thought I could be as great as sejong the great
Read all history books and brochures
Never ending poem love
Came in like a wildfire
Geek life got fun
I could fry them all in a pan
Out of nowhere I became Solomon
Started to admire the moon
Night became more beautiful
Theanm Ankh May 19
Honey, I hope
You never know
How I long to love you
Kai Apr 21
Your eyes bleed mystery
So, I fell for you
Your hair, fake, like yourself
So, I fell for you
Your voice is an earthquake
So, I fell for you
Your hands touched everyone
So, I fell for you
I know you’re bad for me
So, I fell for you.
Sometimes, bad boys know how to treat you right.
Deanna Oct 2019
the tears
that I'm so use to
I don't even realize
they're there
Shiny Oct 2019
Love, so colourful and magical yet blind at first
changes just as swiftly as the seasons change,
love perspires ever slowly and inapparently,
till it is lacklustre and lost in the air forever,
Replaced with pretence for the sake of old times,
masking uninterestedness with a fake curiosity.
Lies come freely as one tries not to be obnoxious.
But seemingly, both are trying not to be insolent,
with both professing about love in the air tonight,
even when neither feel even a pinch of it in heart.
Deanna Sep 2019
I saw your broken pieces
And i tried to put them together
But when you saw mine
You made them even smaller...
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