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Grace Summers Feb 13
He showered me with kisses and gave me a rose,
He took me on a date, and then we struck a pose;
He gave me a ring and asked me if I'll be his wife,
Then the alarm rang, waking me up to my dreadful, loveless life.
A dark piece in lieu of being single on Valentine's Day.
Elena Murphy Jan 29
The waters are dark around me
im trying to fiind the light
Im trying to reach the top
So i can breathe
So I can see clearly
I am deep, so deep under
So wrapped up, in this current
So naive, I knew it
Im kicking, im trying hard
Hard to understand how,
How i let you get me so down.
So deep into my own head
But only able to breathe in your world
Only able to try and be everything, you could need.
The waters are dark around me.
The problems are over whelming and im stuck under.
Im trying to find the light
Im trying to reach the top.
I need to breathe.
Breathe in my own world. Be everything I need to be....for me
Julie Smith Jan 15
They say you only regret the things you didn't do. But what if sometimes you don't know if it's something you did or didn't do?
Just a question... I think originally it was inspired by a movie about abortion.... But it can also be applied to relationships and people. Not being with someone is also a decision.
Thorns Nov 2018
You have tried to make me do many things
Like you. Pity you. Hate you. Then like you again.
I know you’ll try again before knowledge’s demise
But knowledge never rests for long
Like a restless monster, It will soon be back,
In a whole new way, thrashing and spitting
That is fabled worse than it really is
But during the demise, I become invisible
An untouchable ghost, you won’t be able to find me
Knowledge’s rest protects me, but when it wakes up,
It stays for 180 days before falling down again
You will try to charm me, but you will fail
Others have tried
And they have failed

You ***** liar
I've never "tried"
Do you see your sin
Your future repent
You "Lied" it's in your name
And your actions, what have you become
Look around you, things are different now
Stupidity no longer wraps around my actions
And I don't want the pity of a viciouse snake such as yourself
Knowledge’s slumber will protect all those who,
Are strong enough to admit when they’re wanted
And I was never wanted
My own creater, she said that I was an accident
She doesn’t want me and neither have you
But knoledge’s slumber will protect us
And faith will love and surround us
If they lied, it's not love...atleast not anymore.
Mia Thompson Nov 2018
He was her favorite type of music
Playlist after playlist she'd listen,
only to him
Drowning out the other noises,
only to hear him.
And when he finally stopped playing for
She was no longer able to hear
DarkSkyesRising Oct 2018
Your silence is the way you tell me
You don't really care
The way you say you'll be there
When your never really there
They way your eyes look through me
Like I'm not here at all
The way you've let me go
The way you've let me fall
How you never hear me
When I'm about to lose it all
Even when I'm screaming
Even when I have to crawl
They way your shoulder moves away
When you said that I could lean
The way your words are either
Too gentle or too mean
The way you say you hate your life
But only next to me
The way you say you understand
But never really see
The way you think I'll let you down
Isn't really fair
Your silence is the way you tell me
You don't really care
Kate Red Oct 2018
Why do I have to be an option?
I set you as my priority
yet I’m not even in your important list.
Why can’t you be more sensitive?
I always put your feelings first before anything
yet you only think about yours.
Why do I always have to be the one who understands?
You do me wrong.
yet I don’t feel any sincerity in your sorry.
Why do you say it when you never mean your sorry?
You say sorry
yet you do it all over again.

You always take my kindness for granted. But sooner or later, this soft heart will be for someone else and all what’s left for you? Your regrets.
Vikram sikki Sep 2018
What’s opposite of a teacher

I have thanked them all
For what I am
But wait master Ji
What about the glass half empty

No credits to thee
For the ignorant, indignant,
insolent -me
For indecisive, irrational -me

For teaching the logic of convenience
Over the struggle and friction
then enabling to veneer the meekness
with vainglorious diction

“Sit  down” for “How?”
“Shut up” for “ Why??”
You didn’t even,
ever let me Try!
Branded the doubt as foolery
and ensured that my mind
be all but free
Yes, all but

Contouring my thoughts
with that of someone else’s
Delineating the world
of abstracts into absolutes
Befouling the beauty of randomness
by the confines of routine

So why
Yes - Why
I dare to ask
On this day ‘ O Teacher’,
you stand so tall
All in all you’re just
Another brick in the wall.
Inspired floyd
Amethyst Jul 2018
lets go for car rides at midnight
count all the stars we can and cannot see
because though we can’t see it with our eyes
that one forgotten star
may lead to the most amazing universe
but we’d never know, because its just out of reach
lets drive down empty roads
and let these smoked city lights lead the way
let us scream to the top of our lungs as the warm breeze brushes across our faces
and let the sunrise the next morning be like no other
let the sun melt and fade into the sky like fondue
let the clouds form into images of the love we never knew we wanted;
or that i wanted
because although i felt a warmth that some call “love”
i was just a star
lost in the many that fill the sky
but to you i was forgotten;
to you i was a forgotten star.
Nikki No Love Jul 2018

False with identity,
I am the enemy,
The false human,
The imitation alien,
A curse upon our sweet Terra,
A false partner under Herra.

I am unlike the rest,
I am a fake,
I do not matter,
And I shall fade.
This is how I feel a lot. I hope it helps someone, maybe..
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