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They named her Patience
Hoping she would put up
With the unflinching burden of hatred
Hoped she would stand through it all
To emerge out into the boundless open
A space with no history
No prejudices

So she took up her pen
Held it so high that it caught the sunlight
She raised her voice
So that it broke through the walls of prejudice
And with threads of intellect wove her thoughts into order
She was Patience
But she did not intend to wait
For a saviour
A tribute to poet Patience Agbabi
Akuffohene Jun 2020
Why did you take them too far to find?
You took my people and left me behind.
They laughed with you, you ate together
And you sailed them away from me forever.
Strange man, has the sea washed your black away?
Your soul away? Your heart away?
Did it seep into your skin and make the melanin fade?
Is that why you’re so bitter?
Confused and scared, they ride the waves
And reach my ear; the songs of slaves.
Bitter yet soft, it tells their pain,
It shows your smile, but not your shame.
The ocean reeks of my people’s blood.
I know what you’ve done.
But you can’t hold us in your hands for long
We are the people of the sun.
Crystal Goddess Nov 2019
My black is not a crime.
I can't walk down the street without feeling the eyes of judgment, wondering if I'm a danger or not.
My black is not a crime.
Walking into a store I'm being followed so that the workers are sure I'm not a thief.
My black is not a crime.
When a police officer pulls me over I keep my hands where they can see them at all times, cause the last thing we need is another black person on the news, dead.
My black is not a crime.
I don't go out at night in fear of being shot and the last thing I hear is "I thought they were a criminal"
My black is not a crime!
I'm scared to have kids one day because how could I bring a life into a world with so much hate because of skin color.
My black is not a crime!
I could be killed right now and what will be on the news?
"Seveneen-year-old girl supposed drug dealer, supposed gang member, supposed danger!"
My black is not a crime!
All you will hear after I die is the wrong I did you will never hear the good they will say I brought this on myself as if I pulled the ******* trigger!
I'm sick of seeing my people be killed, having to leave their families in pain and sorrow over a misunderstanding and only getting a sorry *** apology!
I'm a proud black woman and I will continue to be one. Yall say safe out there.
Pure Bliss Apr 2018
Black power,
All hour,
White supremacist,
My nemesis,

They’ve always said that blacks get no rights,
But segregation has no fight,
There is sight,
I stand with my power,
So I can say Black Power!
Crystal Goddess Jun 2017
She is beautiful
she walks with poise
she speaks with elegance
she sees with eyes full of pain
she listens though she is never heard
her skin is as rich as chocolate
her hair is like wool
her back is scared from the knives in your hands
her feet are cut from the miles she walks
her legs are weak from running to get away from your words
she walks with poise
she speaks with elegance
her skin is exquisite
her hair is curly
this woman thats been to the deepest parts of
The Devils Palace
is beautiful
She is "A Work Of Art"
This poem is basically about a woman that is a slave to the world but she still keeps her class thru the stuff she went thru.
John-Chris Ward Dec 2016
Page after page,
Decade through decade
Of knowledge;
Bred into me braid after braid.
Bought and paid through the slave trade;
Taught to me by Kings and Queens,
Overworked and under praised,
My God given name.
I would be insane to be ashamed
Of the gift they gave,
Generations of inspiration,
Weak in the knees I breathe admiration;
I didn't have to beg or plead,
Given to me for free
Sweet salvation.
This is to me what it means to be black. I haven't always been so proud of my african roots. Some people made me feel if I were not apart of the culture; but it is strong in my blood. I've found new pride in my lineage. I am who I am, because they are. I'm so thankful and overwhelmed with massive gratitude. The songster, poet, preformer, personality all that I am is because of those before me; my friends and family.
The Calm Jul 2016
So as fate would have it they would have it they would take us from our borders

They brought us in as slaves so that we could toil for the hoarders

They put chains on our wrists til we rose our fists

No longer would this pain make our children slit their wrists

Times have changed but some things stayed the same

Some walk around unaware that they’re just wearing a different chain

We became the entertainers, we became the “ballers”

While our slavemasters became the businessman, still the shot callers

Just a monkey with a ball, On the rise it seems, but still we fall

What more can we be?

Can our eyes still see?

Cause when I look at my people in the eyes

I see souls that are satisfied

I see souls that have been pacified

Dreams once in the air but now on the ground

Look around my people, see who wears the crown

Cause our people continue to die and no one makes a sound

Can you say their names?

Can you feel the pains?

Can you feel the agony of a hundred thousand black souls lost for America’s gain?

Will you stand and fight?

Cause a Black America United oh what a sight!

Imagine the might! That we would wield?

With a fire in our hearts that could bend steel

Only then could our 200 year old wounds heal

Only then could we appeal and be apart of this nation under God.
A little American history, Hopefully American Future
Alicia Jul 2016
My entire life, I've been around the police force.
Mommy, Uncle Tony, and Anita have always been my favorite.
My heroes with the shiny cars and badges.
In my eyes, they are reigning champions of
"good officers still exist" during times like this.

I've never seen a storm last this long,
and I've kept my silence for far too long.
I was stuck.
For all I knew was a good officer until my brothers
and sisters were exploited on tv screens and magazines.
Blood seeping down and staining shirts, eyes wide open,
and bodies lying in the street.

Growing up, all I knew was a good officer.
So my world shook when I noticed the bad ones, too.
They make it hard for me to defend what I've always
known to protect me. At some point, the bad ones,
we must ****. And with a corrupt justice system
that dismisses the actions that we see, it gets tough...
For both you and me.
"STOP ******* KILLING US," we scream.
But no matter how many octaves we reach,
they still aren't listening. And we are left to wonder,
"Who's next: you or me?"

We make posters with blank spaces,
prepared for another one fallen.
But it's apparent that they refuse to see
that our people are hurting; and that
the chains they put on us not that many years ago
are still bound to us as if they are the latest accessory.

I didn't celebrate the fourth this year.
My people are dying, and here I am breathing
and hoping that anyone near and dear isn't affected by this mockery.
"Black on black crime is a real thing." No denying that statement
but why say that first knowing that some of the ones
we are told to trust don't want to see you free?
Do you understand that any black man could be next?
Even though I'm a woman, ****, it could be me.
My *****, are you listening? Did you get word?
Homie said, "Set your clock back 300 years!"
How about that for a rude awakening?

Quit telling my people that this **** here is an illusion.
You wanna be "a *****" so badly?
Cool, my *****, this is our reality.
We out here dying every day, b.
Pictures of dead bodies and videos of the crime scene,
mothers and children crying.

I never know what to expect.
I'm just praying I don't get a call saying (insert name here)
died at (insert time here) for their melanin radiating
and minding their business.
#JusticeFor___: Trayvon, Sandra, Kathryn, Sean, Eric,
Rekia, Amadou, Mike, Kimani, Kenneth, Travares,
Tamir, Aiyana, Freddie.
Alton and Philando with six shots to the chest.
****, y'all know what's next and I'm so ******* tired.
I will say their names unapologetically
because my heart can't take
my people's hearts tearing at the seams
from the mutual pain we are experiencing.

Black kings, I will pray for you.
Black families, stay whole.
Black children, alive and unborn, I love you.
Apparently: a wallet, sleeping, Skittles, a cellphone,
loud music, cigarettes, cigarillos, shopping at Wal-Mart,
toy guns, failure to signal, CDs, and reaching
for your license and registration can get you all ****** up.

I've never seen a storm last this long.
I've never seen the good officers be seen as the criminal.
I've never seen a people so desperate and anxious
for light at the end of a tunnel...
Until the bad cops thought it was okay
to play illegally and get away.
I wish the bad police officers weren't overshadowing the good police officers out there... Especially because I know so many OUTSTANDING police officers. And I hate seeing my people be treated so unfairly. This hurts.

No audio... Yet.
Ynhia Pollard Apr 2016
Talent, we still have it,
Our generation,
Needs to step up,
Touch and grab it,
We aren't what we make it seem,
We're more than this,
Touch and grab a talent,
You gotta Sound it,
Ready... Set... Do go,
And leave that house,
Go get grounded,
Make it on your own,
Make a living,
Make a world,
For yourself,
You gotta touch and grab your talent,
They have lived,
They have seen,
Now it's our turn,
To touch and grab,
Make it gleam,
Show the pride,
I'm black and I'm proud,
And I'm not gone hide,
That ebonics from the motherland,
Which is cool,
But I can talk like me and talk like you,
From the bottom straight to the top,
Ima touch and grab this talent,
Show you up,
Head start,
That's fine,
But it's my turn to shine,
Blacker the berry the sweeter the juice,
Pac said it,
Mama always had my back,
But now she dead,
Lost but now I'm found in the name,
Speak the tongue of my God,
Spread the word,
I made it out,
I'm way to happy to stay on mute,
I'm black and I'm proud,
And I made it out,
I gotta shout,
The world,
I see its end,
Soon come,
Straight in this narrow path,
Touch and grab a talent,
Make it out,
Don't stay where you are,
Make it out,
I'm here to tell that it's more to this,
This life is a game,
I have the manual to this,
It's all in the B-I-B-L-E,
Soon banded,
They know the truth and branded it,
And they have their God,
But I have mine too,
To the Man upstairs,
I'm sorry for all I've done,
Please save us too,
Take me home with you,
But to my people,
Stay black and stay proud,
Touch your talent,
Grab your talent,
Let's take over the world !
I'm out ...
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