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Tiana Feb 29
Likings, prefences and goals may change
But it is the dream
that always remains;

The dream
where I see myself flying high,
Where the stars are shining and moonlight brightening
the amazing night sky;

The dream
where I see myself walk in style,
Wearing the uniform I've been yearning to earn
since juvenile;
About my dream of becoming an aviator
What doesn't **** you
makes you dangerous.
©2018 by VenjencieCliftonAronold
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
The poet me
Is a shy kid hiding behind the door
Is a rose with not yet opened petals
Is the tear which didn’t escape
The eyes out of fear of judgment

It’s the girl who runs away from her crush
Although they had a hundred talks
In her head
Her eyes full of love so she looks away
And still wishes to see him

I like fantasy and I’m a fool
I say it’s just not real

But my heart holds on to it
Like it’s the last tree branch on a cliff
Like it’s the last water bottle in a desert
Like it’s love
I write to relieve hidden feelings and deep thoughts , the poet me is my hidden truth
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
Plans handcuff my excitement
An arranged life makes my heart
So lazy

Commitment puts me in a mobile jail
And I walk miles but I can’t see the road
It ***** the looniness from my mind
Making it less humanly

Differences don’t really bother me
Judging surges up the noise
in the courts of my mind
It makes the left side of my brain confused
Error 101 ; logic not found

I like it simple as it may not seem
I know the life i strive for can’t be real

I blame books and stories
I blame the fantasy within them
For tricking my mind and heart
To fall in love with the fictional life
Until reality becomes the cold shower
I don’t want to take
It becomes the forced rule that I must acknowledge to complete
the equation of life

the easy life that flows
Within the pages makes me read
A whole book in a few days
But life passes by just as fast
Except We don’t get the
chance to read it’s pages

Maybe in another world ,
It will be less messy
More comfy
And calmer
Maybe in another world,
It’s not a fantasy
It feels right and true

But For now,
I hope for my mirror to see nothing
But smiles
I hope for my pen to write and write
I hope my fingers play the happy notes
I hope you don’t break my heart
This is for the lost souls, the ones who feel like they don’t belong here, this is to the society which barely leaves people alone to live their own life .
Voyagepoetry Jun 2018
Lost dreams flying away,
In the sky of my own,
They glow and shine ,
I try to let them stay

In my mind,
Hope is splashed ,
Worries are sprinkled ,
Although they can hardly bind ,

Goals are painted,
And I may not be a good artist,
So colors may fade,
Outlines may not be clear,
But when I try and look,
These paintings say I’m here.

My soul spreads the vibes,
Vibes of proudness as if it’s true,
When I take a step to a dream,
Reality takes the lead,
And i will no longer have an imagination flue.
ARCH Jan 2018
Pallestine beauty
Corona Harris Dec 2016
I'm so bipolar.
I can be happy, laughing and playing
Then one thought comes to mind
BOOM! I'm mad at the world
I'm ready to smoke and sleep my life away
Its like a part of my mind made a deal with the devil
And now I'm stuck in this mental war
Positivity and bliss against all forces of Evil
And Evil is whooping *** in here man
Pax Dec 2015
sometimes you have to stop imagining
and just do it!
Sometimes I need to be reminded about this. We tend to over-think, over analyze, over justified on something we got to do, one major hindrance in most of our choices are doubts the breeds our fears.
Firefly Sep 2014
“A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave.”

― Oscar Wilde
"What people are ashamed of usually makes a good story."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge – myth is more potent than history – dreams are more powerful than facts – hope always triumphs over experience – laughter is the cure for grief – love is stronger than death” . — Léon Bloy

A writer never has a vacation. To a writer life consists of writing and thinking about writing." - Anonymous.

“Knowing exactly where he is is as important to a writer as it is to a blind man.”–Ross
Styles Jun 2014
Its funny how the people, not doing anything; always know what to do; but never do it. Because they are too busy telling the people doing it, how to do it better. Then, take all the credit when it's done; still don't have a clue as to what they are doing; they just know they can't do it without you, yet we need them. The Talkers;

Life has a sick sense of humor.
People in general; they creak me up.

— The End —