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Abby Dec 2018
Holding her like how you used to hold me, gently grabbing her face like what you did to me.

Saw you bandage her finger, the painful flash back to the first time you put on a little plaster on my ankle.

I still starred all the messages you promised me but does it mean nothing now?

I stayed but i kept quiet because you seems to be dislike me

my tired eyes
are shaking for you every 3am.
Im still waiting even though you asked me not to.
Daniel T Aug 2018
All the nights of unpleasantries
will no longer keep me awake.
I will never again dream
of you by mistake.

I wish that you would die.
A freak accident leaves you paralyzed
maybe a piano from the window
That lives in the blue of my eyes.
Or maybe that "random" passing car
will clip you in the thigh
And you'd be left (like me)
alone; just to die.

You could paint the town red
with your angry tongue
but instead maybe if i cut it out
you'll finally listen instead.

In laymens terms, prepare to be hurt,
I'll smile as your body lies in the dirt.
And blood seeps into your shirt,
coloring the earth.
Your purpose has been confirmed.

Thanks for the trauma and mental illness, miss you lots.
TheLonely Aug 2018
We never made sense
I should've listened to myself
It's crazy how you left me for me
And not for someone else
TheLonely Aug 2018
I'd be lying if I said
This isn't hurting me
I'm a sucker for telling you
This is hurting me

I can't tell the difference anymore
I'm having a problem
Is that my solution
Or is this my problem

Numbing the pain
Doesn't make it ok
I'm gonna get you back
And still won't be ok

Trying to keep my wrist closed
So I don't **** me
And you're unphased by my pain
And that's what kills me
First thing I wrote after I got my heartbroken
Olivia Christine Jan 2018
To the two girls who are now dating the two boys that have impacted my life in ways I can't begin to describe:

I beg of you... treat them better than I did
Respect them, never do anything to hurt them

They can make you smile in seconds, and they trust you immensely
Don't break their trust, it's hard for them to rebuild

They've been through a lot, so be careful
Don't yell, communicate

They're the sweetest boys you'll ever meet,
Please don't break them

They may not be mine anymore
But I don't want you to hurt them
**** Love
Dazed Dreaming Sep 2017
What would your husband think about you leaving? Any kids?

"I don't have a husband anymore.... And no, no kids...there's no point anyway."


"Loving anyone or anything.....
Feels great at first, but it always turns to ****. I know the truth about love.... Its a **** I'll never get out of alive."

No one does......
The Centurion Mar 2017
First day we met I thought you were so beautiful.
No one could tell me any different this was irrefutable.
I caught feelings for you like a fool.
What was I thinking you would go for me in high school.
I used to make you laugh and make you smile.
Seeing you happy keep me going for a while.
We used to sit outside for hours looking at the stars.
Tell each other how this world was going to be ours.
I felt like J. Cole straight power trippin.
Wondering if I was going to be part of your life decision.
But I should've known better from your tone.
I was only good for you in the friend zone.
Instead you'd date guys who are bad from the start.
Who would do nothing other than just break your heart.
Of course I'd be there to comfort you, saying you were strong.
Wondering why I couldn't be your boyfriend all along.
Fast forward years later I finally told you how I felt.
When you didn't feel the same way my heart started to melt.
You made me feel  alone and broken.
Filled with  overwhelming emotion.
Everyday I try to forget about you.
Knowing love is never true.
Because of you, I play women like an imposter.
You're my Dr. Frankenstein girl, and I am your monster.
irsorai Nov 2016
I had so much to say but then I lost the courage.
You wouldn't want to hear them, I know.
I'm no good expressing what I want to,
When my heart's about to be throw out of my mouth.
The tightness on my throat intensifies and I stand quiet,
While my head's about to be blown away with so many thoughts.

Because every time we say goodbye,
It feels like I'm about to say something.
But then I look at you and I've all the answers.
I don't even know what that means.

You shake me to the core, I feel alive
And so afraid, that I'm the only one feeling that way.
You break my walls, the next second I'm building them up again.

Because every time we say goodbye,
It feels like I'm about to say something.
But then I look at you and I've all the answers.
I don't even know what that means.

Please, show me that you want to get to know me,
That you ******* care,
That you'll be there if I need.
I trust you so much. I can't understand how that happened.
You give me so much security when I look at you,
That everything's gonna be easier, even when you're ****** up inside.

*Because every time we say goodbye,
It feels like I'm about to say something.
But then I look at you and I've all the answers.
I don't even know what that means.
Copyright © irsorai
27/11/2016 - 1:30am
STLR Nov 2016
it looks like the inside of my cortex

Loose screws with a loose table for my verbal contortions

A few books and spells surrounded by potions

Vertical blinds shut tight, the way they were forced in

Mattress on the floor
tucked on top of a box spring

Fornication smell, but no room for my offspring

I don't live alone, instead, I live with these objects

Mac 27 inch, I pad that's never floods the room like CSI evidence

Solid speakers to echo feelings a resonance

Window closed, but when it's open the moonlight just settles in

This is my cave but, you can call it my residence.
when i lived with my ex..
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