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Jaslin Goh Sep 10
I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love
The idea of company sounds great
Family, friends, soulmates
I love the silence
Now some chatter feels good
I’ve changed
I long for company
Even the napkins that wiped the tears
can't really measure the depth of my melancholy since I cried even after
the tears were dry and even more
when I learnt to smile through it.
Lost Jun 23
Every time
I sit down to write
Lately what comes out
Doesn’t sound right

I write of love
The kind I strive
To have some day
In this life

But there is
Nothing romantic
And being lonely
Alone and frantic

Empty bed
Heart too full
I want to share
My aching soul

So ready to tell
Each part of my story
Rehearsed and scripted
In my poetry

I need a partner
To be with me
Spending my days

I need a body
To hold near
To call my own
And hold dear

I want to listen
About your day
And notice each
Lovable idiosyncrasy

Love me hard
And I’ll love you harder
My love is dynamic
Flowing like water

Feel it rushing
Into you
If I’m lucky
I’ll feel it too
I pray someday the Sun shines so beautiful that you'll be grateful for enduring the storm, that you find a place to call home and appreciate the years you've wandered, I pray the long road doesn't feel that long anymore after all you've walked the distance and gone an extra mile. The fractured places that make you weak, I pray they heal to make you stronger. Since this journey has been tiring and long, I pray you finally belong. I pray in the dark times your sky clears so that you can enjoy a constellation of hope and lunar of faith. I hope when you lose your way a North Star will appear to point you to your true north, I hope your true north leads you on. I hope you can find healing in those invisible places that hurt the most, and for the things you wish you had done differently, I pray you forgive yourself and understand that everything is part of the puzzle of your existence. I pray you find a smile when your tears dry, and the courage to talk about those things that are crushing your soul, I hope you recess in the midst of your depression. I pray the nightmares are phased out by beautiful dreams that give you courage to go after what you crave even if respecting your desire has maimed your heart, I pray your heart functions much as it's shattered so that you can truly live again, there's a conflict within you, I pray someday you find peace and for those things you couldn't change, I pray you learn to accept that they had to happen and in the depth of despair,I hope these words find you so that you know you're not alone.
I will give you the rose of my love, it's you to choose whether to water
it with faith or pluck it with doubt, I will give the bone of my truth
it's you to protect it or hammer it to little splinters...
here's the pen of my dreams, we can write some pages together,
it can be a story of now or a story of forever...
I will tell you all my fears so that you can choose
whether am the gamble you want to take or not.
I'll show you the forgotten path to the depth of my emptiness
you'll decide if that emptiness deserves to be filled or not
and if the bruises and scars you found deserve to be healed
Not everyone will see the gem in the labyrinth of a Gemini
that's why am an open book so that you see every bit of me
for the one thing I crave beyond love is to be understood...
A sunset on the blue waters of Maldives, the Colosseum, a field of Sunflower, the graceful saunter of a Lion in the Serengeti, an evening at the Eiffel tower and a long walk along the great Wall of China. I want you to see these places, so that you can have a hint of how beautiful your presence has painted my soul. I want to show you the world, so that you understand what I'd give up for you. I want to love you as long as I can, to reach places in you you never thought existed. I want to curve a landmark of passion on your heart, I want to swim with you through storms and hold your sails so that you never drown just as you've held mine. You should never feel lost for no matter where you go, my affection will always shine your way, I want to hold your hand through all scotch and walk by your side till sunset. I want to listen to the rhythm of the night in the euphony of your heartbeat, I want to build a monument of you in the centre of the earth so that all generations will tell of one who found a seed in piles of **** and watered it with kindness till it bloomed into a beautiful wild flower. I want to tattoo your name on my mind so that I can never forget the magic you make me feel. I want to give you a kind of peace the world only dreams about. I want you to be the poetry I never stop writing, the story for the very last page. I want to count the sands on beaches of the world and when we're done, the Stars, I want to share with you the search for the lost fairy of forever but most of all, I want to make you the happiest person in the universe because you've drugged me out of the deepest hole I was ever thrown. I just want to spend the rest of this life repaying you, albeit I know it'll never be enough.
Time heals all wounds
they say but they never
tell what cures the scars...
I've counted sheep, twisted and rolled
as I lie awake by nature being trolled
Looking for a place where sleep is sold
anything I'd do to slumber in this cold
take me to a place where stories are told
not only to the Young, but also to the old
of fairytales and treasure like ruby and gold
to lure Morpheus out his heavenly fold...
I need a break for this world feels like hell
anybody knows anyone with sleep for sale?
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