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I slowly forget the way you rubbed my skin
The way we snuck around
And all our sin
But as much as I say I’m moving on
It’s harder than it seems
Because to you I’m drawn
And all the thoughts that encompass me
Are simply of you
And what we used to be
I miss the bliss I felt from your lips
And the pump of adrenaline
When you’d grab my ribs
There’s something sacred about what we had
I can’t explain it
So good yet so bad

You were heaven
And I was ****
I miss you now
Even my soul I’d sell
To get you back for one more night
To lay with you
From dark till light
I wish at the time I had told you how I felt
But I guess my guilt is stronger than I meant
You made my heart melt my love
But I couldn’t keep it safe
Like a bird taking flight it flew through empty space
And no matter how fast I ran I could never catch your wings
So now I train every day through the sun and the rain to catch up to the things I lost when you left
The only theft was me robbing myself of you by letting you go and repelling you slowly
I didn’t mean to push you away I just want you to stay but it gets easier by the day getting over you
Maybe it wasn’t mean to be but honestly I would gladly blindly follow you for eternity
Something about you tugs at my soul and I can’t seem to feel whole without you
I know it will never be you and me but I’ll chase the wind daily until just maybe I can catch a glimpse of your soaring wings above me
Brother moon,
do we dream the same dreams
in the valley of black sheep?
My lovers eyes are the size of you
and I yearn only to sleep.
Beneath the freckled sky, be easy,
forgotten, you and I.
Brother moon,
do you weep for sister sun
the way I weep for you?
Can children still on Earth a'run
when you cast your soul's great blue?
Brother moon
will you take me, come afternoon?
To my house of lonesome joy
Brother moon,
do you dream my dream?
Or are you just another boy?
Oh, brother, soon.
If the world is water
Then I am the flame
If something goes wrong
I am always to blame
I fear for my life
In this miserable place
I wonder at night
If I’m merely a disgrace

In empty moments I cry
Tears made of ash
And in the mornings
They litter the floor like trash

No one is interested
No one cares to see
That the fire burning inside
Is what makes me, me

I try to convince them
That I’m worth the fight
I may burn you in the end
But in the dark I am your light
I tell myself not to love you
I say I'm done for good
But then I think of you
And to forget you, I wish I could
I've loved you for so long
And so deeply and so fond
I always seem to lose myself when singing to our song
I often imagine I'm with you in my waking time
It's even better in my dreams
Your presence feels real, sublime
I kissed you two nights ago at a quarter past 3:00
And when I woke to find your lips weren't there on mine
I sighed and felt my heart was heavy
My tears are liquid ice
Cold to the touch and full of vice
They symbolize what we had
And the way we were so good yet so bad
I loved you with all my being
Now I am stuck here daydreaming
Of a time when it was your hand I was holding
Before my mistakes stepped in and it started molding
Into something different than before
I don’t know what the future has in store
But oh how I hope to God we can be Us again
I guess I’ll just continue to wonder when
You came back into my life and I couldn’t take the pain
I love you even more
Yet your feelings for me wane
You used to feel the same
And it makes me feel insane that I still feel this way
Just ******* **** me
There’s no other way
“One day”
She spoke softly,
“It’ll be just you and me”

“And one day”
He uttered earnestly,
“We’ll have eternity”
killian Mar 16
where does a moon like you find herself on a Friday night?
when the sun takes a rest, when you finally 'come bright
will you say something clever, will you open my eyes?
will you deceive me in your sun-cloaked disguise?

you leave me fiddling with crumbs of anorthite
you leave me staying alone, alright, albite
but all you say opposes how you ostracize
but––and––i'd never want you if it were otherwise

would you ever tell me what's wrong and what's right?
where the first place was that ever knew any light?
how that place lived for millenniums without any skies...
oh, there's something about you that is just so wise...

how could I ever tell you goodnight?
we're reaching higher and hotter in fahrenheit
and here comes the dripping dyed sunrise
you're really going to make me soliloquize?

even after I've been so **** polite
you take me, you make me a victim of spite
after the rocks of your soul you'd advertise
like i have no other choice but to burglarize

me took you, a one stand night
so **** fulfilling, can I get another bite?
you take my brain, you make me unwise
spin me in circles and close my wide eyes

and in your cold night you gave me frostbite
you shut off communications, you **** satellite
but I'm still all about you, I still fantasize
to take you unwanted, we still romanticize
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