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Dec 2015
"Baby I love you" No you don't love is just a illusion
"No fr, I truly love you" You love the feeling I give you,  you love the image you percieve me as, You DO NOT LOVE me.
"You starting to hurt my feelings" It's better to have your heart scratched now instead of torn later.
"Wow, do you even care about me" Do you even care about yourself?  I'm trying to help you.  **** Save You.
"This is why I don't trust people now" I never asked for your trust, I never asked for your time.
"Your just like the others Corona" If I was like the others I'd let you keep falling for what you can't have.
"****** *******" I know I am,  that's why I'm staying single.

        ~ Corona Harris ~
Corona Harris
Written by
Corona Harris  In My Mind
(In My Mind)   
   Alyssa Torres and ---
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